Seated In Truth

The Most High God spoke it into existence and all in Heaven waited expectantly for the one who would sit on that multifaceted, diamond throne. A specially assigned seraphim’s wings covered the ruling seat on the day it appeared and its voice singing “holy, holy, holy” had the fragrance of a newly created flower’s essence coming out of it called “Truth Established.” The scent was to manifest in the one that was to come… the one called “The Beautiful One” who was a castaway on earth and of disrepute in the eyes of man.

Had anyone been told that she was the one for whom the chair was intended, no one would have believed it. Perhaps before that terrible day, someone might have realized “The Beautiful One”’s destiny when she bore the name which meant “Joy/ Reborn/ and Judgment,” but not now after the dragon “Hellfire” breathed his fire on her and “Fork-Tongued” cursed her.

On that day when the forces of hell came against her, most of her body was scorched with third degree burns, but miraculously her face was spared except for the right cheek which bore a hideous looking streak on it. Only grace kept her from going into despair not only because of the pain and shame she bore, but because she lost her name. Everyone from that moment on called her “The Scorched One,” except her husband whose name was “Benevolent.” He didn’t see anything but her heart because the Father in Heaven had placed eyesalve on his eyes and all he could see was beauty.

“Remember!” he would remind her, holding her close to him when she wept uncontrollably in his arms: “We bear the name “Trusting.” I promise you, my cherished one, all will turn out well in the end!” Each time he held her, she felt his heart, and the transforming rays of his love would be imparted to her. Then oil would appear, even the oil of joy and she would forget what she looked like and the deep pain in her soul would leave.

All in the “Kingdom of Appearances” could see only what was visible and made judgments accordingly, except for “Benevolent” who was sent to earth, not only for “The Beautiful One,” but as an example of God’s love to everyone. He had been given the diamond stone that would change the world, but his beloved wife would first need to be changed.

Slowly, her scorched body healed through “Benevolent”’s patient love and all but the scar on her cheek healed and became restored, soft and lovely as baby skin. Her husband knew by faith the reason why her trial had come and why the scar had to remain on his dear one’s face. Ah, the great secret was soon to be known by all who dwelled on earth that everyone must suffer until obedience was learned, and that when obedience worked in every heart, the new kingdom would be established.

After the hateful attack by the dragon and the witch, “The Beautiful One” was called “Scorched” and her scar was a sign to all. None but “Benevolent” had learned to turn the other cheek when wrong had been done and the greatest lesson of all to “render good for evil” had yet to be learned by everyone, including “The Beautiful One.”

On a sunny day called “New Life To Come,” as the scorched one looked at her reflection in the pond called “Bitter Water,” a butterfly suddenly appeared before her. His name was “Intuition” and when he flapped his wings, the breezes of his wisdom and essence covered her bringing a glorious light that surpassed even the sun’s brilliant rays. The Butterfly spoke in almost a whisper: “I am “a secret” that everyone shall know and have when you are received with love and acceptance, my dear. You shall make it clear to them that they are to always cherish intuition and walk by its light.”

Everything became so plain to her at that moment… She had lived in the “Kingdom of Appearances” all her life, and now this little butterfly had come from the invisible realm to open up her understanding and bring new life. “Yes, yes, yes!” the awakened one cried with joy. “Truly, intuition is what is needed to escape out of the “Kingdom of Appearances” and to know the good that needs to be done that can help others and oneself.

As soon as she realized this great truth, another butterfly appeared called “Mirrored Conscience” speaking in a loud voice, not in a whisper to her: “It is a man’s conscience influenced by the Spirit of God that will determine his destiny. Hear me and understand,” the butterfly shouted: “When a man’s conscience becomes desensitized through continued sin, his heart gets hardened and then, he can not do the will of God. Woe to the man who does not listen to the inner voice of the Spirit and of his conscience! You, dear beautiful one, are called to be a living testimony revealing to all that man must obey God and do justly.”

“Oh! oh! oh! You’ve answered the question I’ve always wanted to know,” the princess shouted, amazed and overjoyed that the answer was so simple. “I can finally see how people’s destinies are determined!” As she started to do homage to the butterfly, her own conscience and spirit instantly caused her to realize that the bearers of messages should never be worshipped, … ONLY God. “Praise you Lord Jesus! Thank you for revealing the truth to me! How great you are!” she sang instead of idolizing the messenger and then, all the angels in Heaven worshipped with her. The two butterflies clapped their wings with joy and praising and glorifying their maker, as well.

After a blessed stillness came, “Intuition” spoke up again: “There’s still much more for you to learn” he told the newly awakened one. “There will be many more butterflies coming to you and to all who seek and love the truth… to all who embrace the cross and know that it is through much tribulation that they will enter the kingdom of God. When all the people observe you as a sign and come to see your scar as something “WONDERful,” likened to the scars of the “Savior”’s, redemption will draw nigh.”

Trumpets blaring from the heavens could be heard all throughout the “Kingdom of Appearances” making the announcement that wrong thinking would be no more and that it was time to enter the new kingdom. It was then that “Benevolent” took the diamond stone out of his breast of righteousness and threw it to the top of Mount Zion, the mountain that had been there all the time, but none could see because their eyes had been blind. The minute that the angels settled it in the place called “Paradise in the Heart,” the way was made known how to climb the mountain by intuition united with the Holy Spirit in every man who had a clear conscience.

God’s bride is making herself ready to climb that mountain now: Can you see her, ..even you who are coming out of the realm of appearances? Do you know that the seat of truth, even the glorious diamond throne, is YOUR ruling place?

Yes, I think you do!

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