No More Cares

While taking a shower and singing in the spirit this morning, I was surprised to hear myself sing: “Wash my cares away.” Without realizing it, I had become anxious about symptoms in my body and had forgotten that not only had I already been healed by His stripes, but that God doesn’t want us to have any cares. He wants them to be put into His hands so that they can be transformed into wonders. I’m having an “Oh my goodness” moment, right now… No! It’s His goodness!

Recently I asked the Lord: “Where is the joy Christians are supposed to be abounding in?” and now, I know the answer: It’s right there inside of us covered over with layers of cares. In the middle of the night a vision appeared and when I woke up I didn’t know what I had seen until now: Lint, smut, grime, fragments, soot and only God knows what else were all meshed together in a yucky looking mess. At first, it appeared as a thin layer, but when it was lifted off into the air, I was shocked at how thick it was. Oh people of God, I had taken on other cares as well and didn’t realize it. Have any of you done this, too?

Now I’m going to confess to you that I have been reading too much and listening to more than I should about what’s going on in the world… Tell me: Where is life in that? What good does it do to have this information? Isn’t most of it from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? I can hear someone saying: “We have to listen to the news to know what’s going on.” Really? The prophet Elisha even knew what the King of Syria said in his bedchamber, as well as affairs taking place. You and I have the Holy Ghost, so why aren’t we looking for Him to tell us what we need to know about anything and everything? Yes, I know we do some praying when we hear about what’s going on in the world, but I think the amount of time we spend watching and listening to the news, could be better spent instead, by seeking God and praying.

Smith Wigglesworth wouldn’t allow a newspaper to be in his house and that man turned the world around him into a miracle working one in which people got healed and set free. We have the world’s answers to EVERYTHING in the Holy Ghost… God’s Spirit wants to show us things to come, so why aren’t most of us going to Him to learn them before the media makes them known? God tells us that whatsoever things we desire, we are to ask for and believe that we have them. Think of what telling news to people before it happens would do.

I don’t know about you, but I’m convicted of having unbelief. It’s like I got more than a shower this morning… I got a hailstorm washing away the lies I’ve believed: I’m not sick! I’m not lacking anything! That’s what the Word of God states and God can not lie. I know for certain that if we’re not the most cheerful, joyous, happy people we know, it’s because we’re carrying some care in our hearts and minds… even many cares. Now don’t be throwing stones at me: You need to be throwing flower petals and rice because “Here comes the bride!”

Hear it: ALL things work for the good for us if we love God and are doing His will. No weapon formed against us can prosper when we have faith. The Lord Jesus Christ bore EVERY sickness and disease and forgives us of ALL our sins! Nothing is impossible for us! We have the power to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead and nothing shall by any means hurt us… Do you hear it: NOTHING!! We’re supposed to be calling forth the things that are not as though they are, so let’s do it and bring God glory!

I hear the Spirit exclaiming: “Caramba! Caramba! Caramba!” Yes “Caramba! Joy! and Hallelujah!” when God’s Word is decreed and comes to pass. The etymology of the word “caramba” gives some extra insights: It’s “from Spanish said to be a euphemism for carajo “penis,” from Vulgar Latin caralum “little arrow.”

Just as the private part of a man must be erect to bring forth life, our private lives must be erect in righteous standing with God so that when we speak the Word, an impartation of life can be brought forth with it. When I think of an arrow, I think of deliverance and am envisioning us getting it now. Truly, when we give all our cares to Jesus and stand upright, our arrows will be sure to hit the mark every time. So come on, all you who have faith to believe:

It’s time to have a carefree life full of joy! Caramba, it’s OURS!

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