A Great End

God wants us to see ourselves in a positive light… even the same light in which He sees us and thankfully, we can. He is soooo good and so are we in Him, but the trouble is that at times we look at the wrong person: We see the carnal man, not Christ, forgetting that what we focus on, we become. Truly, as a man thinketh, so is he, so tell me: Do you recognize when you’re tempted to see awry?

As you can probably guess, all that I planned on doing yesterday didn’t get done, nor was the word “corner” that I had been given to share written about… I was “cornered” alright, by a false light and because of it, instead of building my thoughts on the cornerstone, the Lord Jesus Christ, I was sidetracked and tricked into building a “Michele tower of Babel” with man-made bricks … even do, do, do which was a pile of doo doo, instead of BEing and flowing in the Spirit.

I sure didn’t realize it yesterday when I was fooled by the angel of light who used an old snare called “FORM” to trip me up. Instead of immediately flowing with the word I had been given, I thought I needed to “GET” a heavier anointing… that I must do “X, Y, Z” by praying for hours, studying the Bible, and worshipping, singing in tongues for a long time before writing about what our Lord had given me. Sounds good, eh? Yes, it sounds right, but the trouble is I was thinking that “I” had to work up something in order that I and my writing would “be good enough.” I didn’t realize my thinking was awry until last evening when these words came in the middle of the night: “Shiloh is here, Shulamite woman, confidence, and sweet essence.” Yay! God’s light comes to the “peaceful one”…. to “He Whose It is” which are both the name meanings of “Shiloh.”

I can hear some of you saying: “But we’re supposed to pray, worship and read the Bible” pointing to all the “great ones” who do, the souls they’ve won and their many accomplishments…. Yes, it’s true that praying, worshipping and revelation and knowledge of the Bible are instrumental in great moves of God coming forth, and yes, we are to do these things, but the question is: “WHAT are our motives?” The Pharisees did all this and more, yet they were rebuked by our Lord Who wants us to be like little children, led to do what HE wants and WHEN He wants us to do it.

How foolish it would be for a person with a Master’s degree being fully trained to do his work, to think he had to go back and do what he did in school, instead of just applying all He had been taught, to get the job done. When we graduate in the Spirit realizing that we are One with Him, we can simply follow His lead and not program ourselves for “do, do” no matter how good that program may seem to us. We only make up programs when HE instructs us to do it.

When we compare ourselves to others thinking we SHOULD be like them, we get into trouble. I thank God for ones like John the Baptist and Anna who prayed all the time in the temple, but they didn’t do what David, Moses and Elijah did…. We need the door keepers in the house of God, believers like Dorcas, and all the ones who do little things as well as those who accomplish big things. Truly, we need all of us to do our own parts and be content in doing them. As we learn and obey what He prompts us to do, it’s then that we please God and ourselves, too. What could be better than to do what we were created to do and to know that we are “more than enough”?

The day for drinking formulas is over after we grow up, eh? I truly thank God for those who feed babies and for the ones who have His word to give to His children in every stage of their development, but our Lord does not want meat to be given to babies, nor for pablum to be fed to those who are of full age. Yes, milk is needed when we are young, but when we grow up, we are to eat “well-done meat” and to be like the wind, not bottled up in a form, but ones who move by the Spirit. When God gives me words in the night, I intend to continue writing about them first thing in the morning when my mind is fresh and hasn’t had the chance to think carnally. As long as He leads me to do this, the confidence that “Shiloh is here” is what my faith will be in. He has spoken confirmation to me and to many that we are His Shulamite woman in love with Him and that we do hear His voice. Those who have gone beyond the Feast of Pentecost have come out of Babylon and by God’s grace, shall not be clinging to form.

Two days ago I received surprise gifts from my baby sister that had symbolic messages for me which I believe add much to this writing. Gin’s gifts were not only delightful expressions of love and blessing from her, but from our Heavenly Father, too. A “Ho Ho HO!” along with much praise to God came bubbling up out of me when I saw them: The first gift was an extra large drinking cup decorated with many butterflies on it. In the Spirit, this gift having a huge handle conveyed to me that we will need a strong grip on the cup being given to us now of “new” life which butterflies represent. The second present was a pink, miniature hat adorned with pearls (wisdom) and pink roses (poise and grace) speaking of the new role we’re going to have that’s going to be beautiful. The last one came in a lovely container, also covered with butterflies and what was in it caused spiritual butterflies to come alive in me. I don’t think my sister knows this, but I’ve got a “thing” for elephants and her gift had the head of one on the key ring inside. A brochure was also in the container which had information about the ministry from which this “Horn and Bone Jewelry” came called “Mukama Afayo Uganda. It means “God cares” for the people of Uganda and is a nonprofit organization that supports orphans and widows by purchasing their homemade crafts and jewelry and then reselling them.

The KEY message rang out loud and clear through the lovely handmade key ring having an elephant’s head painted and varnished on it. Made from bone horn, it conveyed to me that power (horn) is now “at hand…even IN the hand to open up mysteries, doors and ministries. According to Ira Miiligan in her book “Understanding The Dreams You Dream,” an elephant symbolizes: “Invincible or thick-skinned: Not easily offended; powerful; large.” Oh brethren, I can’t think of anything more important in our lives than not being easily offended and especially, in the day we are living in, we need to be thick-skinned. The etymology of invincible is “unconquerable” from “to overcome.” Whoo whee! What’s coming indeed, is GREAT!

The elephant’s head (the authority that comes from not being offended, even from “total” forgiveness) is what I believe can make us invincible. Truly, the one that forgives much, loves much and LOVE NEVER FAILS! We must never forget that when Jesus healed people and made them whole, He told them that their sins were forgiven and when He revealed how to pray, He plainly said that to the degree we forgive (to the degree in which we are not offended,) we shall be forgiven.

I have written posts with the titles “Priests Are Coming,” “Enochs Are Coming,” “Stars Are Coming,” “Mansions are Coming” and “Miracles Are Coming,” but little did I conceive that ones like elephants will be among these great “up and comers.” Hear it! None of us can manifest the power to do “greater works than Jesus” until we have the elephant’s power of bearing “no offense” at work in us.

Do we want a good end? If so, then let’s become a herd of righteous, loving, peaceful, invincible ones and let it be known that elephants are coming with the greatest power of all-…. even mercy and love. Hey! Hey! Hey! An elephant’s tusks are one of the most treasured acquisitions on earth…

How much more desirable is an elephant’s end?!

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