Wishy-Washy Becoming Hotsy-Totsy

“Wishy-Washy” was tired of being who she was, but didn’t know how to change. “If only I had a fairy godmother,”she cried, “THEN things would be different!”

“Oh no they wouldn’t!” her inner voice that had been silent a long time shouted, shaking her up. Her body that had been needing healing reacted in sharp pain on her side. This languishing and indecisive one had been waiting for a miracle for many years not realizing that the power was in her hands to not only change her body, but also to change her disposition as they were interconnected. After the word’s impartation of life was given, she realized it was futile to keep wishing for what only happened in fairy tales. “You can not be a child forever,” her spirit man confirmed, this time speaking softly to her. “It’s time for you to know who you are taking inventory of your assets, and as you do, your days of being slack shall be no more,” he spoke with authority rising up inside her to take his rightful place of rulership.

An angel called “Final Instruction” suddenly appeared the moment her inner spirit stopped speaking. “Hear my words, daughter of the “Most High” and live out your “expected end” revealed deep within the inner knowing. In every child of God’s life an appointment shall made by the Father Himself after the teaching of transformation has been fully assimilated. It is such a time now for you which could have come earlier, but you doubted the strength and wisdom already yours because you were accustomed to looking outside yourself for answers. It’s true you called on the Lord to give you wisdom, but you didn’t believe you had it because you’ve been afraid of yourself and of making mistakes.”

The angel strangely burst out laughing then. “Silly woman!” he chided. “Don’t you know that all the angels want to have what you possess? You’ve got what it takes my dear, to face every challenge in your life and to do more than face them… You: Yes, YOU shall be victorious in every situation because you are the seed of your Father Who never fails,” he spoke emphatically. The angel started laughing again, but even louder and then shouted with great joy: “He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: Don’t you know, bold and courageous one… yes, YOU!…that the Lord shall have your enemies in derision?” And then, in a rhythmic, sing-song fashion, he announced: “God has set his king upon his holy hill of Zion! Oh happy, happy day when Jesus has His rule! Do you understand my words?” he asked knowing that the “favored one” indeed did, but in asking the question, an impartation of wisdom was given which the angel realized she needed. ”Hereon in, you shall use questions to establish the truth… Every man must know answers for himself, not just be told them, and questions are the instigators to inner realizations. You shall be known as an astounding instigator probing deep into people’s minds and hearts to know the right questions to ask them and you shall stir up remedies, cures, and all manner of good in your brethren’s pots of gold centered in their innermost beings… Oh yes, my dear, you shall do this!” he spoke confidently, touching her forehead with the oil of joy.”

As soon as he did, this one who was wishy-washy no more, was full of faith with laughter coming out of her innermost parts bubbling out as a fountain of joy and wonder. All of heaven could be heard praising, singing and laughing too. Then a great hush came over them all as they beheld the transformation in “The Confident One” who was bearing her new name now.

Ah, you who are the next to come shall be called this name too, after you finish your course in perfection… even the “Course of the Redeemed.” Know that on the day that you learn to breathe fire out of your mouths, the world will be ready for you to burn out all their dead works making way for the new heaven and the earth to come. Oh yes, the world is waiting for the sons and daughters to be like God,… even a consuming fire to cause all the works of the flesh to become ashes.

So let your fire be ignited with righteousness and love and get ready: The Sun of righteousness shall soon be arising IN YOU with healing in His wings and then the world will see the Father in you and in all who are His beloved.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hotsy-Totsys are coming NOW!

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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