A Rising Up Of Daisies

If you had to choose only one attribute for the good of humanity that you could have besides love, what would it be? It would be hard to choose just one, eh? We’re called to be balanced and I’m sure the moment you chose one, you would immediately think of another that was equally as important… Oh to be wise, honest, gracious, merciful, kind, generous, benevolent, industrious, creative, thoughtful, sensitive, virtuous, devout, faithful, dependable, holy, and, and, and! What’s amazing is that our destiny is to have all of these qualities because they all are in Christ, and when Christ is fully formed in us: THERE you have them! 

There’s one that I believe is the last to bring us into perfection and perhaps the most longed for by our God…. And yippee! I heard it’s name in the middle of the night which tells me you and I are drawing close to fulfilling God’s command to be perfect, but before I tell you what it is, I want to write/talk to you about mysteries

Do you know that we are called to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, the mystery of Christ, the mystery of God’s will, the mystery of godliness, the mystery of Israel’s blindness, the mystery of us all not sleeping, but being changed, the mystery of the name written on the Harlot’s head, the mystery of the gospel, the mystery of lawlessness, the mystery of two becoming one, the mystery of having faith with a clear conscience, the mystery of the woman and the beast, the mystery of predestination, the mystery of Heaven, and the mystery of speaking mysteries? Think of it: Every time we speak in tongues we speak in mysteries and if we have the gift of interpretation, the unknown becomes known.

It was said of Daniel that NO mystery baffled him, so let it sink deep into your heart that God wants every one of His blood-bought children to realize we are greater than Daniel. Truly, Daniel, Columbo, and Sherlock Holmes have nothing on us because we’ve got the Holy Ghost IN us. Hallelujah!

I believe that one of the greatest mysteries is that we, who have been so full of darkness, can become FULL of light. Last night, a key to our transformation becoming complete was revealed in my sleep through the word “INNOCUOUS.” Truly, it’s only through becoming like “innocent” little children that we can enter into the kingdom.

How long it’s taken for us to learn to render good for evil and to bless our enemies, but praise God, we’re finally understanding that being HARMLESS as doves is the way to glory. Have you lost the power to harm, yet? If not, take heart: God will perfect what concerns us and bring all who are His precious Bride into that state of innocence… into “Daisy Land” where we’ll find our Beloved waiting.

And it’ll be THEN that all our dreams will come true…. an “upsy-daisy” time for sure!

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