Get Off That Couch

“Oh dear heavens!” I shouted when I realized what God had given to me, I was happy and excited, but you’ll know when you read about it, why the “but”!

Because of not getting enough sleep last night, I went back to bed this morning and listened to a message called “Infused knowledge. I dozed off in the middle of it and had some infusion myself, through the impartation of life that came with the dream. Before revealing it to you, I want to share a word that was given to me on Thanksgiving Day: The Holy Spirit revealed that we are “Strong’s Concordance: the Word defined!” and all I can say is “Wow! What a word to ponder!”

The etymology of “concordance” is “agreement, harmony,”…”be of one mind,” and the etymology of “define” is: “to specify, to fix or establish authoritatively of words, phrases, etc.”… state the signification of what is meant by, describe in details,” from “to finish, conclude, come to an end, bring to an end; define, determine with precision.” Oh yes, we’re going to do all that, brethren.

We will finally be in one mind with God and with other brethren who are fully matured, speaking living words AUTHORITATIVELY. We will KNOW what they mean, so take a look at what’s in the word “SIGNification. We are not only to be signs of one of His comings, (the revelation of Christ in OUR FLESH) but are to have an in-depth understanding of the sign language of the Bible. And because HIS spirit is in us manifesting through us, we will be able to INFUSE knowledge into others. Jesus did not see in part having only the five fold ministry gifts. Oh no! He had the seven spirits of God in operation and the fully formed ones shall also have the same power and anointing to do the works He did…. even GREATER ones.

So here’s my “Oh dear Heavens!” dream and please remember that GOD gave it to me: What appeared in the sky was a vague, ethereal looking male’s penis. The man in the dream, a minister I knew long ago, had done the work of separating that part out. It was the only visible one, but somehow I knew there were other parts that John had cut out which were in the unseen realm to be brought out in due time. It was like they were all part of a puzzle, with each to be focused on one at a time, and then put together later. Like puzzle pieces that were originally one picture, they were separated to be brought back together.

I was lying down on a couch and John was seated at the end of it. He said that the penis was “psychology,” and I firmly asserted that “to me, it was “penetration.” Then I rose up from the couch and realized that John had received what I said. Oh what joy was in both of us!

The noun “couch” has an etymology that means “bed” and the verb’s meaning is “to express indirectly or obscurely.” This tells me that we shall rise from our bed of affliction when we express ourselves with candor and clarity, especially about taboo subjects It’s not wrong to talk about sex and the parts of the human body, as some Christians believe: Like EVERYTHING in the natural, they have a much needed spiritual message to convey to us,…. especially in a day when gender confusion is everywhere in our society.

In the beginning when God made Adam in His image, the woman was in him, so we know by this that God’s image is both male and female. It was only after they were separated… (when Eve was cut out, so to speak) that understanding could be revealed about their differences and their roles in God, as well as us. In the dream, the male part was separated (cut out) for us to understand its purpose SPIRITUALLY, NOT physically or psychologically. Great confusion sets in when our understanding is skewed and the dream reveals that God was bringing into the open the knowledge we need to see as He sees.

In Proverbs 30: 18, 19, it is written that one of the things “too wonderful” is “the way of a man with a virgin.” So WHAT way is that? The dream makes it clear that it’s the way of “penetration.” Truly, there can be no life literally or spiritually without the male organ bringing forth a life-giving flow. Hear it!: Our God wants to penetrate us with the living Word, and I don’t know about you, but I crave His “infusing” me with His knowledge, wisdom, love, understanding, revelation and power, more than anything else on earth. In the dream, John and I both had joy full of glory when it became clear what “the secret part” of a man is.

The etymology of “infusion” is “to pour in, introduce,” and now take a look at the “whoo whoo” etymology of “introduce”: “to convey or bring something in or into existence.” What can I say now but “How do you do?” Bringing into existence ideas, cures, babies and, and, and is what life is all about!

It’s interesting that a couch has the symbolic meaning of a psychiatric treatment and psychoanalysis, and that in the dream John used the word “psychology” to describe what a penis meant to him. The word psychology means “of the soul,” so His understanding was of the soul (female) and mine was of the spirit (male.)

I believe the majority of problems that mankind suffers has to do with sex, and it’s not just “literal” sex….Every time we go whoring after other Gods instead of being faithful to the only, one true God, without fail, we’re going to be in a bed of affliction, one way or another. A witness of our spirit being male and our soul being female is that we have a spirit man within and are called the Bride of Christ. When the male spirit comes into union with the female soul, we will be kept safe needing no psychiatrist’s couch. In the dream I went from the couch to a standing, erect position showing the male side of me came forth in its right standing. Hallelujah!

Now I want you to look at John’s name which fits in so WONDERfully: Its inherent meaning is “God is gracious” and the spiritual connotation is “STRENGTH of God.” John’s last name speaks volumes: The inherent one is “Son of the honest man,” and the spiritual is “FRUITFUL.” Ah, we can’t be fruitful without penetration, can we?

So all I can say now is “Go forth all you strong and honest sons of God: Be fruitful and multiply!”

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