From A Roar To An Uproar

“What’s the holdup? we ask ourselves: “Why haven’t we had the breakthrough we’ve prayed so long for?” One of the reasons I have just discovered is that we’ve lost our roar and maybe some of us never had one.

It never occurred to me that roaring was what I needed to do. We’ve been taught to believe, receive and decree the will of God, and yes, all of this needs to be done, but I know many of God’s children who have been faithful to do this and the manifestation of their faith is still on hold.

Yesterday when I was praying with a younger sister in Christ, a vision cane of our Lord putting a gold crown upon her head. This precious believer has had many tough trials in her lifetime with people attacking, accusing, shaming, condemning and even physically beating her, but she’s risen up time after time to defeat her enemies. During the course of our praying together, the Holy Spirit gave her a word of knowledge that she was going to teach me something and my quick response was “Bring it on, girl!” Later when I got to thinking about it, I realized that there are many people who would be offended by someone, especially a person much younger, telling them they had something to teach them, but don’t you know?: We have something to learn from everyone God puts in our lives. Woe to us when we think we know it all and Hallelujah when Grace comes with refreshing drinks of humility for us when we need to learn a lesson.

So my friend went on to teach me by example, ROARING at the powers that be with the roar of a lioness who knew her authority. I had done my homework in forgiving those who had hurt me and I have not sought any vengeance. This has been due to Grace’s cup being given to me with not only humility in it, but blessing and love. God’s heart of goodwill truly has been mightily at work, BUT I can see where I have been missing it. Our Lord had expressed great empathy towards me when He tenderly relayed: “I know you’ve been hurt…. VERY hurt,” and whew! I never saw what hit me coming. Yes, I got up afterwards because God gave me His strength and comfort, but when I would think about what was done to me, I would cry. The Lord initially told me: “Leap for joy, Michele: What they did to you, they did to me and you shall have your reward,”

but as time went by, I forgot those words, and the emotional pain would topple me over. Yes, I would rise up again and again, but I didn’t resist the devil many times when he brought back the hurtful moments to my mind. Now I realize that without knowing it, a victim mentality had formed in me, but “Aha!” and “Ha! Ha! Ha!”, the roar of a lioness PLUS the word of God has changed me: When that sister named and nullified the effects of “FOUL PLAY” and more, there was a shift in the atmosphere, in my mind and in my heart.

This took place yesterday during prayer and when last night, I finally followed the prompting of that Holy Spirit sensing there was revelation waiting for me in the Book of Jasher. If some of you haven’t read this book, I encourage you to do so as there are details in it that give increased understanding.

After I pulled the book out from my bookcase, I opened right up to the page that had the information I needed. Don’t you love it when this happens? There’s such a delight when we move in sync with our Lord, eh? Some points of interest in the Book of Jasher got my attention that I hadn’t noticed before, like Pharaoh intending to place Joseph IMMEDIATELY in the position of command next to him. The Book of Jasher relays that he had to be reminded by some of his people that Joseph had to meet requirements before he could be entrusted with rulership…. Like us, eh?

Our King is like Pharaoh in that he desires every one of His sons and daughters to rule right now. Unlike Pharaoh though, He doesn’t need to be reminded of the requirements because He made the laws and also the ability to fulfill them. In Joseph’s case, God sent an angel to teach him the many languages he was required to know in just ONE NIGHT which was impossible naturally. Oh brethren: Let’s get it firmly established in our minds and hearts that our God supplies ALL our needs. Can you imagine that YOU, like Joseph, can learn in one night whatever would normally take you many years to do so? If you can’t imagine it, you need to start now because it’s true: We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us.

We don’t have to meet Joseph’s requirement of literally speaking many languages in order to reign with Christ, but we do figuratively. Oh yes, we need to understand people and talk “their talk,” and God has not ordained for that to be done in one night. It hasn’t been until recent years that I’ve learned to recognize people who are gaslighters, narcissists and shrikes for what they are. Yes, I’ve always had them in my life, but I didn’t fully comprehend what I was dealing with in them until now. Oh how true it is that after you’ve had a few hard knocks, you either rise up or the “Great Umpire” counts: “One to three, and you’re OUT!” Well, thank God, I’m not out! Now my prayer partner and Joseph have me warming up my vocal chords to come into full victory. By the grace of God, I’ll be scaring “the hell out” of all the gaslighters, shrikes and narcissists I meet from hereon in, and yay, praise God and hallelujah!: I believe that some of them will change and get heaven in them.

I wonder how many really understand the power and authority we have when we have RIGHTEOUS anger? I’m finally seeing that it MUST be used, but not out of control. I believe that it has to reach a certain pitch and be released, because then it’s like when a lion roars in a jungle. Hey! Hey! When the nations that came against Israel heard that fearsome sound, they more than trembled. The Bible and the Book of Jasher record that the awesome power of the sons of Jacob brought such great fear to the nations, they were defeated because of it. Have you ever been sick or had some problem going on far too long, and then one day, something rises up in you and you say: “Enough is enough!”? When that happens, you don’t whisper, do you? You move full steam ahead and you do something about your sickness, problem or enemy.

Don’t you know that after the roar of thunder, lightning comes? So come on, you lions and lionesses of God: It’s time for us to rip and roar and have an uproarious life!

Let there be light!

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