Invincible Elephants Are Coming On Wheels

We have flying birds, planes, insects and now we have flying elephants! Yep, I saw one with my own eyes in the vision I had last night.

In the kingdom, we never know what to expect. eh? Anything is possible. You, who have overcoming power at your fingertips: Point it now at the demons who have hindered the work of God and cast them out. You: Yes, YOU are called to take the kingdom back that was stolen from you and from the peoples of this world.

I see a pedestal in the sky with a huge cheesecake on it waiting for you to rise up to take as yours. Then you’ll become cheesecake yourself, the dessert of desserts, because YOU’RE the WOMAN (even the BEST cheesecake) that God has been longing for. So what does a flying elephant have to do with cheesecake, huh? When we call someone a “Big Cheese,” we are saying that person is an important, successful, and influential person… that he or she is a big shot or a big wheel-… even the “Boss.” And when we add “cake” to cheese, we’re talking about a sweet end that will require no self-effort,… even a piece of cake. Do you realize that our desired end is to be “invincible” which is another symbolic meaning of an elephant?

Now grab hold of the understanding that is needed to fulfill the calling of a “Big Wheel” and our work becoming a piece of cake. In Ezekiel 2, the four living creatures are described as having the likeness of a MAN…and their appearance and work was as if it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel… Hear it: “The SPIRIT of the living creature was in the wheels.”

Can you see the wheels churning now as each of us becomes likened to the living creatures and to our God… even “Big Shots” shooting purifying, fiery love out everywhere? The sound we make, even a big bang, will bring in a new heaven and a new earth because WE are the big wheels the world is waiting for. And at the same time, we are the “rich” dessert that will satisfy their longing because when they take us and our message into their hearts, they’ll have peace, joy and righteousness.

Hear now what has prevented us from becoming powerful big wheels and big shots having the Holy Spirit’s aim when we pull the trigger of salvation’s message. Like gravity, sin (missing the mark) is what has kept us down, but when we have an elephant’s traits working in us, we’ll be overcomers ascending into destiny’s bosom where there’s no HEAVINESS of spirit. An elephant is “thick-skinned” and what that reveals is that when NOTHING offends us, we’ll be amazing “flying machines” with wheels… even “all seeing ones” with eyes of understanding like the “Living Creatures” who are FULL OF EYES round about them.

So come on all you “Great Ones” called to rise up to Heaven’s throne: Know that if we fulfill our calling having wheels and eyes to see, we won’t be white elephants who can’t get off the ground. We’ll be invincible!

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