Getting Built Up

”Till we all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man, and unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. (Ephesians 4: 13

The English words “living in concord” came in the midst of my worshiping in tongues and I remembered the Lord recently relaying that we are “Strong’s Concordance.” Previous to my receiving the word given today, I had a vision of myself as a strong woman flexing my bicep muscles, but had no idea where that vision was going to take me. Now I know:…to the sun/son shining in me and in you.

At the very moment the words came, I happened to look at the clock and its hands were exactly on #12. Truly this was a “hands up” moment for me. The number spiritually means “rulership” and when we have the virtues of all the sons of Jacob in us, we’ll be as the noon day sun ready to rule. Yay, we will be in one mind and one accord, making the Book of Strong’s Concordance (us) complete. The Lord’s desire is that we come into unity and I believe the way to do it is depicted through the vision. Hebrews 5: 14 states that exercising our senses (spiritual muscles) to discern good and evil is an indication of maturity…Yay!: of coming into FULL age.

The etymology of “bicep” is “two-headed” and immediately, I thought of the left brain and the right brain,… also, the different purposes in God’s left arm (judgment) and God’s right arm (blessing.) One sided thinking keeps people from being in concord and from blessing. Truly, it’s going to take balance established in each of us in order to cherish each other and come into unity. Those twelve brothers had distinctly different attributes and the world is moaning and groaning right now, waiting for all of them to be manifested in each of the sons of God.

I have focused much on the story of Joseph lately, seeing how just and faithful God is and rejoicing much that the truth shall be made known to everyone in the end. We’ve all made mistakes, judged others, made accusations, believed lies and assumed much amiss…. simply put, we’ve “done wrong.” There are times we think we are so right and we’re so wrong, but thank God: We can count on the truth being told in HIS timing, not ours,… We’ll be vindicated, blessed and rewarded if we’ve been like Joseph having had evil done to us, and if we’ve been like his brothers, we’ll repent, be forgiven and restored with the realization that our evil worked for the good. We truly can be thankful for the plan of God and for everyone in our lives. Truly God’s children have “win-win” lives and destinies.

But just what are all of us who have been wronged to do until we come into our glorious end?… I believe that everyone has been wronged at one time or another and that we are to simply flex our muscles KNOWING that reconciliation will be accomplished. Our part is to fully forgive the people who have injured us and by FAITH see them perfected, as well as ourselves. Even before restoration’s manifestation comes, we can have concord in our HEARTS because muscles build faith and because….

“Love NEVER fails!” (I Cor. 13: 8)

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