Making The Best Wine

God says “You can’t put new wine into old wine skins,” but some of us keep trying to do it. We want to have both the old wine and the new, too, and because we do, we’ve become old “whine-ohs”! Only the new can satisfy us, but we think that old wine was sooo good, and yes, it was in its time. However, every new thing eventually becomes an old thing and if we want newness of life, we must let go of the old.

Pentecostal’s experience with the Spirit coming upon us in power was called “The New Wine,” now has become “The Old Wine” for those of us moving on into “Tabernacles,” representing total union with God. Ah, letting go of anything we’ve been accustomed to and enjoyed is not that easy. Only God can open our eyes and for some of us, He’s had a time of it because we’ve been sleepy-eyed, and also because there are many facets of the old that are like octopus legs with one after another clutching on to our reluctant souls.

The last leg of the one that just tried to grab hold of me was finally cut off this morning, thank God! When the light comes, the enemy can be seen for what it is and then the victory can be ours. I say “Let there be light,”and “Let there be more light” for all of us!

This is the dream God gave me last night which was instrumental in getting my sleepy eyes opened: In the beginning, I was carrying a cream colored, “Coach” pocketbook, the same one I literally own which was a gift given to me by my daughter. Since I was going to a formal occasion, I left it behind and took a small, black evening bag with me instead, and that was all there was to the dream. I understood its meaning when I woke up, but I didn’t know a specific aspect of it which the Lord revealed later.

I stayed in bed for a while with the intention of hear a word online by a minister who has been a wonderful blessing. However, on a whim, I chose to listen to a message by a preacher I heard many years ago, instead. After I did, I knew what that black purse’s purchasing power bought me:… wine gone sour. What a work-up that man had with strong charisma appearing like he was doing a magnificent job, proud as a cat with a mouse in its mouth. Yes, he once had a great anointing on his ministry, but it was gone now, and a great imitation was in its place with much razzle-dazzle. I discerned that money and power had corrupted him as my eyes beheld the earmarks of the Harlot’s seduction. Sadly, in all likelihood, most who listened to him didn’t know that he was in her grip, nor was it realized that in such a setting, witchcraft has a foothold. Rebellion is as witchcraft and when we don’t do God’s will, the spirit of witchcraft has an opening to touch us. How many remember that when Achan sinned, everyone was affected?

The Book of Revelation 18:2 states: “Babylon is become the habitation of devils, and the holds of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird,” and I believe this is the condition in many, many places today. I remember being in a church years ago that had anointed worship and good teaching in it and was shocked when the Holy Spirit revealed that a spirit of witchcraft was working strongly there. Had God not told me, I never would have known it.

I have a friend who’s been besieged by terrible witchcraft attacks for many years, not just on her mind, but all through her house and on her body. Marks and bruises have shown up all over her, and I and others have prayed often for her to be rescued, binding and loosing spirits, but seemingly to no avail. I have asked the Lord many times why there has been no breakthrough for her. Truly what we look at and listen to on TV, online, in churches, and elsewhere can bring us curses. and unknowingly, this may be what has happened in my friend’s life. King Saul who through rebellion, which is as witchcraft, brought curses upon himself, his family and others, and since that was true in his case, how many are like him affecting the people of God today? It’s time to seek God fervently to give us great discernment, my brethren, for everything is not as it appears to be.

I believe that the pocketbook in my dream represents purchasing power to buy God’s Word, and under the direction of the “Coach” (the Holy Spirit,”) we can get the “cream” of it. However, if we are led by our own will, we’ll eventually end up in a state of famine for life giving words substituting religion for the real. I see the formal occasion in my dream as being symbolic of form and truly, there’s a huge price to pay when we worship in form and not in spirit. We’ll find ourselves in darkness which results in blindness and curses coming upon us, then.

Look at the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob: She was a virtuous woman, but her decision to visit the daughters in the land of Shechem caused her to pay a horrific price and as you know everyone involved suffered as well. Oh how imperative it is to be sensitive to God’s leading, always watchful and prayerful! We can’t afford to speak our own words or do our own thing, because if we do, we’ll be sure to have our spiritual lives and more in jeopardy.

So come on now, you who are God’s elect: Let’s learn the lesson well and be fruit bearing vessels. Hey! Hey! It’s time for us to produce “the wine of joy,” with the ruler of the feast tasting it and being well pleased.

Then we’ll be shouting: “Cheers” and giving the glory to the greatest wine maker of us all!

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