Ya Gotta Laugh

How many know that all our troubles have in them the ingredients for the best tasting, nutritious and powerful food that only Kings and Queens can eat? That food is called “Popeye-Bread” from Heaven.”

Yesterday while praying with a good friend, a vision came of a woman’s eyes popping out of her head becoming multiple eyes that went into the Bible searching it out. Oh yes, God is giving His Beloved many, many revelations of His Word all at once now. I think of Job telling God: “Before (all the trials that came,) I only knew about you, NOW I know you.” To know is to understand, so when we understand someone’s thoughts and ways, it’s then that we can say we know that person. Faithful Job who put his trust completely in the Lord is a testimony to us that the way we can know God is through tribulations. Our Lord has promised us that: “ALL things work for those who love Him and are the called INTO TROUBLES and TESTS. Yes, I know the Bible doesn’t word it that way, but tell me: Have you read all the situations in the Bible in which God showed Himself strong and mighty and considered all the times in your own life when He did also? Truly, He manifests Himself powerfully in times of troubles, desperation and impossible challenges to our natural way of thinking.

There’s a preacher I love by the name of Graham Cooke who approaches every difficulty and challenge in his life with a “Goody, goody! Oh boy! O.M.G.! attitude,” and what God has done for this man has been beyond what anyone could imagine. Ya gotta listen to what happened when he as a fairly young believer took on a witchdoctor by himself in the middle of the jungle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmpnZmAV1kM … Graham Cooke is divinely “hysterical”, even a giant endorphin mover, and I assure you that his rendition of how God led him will get your eyes, ears and belly spiraled into “Laughter’s Paradise.”

When I prayed more yesterday with my friend, I heard the name “Enoch” in my tongues and God made it known that “Enoch” was a “funny man.” Say: “WHAT?!?”.. a strange word, eh? I remember that in one of Rick Joyner’s books, Enoch was said to have been one of the most joyous men ever, so I’m thinking now that Graham Cooke must be a descendant of his. In the spirit, yes, he is, and hopefully you and I are, too. The word funny defined as “humorous,” also means “strange,” and truly, it’s strange to our natural thinking to laugh in the face of cancer, a witch doctor, death and other frightening things. Hey, Jesus raised the dead and we have that power, too, so there’s NOTHING that should make us afraid. It’s true the first inclination for most of us is probably fear, but when we get cookin’ on our spirit/mind’s stove like Cooke does, look out world!Some more Enochs will be coming then tasting heavenly bread, not death!

I have to admit I was a little disconcerted when the words “endangered” and “beware!” came in the middle of my sleep last night. But hallelujah! When I looked out my paned glass door this morning, there was a flock of doves eating seeds on the cement pavement giving me the seeds of thought I needed to bring me the peace that passes understanding. As you know, doves symbolize “peace” and seven of them were in view for my “Popeye eyes“ to see. Yes, I counted them and remembered that “peace is the end of a perfect man.” It’s by right thinking, grace and God’s power, that perfect ones like “Enoch” are coming, and I’m believing you and I will be among them.

So come on all you “funny,” faith-filled people of God: Let’s give Graham a big smooch in the Spirit and follow him all the way up to a new level called “Joy unspeakable and full of glory!” I’m not saying that we don’t need to be sober-minded and aware of the devices of the enemy. God wouldn’t have given me the words “endangered” and “beware” if what was coming was a light matter. Yes, we’re to be on guard and know that there’s danger on the path for us to confront, but as VICTORS, not cowards. Certainly, David knew that the bear, the lion and Goliath were dangerous, but He had faith in One Who was greater than all three of them and because he did, he faced them without fear.

The following words of Hermas written in the “Lost Books of The Bible” were of much encouragement to me and I hope that they will be for you, as well:

“Behold I saw a great beast, as it were a whale; and fiery locusts came out of his mouth. The height of the beast was about 100 feet, and he had a head like a large earthen vessel. I began to weep, and to pray under the Lord that he would deliver me from it. Then I called to mind the word which I had heard; “Doubt not, Hermas.

Wherefore, brethren, putting on a divine faith, and remembering who it was that had taught me great things, I delivered myself bodily onto the beast. Now the beast came on in such a manner, as if it could at once have devoured a city.”

In the story too long to write in this post, Hermas escaped the beast and afterwards, a virgin who represented the church, told him that he was able to escape it “WELL,” because he had cast his whole care upon God, and opened his heart unto him, believing that he could be saved by no other means than by His great and honorable name…. and that it was through his faith, and because he did not doubt.

She instructed him with these words: “Go therefore, and relate to the elect of God the great things that he has done for you. And you shall say unto them, that this beast is the FIGURE OF THE TRIAL THAT IS ABOUT TO COME. If therefore, you shall have prepared yourselves, you may escape it, if your heart be pure and without spot; and if you shall serve God all the rest of your days without complaint.” I Hermas Vision IV: 8- 20

There was more in this book that I encourage you to read because there’s an impartation of life in it that will cause you to hunger for purity. Truly ONLY the pure in heart will see God and have the power to overcome the many dangers we shall be facing in these last days. How I pray that each of us will have pop eyes to see that when we are like Hermas, Enoch…. and COOKE, we shall hear God laugh in the heavens….

And we’ll be laughing, too!

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