Behold The Love Skirt

The skirt had the stain of dung on it, but because the Princess didn’t have eyes in the back of her head or a mirror for her to see with, she was oblivious to the fact that it was apparent to everyone. No one said anything to the King’s daughter because her disposition was not good and when anything was spoken that displeased her, fire came out of her tongue that would scorch the people. All in the “Kingdom of Backbiters” whispered among themselves about it and were very afraid not only of being burned by her, but of the consequences should “King Jeopardy” see the skirt and realize that no one cared enough about his daughter to tell her. The speaking of truth in love had been absent in the kingdom for a very long time, and because of it all were lost, ashamed and condemned. 

The King’s name had not always been “Jeopardy,” nor had his kingdom always been called the “Kingdom of Backbiters.” Before the “Spirit of Division” came into the land, the King’s name had been “Nurturing One” and His kingdom was called “Peace,” but after that wicked spirit sowed the seed of discontent into “Queen Tenderheart”’s skirt, hatred took over and everything was changed. The Queen divorced the King and set up her own kingdom in another land that bore her changed name… the name of “Malice.”

The Princess as well, lost her beautiful name “Joyful” after that hateful spirit ripped apart the marriage of her parents and instead she became the “Fiery One” lashing out at everything and everyone around her. That was mostly due to the change in her father’s attitude toward her which prior to the divorce always made her feel secure and loved. Without his nurture, the Princess felt in jeopardy, as did everyone else in his kingdom and consequently there was constant upheaval, quarrelling, and all manner of provocations to do wrong.

It was long ago written in the “Book of Destiny” that the Princess would be the one who would make all things new through the power in her skirt. The devil knew this and therefore caused a terrible problem in the “Fiery One’s” inner being that manifested itself outwardly on her skirt. If the people told her what they saw, it would not have changed things, because the Princess could not stop what was in her from spoiling her clothing. However, everyone was accountable and none knew what to do and were in turmoil all the time.

There was one though whose heart had once been soft and loving toward the Princess, but she had changed too, and now had a heart of stone. However, the long time nanny had a ring on her finger that the King had given to her as a reward for her excellent service in tending to his daughter’s needs. The ring had power in it to transform negative things into positive ones, but the nanny was unaware of this thinking it was only a beautiful ornament to wear.

One day in desperation, this nanny whose name had been changed from “Covering One” to “Doubter” cried out in a voice that could be heard to the high heavens: “Things have GOT TO CHANGE!” the distraught one screamed. Immediately she was compelled by an unseen force to look at the ring on her finger and a bright light shone out of it that shook her. “They can!…. PRAY!! Ask to know the secret of the ring!” the light responded to her cry. She was stunned that not only could the light talk, but that it gave the instruction which her grandmother had tried to instill in her long ago in the days when prayer was like breathing for the ones who knew the Lord. But alas! It was no more after division came with the spirit of “Mind Control” that took away everyone’s praying minds. 

Because the little nanny had cried out from the depth of her being, light was able to come forth out of the ring to reveal itself openly. It was the angel “Mercy” who had whispered into the King’s ear to give the jewel gift to the nanny knowing that the light with transforming power could only manifest to one who would nurture and cover others with love… “Covering One” was the most loving person in all the kingdom besides the King and Queen in the season when the kingdom had been resting in “Harmony,” the mighty governor’s ways.

It was time now for the revolution to come that was prophesied eons ago with the nanny being it’s head. The movement would be called “Go Granny!” and would involve all the nannies and grandmothers in the kingdom coming together, having the light to lead them. It was well known that only the ones with a mother’s heart could accomplish the heavenly task of making the “grand-enter-prize” available to everyone… even the prize of transfiguration. 

At the moment the light of the ring shone, the nanny’s name “Covering One” was instantly recovered and she knew what she needed to do. Filled with the same light as the one shining through the ring, she ran to the princess shouting “Holy! Holy! Holy!” and wrapped her loving arms around her, electrifying her with a miracle. The “Spirit of Holiness” immediately dried up the internal workings of damnation in the Princess that had defiled her and her name “Joyful” was restored. Then an announcement came from regions above blaring like thunderous applause from the Father in Heaven:

“Look at yourself with MY eyes of love my daughter, and at EVERY man, woman and child in the same light. Behold your skirt and discover what great power you have in it… even the greatest power on earth-… the power of love.”

As she obeyed, multitudes upon multitudes of beautiful butterflies came streaming out of it. Her father “King Nurturing One” and mother “Queen Tenderheart” were restored together in unity to be by her side and lo and behold: Giant grapes appeared… “No longer shall the grapes of wrath be in the kingdom” came the decree out of heaven trumpeted by myriads of angels. “THESE are the grapes that shall be made into the wine of joy by all who see the light… by all who are given the king’s rings and whose skirts cover others with love.”

Can you who have listening ears hear the call “Go Granny go!” beckoning you now to bring the “Grand-enter-prize” with you? Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s time for God’s princesses to wear skirts of embroidered gold and to enter into the “Kingdom of Love” forever!


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