She’s Got What It Takes

What name is the Lord calling you today? I can hear some of you responding matter of factly: “The name He always calls me,… MY name, of course!” Ah, but you have other names besides your given one being added to you as you go from glory to glory… names that you don’t write on a check or document, but names that are written and heralded in the story that is recorded in your book of life. Pay attention to the Spirit and you’ll not only hear our Beloved call you them, but you’ll be marked by them.

Recently while praying with a sister in Christ, I heard the word “Mark that man” and Psalm 37: 37 came to mind which states: “Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace.” Hear it: Those who come into rest, peace and perfection will be marked… They will be known by “the mark” which in Hebrew is the word “character.” Oh yes, it’s going to take our having each name that depicts our Lord’s character developed in us to come into perfection. I love it when the Lord reveals the name He is presently forming in me and in the others who are His Bride.

Last night in the middle of my sleep, the name “Aloysius” came and then the first words I heard when I woke up in the morning were “Liebe,” “centurion” and “bride.” Love, faith and hope were conveyed to me through them. I am using a reference called “The Name Book” by Dorothy Astoria for the information I will be sharing with you now, as it not only gives the inherent meaning of names, but their spiritual connotation along with a scripture that fits perfectly. “Aloysius” means “NOBLE” and its spiritual connotation is “GREAT.” Truly, the centurion was “great” in the eyes of our Lord because of his having strong faith and indeed we are “noble” and “great” when we, like him, need only for our Lord to speak the Word for us to believe and act upon it. Dorothea Astoria connected the following scripture with the WONDER name “Aloysius”: “I tell you the truth, whoever believes in me will do the same things that I do. Those who believe will also do even GREATER things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12) I see both faith and hope in this name “Aloysius.”

I believe that God gave the German word “leibe” which means “love,” instead of the English word because of it being the native tongue of my late husband. The following story relates why: Years ago someone I knew wanted to speak in tongues, but in spite of many ministers and others laying hands on her, the gift remained dormant. But she faithfully persevered and when it finally came, ONLY one word was given to her-… the word “Ishi.” This believing one was overjoyed and went around saying her word over and over again telling everybody: “I got it! I got it!” She really did get something amazing that blessed us all when we realized its meaning in English. Hosea 2: 16 states: “You shall call me “Ishi” (HUSBAND) and shall no longer call me “Bali.” What a revelation! This pentecostal experience brings the change with it of no longer serving God out of duty (“Bali”) but coming into the marital bliss of serving Him in love. The gift of tongues is the “New Wine” that makes the heart glad and is instrumental in knowing and serving our “Ishi” husband Jesus intimately.

I also was one who didn’t speak in tongues right away, but out of sheer frustration over my brethren praying, praying and praying over me for what seemed like hours, I screamed inside myself: “I want to praise you, too, Lord!”… and it erupted! I could feel the spirit coming from down in my belly flowing out with the most beautiful words I ever heard. Truly, “Out of the belly shall flow rivers of living waters,” (John 7: 38). even, GOD’’s words of praise…yes, “liebe” words of our spirit joined with the spirit of our husband Jesus.

I have emphasized this before and feel to do so again: I do not believe that we can come into all God has for us without our worshipping Him in total abandonment in the Spirit. I don’t say that others who do not have the gift of tongues can’t experience high worship, but for those of us who have been given this gift, it’s a means of our Lord pouring all of Himself into us…. even a wonderful way through which visions, revelations and signs are manifested as well as God speaking words of love to and through us. The Bible says “God inhabits our praises” (Psalm 22:3) and I don’t think there’s anything better than feeling His presence through speaking in tongues and also through receiving Him in other ways that He chooses to manifest Himself.

The last of the three words given to me this morning was “bride” and what a divine hope is being conveyed through this word connected with the other two! It is through faith that works by love that this holy, perfected one brings the hope of salvation with her. Yay! SHE’s got what it takes called the character of God… the MARK that makes her the most beautiful of all.

Can you see the Bride of Christ coming NOW?

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