We Got Bread!

Have you heard any words that have caused you anxiety like the word “surreptitious” that came to me this morning. Yikes, eh? But this is what I’ve come to know: Whenever the Lord gives a word and whenever something in my life doesn’t look good, it’s going to turn out good in the end,… so why lose my peace? This breadmaker is fixin’ to eat some scrumptious, “risen up perfectly,” baked dough now as I see in the Spirit realm what God’s going to do through me about this “surreptitious giant” threatening my peace. I’m planning to row my boat down the stream of trouble and meet that challenge face to face.

I have to admit I had a little bit of anxiety until the Holy Ghost brought a heavenly stream of thought that provided the oar I needed to row my boat of worSHIP. An old, familiar song came flowing in my memory that got me back on the right course: “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily merrily: life is but a dream,” the words came giving me faith. A lot of giants have become bread for me in my lifetime, and because of it, this lady (ruler of the house) has a lot of dough in her hands, and so do YOU! “O.M.G.” as Graham Cooke is fond of saying: We got giant troubles ready to become wonders… even deLIGHTful bread to give to our brethren and to a lost world.

In the middle of the night I heard the word: “Heralding the Master” and afterwards, the Lord said that a new dimension of freedom was coming to me that I had never known before…. that all I had to do was obey His voice. Doncha know?: THIS is a word for YOU, TOO!

The Lord Jesus is referred to as both Lord and Master, and I believe our Lord becomes our “Master” when we willingly become slaves (bond servants) to Him obeying His every command. : “At thy word-… at thy command,” Peter said, trusting the Lord that he could do what had previously been impossible for him. (Luke 5:5) There you have it!-…. the recipe for catching fish and anything else that needs to be caught, bound, given, healed, delivered and enjoyed. Whatever we haven’t been able to do before, NOW we’ll be able to do it at the sound of His voice. Yay! EVERYTHING will be given to us…, even freedom like we’ve never known before when we herald Him as “Master”! Hallelujah!

So tell me: Are you ready to become a slave yet? Do you know there’s no higher position of authority on the face of this earth than that of a slave to the King of kings? If you do, it’s time to hear something even better than “row, row your boat”: Listen! Listen! “Hark!” the herald angels are getting ready to sing: “Glory to the newborn king!”…. yes, to our Lord and Master manifesting Himself in a reborn people…. in YOU!

Now THAT’S “dough” you can bank on! So come on with me, all you righteous kings and slaves: Let’s start making Heaven’s bread… the “Master’s Bread”!

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