Holy Spit: Come And Get It!

Have you given much thought to “spit,” if any? I have. It’s appeared in many of the visions God has given to me over the years, so how could I not think about it? As most who read my blog know, I’m always contemplating the symbolic meanings of things, so what can I say now, but “Here’s spit in your eye…. even the Lord’s spit” which is a mystery about to be revealed.

When Jesus made a mixture of spit and the earth’s substance used to create us, He healed a blind man’s eyes with it. (John 9: 6,7) We are needing that clay mixture as well today, for our eyes have been blind from birth, too, but not literally. This was the only miracle recorded in the Bible which required more than one touch from the Lord, so have you ever wondered why? These are a few thoughts to ponder: To begin with, I want to state that I do not believe in a literal evolution: I believe in a spiritual one as I see us evolving into a “new supernatural man” by changing the way we think through words of revelation given to us one at a time. Yes, we’re evolving as we go from glory to glory! Truly, as a man thinketh, SO HE IS! When the last trump sounds which is the final word needed to perfect us, THEN the new man will be COMPLETELY formed. The Apostle Paul’s travail and prayer that Christ be fully formed in God’s people will be fulfilled, Hallelujah!

During my sleep last night I had a vision of a huge sword in the Lord’s hand and He spit on it. I believe that it relays that there’s a mighty word coming with divine spit in it that will change our DNA. When Jesus healed the blind man with two touches, He was letting us know a “process” is involved in changing our seeing,…. .especially our view of men and of our walk. We all start off blind without any comprehension that our end is to be fruit bearing trees planted by the Lord that are erect, secure and stable.

Our Lord also used spit to heal a deaf and dumb man, (Mark 7: 33-35) touching his tongue with it. Ah, spit is not only going to be instrumental in changing the way we see, but in changing the way we hear and speak. Notice that spit was used to heal parts in the head, so glory to God: When our “sick” heads are healed, then all our body parts will be.

I published a post called “Spit and Image” some time ago in which there are details of personal dealings in my life, as well as deeper revelations about “spit.” I brought out how boughs of trees were used in the Feast of Tabernacles in connection with the trees that the blind man saw walking. So you who want to spit in people’s eyes and have some in your own, read on for further enlightenment. https://ridetheheavens.com/2019/07/02/spit-and-image/

I have never forgotten Brother R. W. Schambach’s story of a woman who had been standing in a healing line asking him to spit in her eye. He staunchly refused to do it and that woman raised such a ruckus, he finally gave in and did what she demanded. Praise God for SPIT and a spirited woman who got her healing! Do you realize that there are many like her waiting for YOU to spit on them, too?

Now it’s time for our cars to be in “perfect” order. Automobiles are symbolic of our lives or ministries and the first one I owned was a BRAND new “Triumph Spitfire.” Before it became available for purchase in the United States, my mother attended a car show in New York city where it made its debut in this country. My mama was thrilled over it and I ordered that car sight unseen except in pictures and was willing to wait four months for it to be shipped over here. At that time I had just started working at a bank in an auto loan department and my symbolic thinking is going into overdrive right now: I see my down payment on that literal car pointing to the spiritual down payment I would make on the body of Christ’s life/ministry world wide (the #4.) Oh yes, we are to become “Triumph Spitfires,”… even “ministers of fire” triumphing in all that we do… And like my mother and I were ecstatic over that new automobile, people are going to be thrilled over the “new us”!

On the flip side: Have you been figuratively spat upon by man, and maybe even literally? I know you have as all the world hates those who live godly. One of the last things that happened to Jesus on the cross was that he was spit upon by men who rejected and hated him: You, who have been rejected and hated, KNOW that this seemingly negative side of spit is fulfilling God’s pattern for your life and reveals that your glorious end is nigh. One of the most beautiful and inspirational passages in scripture is the one I posted on the homepage of this blog: “Unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings.” (Malachi 4: 2) That’s YOU and that’s ME who are God’s spit’n image!

So come on brethren, get out your swords and start spitting on them. You’ve got HEALING in your wings and in YOUR spit!

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