Look What’s Coming!

When words flash in my mind, it’s like I hear those old childhood roosters of mine “cock-a-doodling”: “Wake up! Come enter “The Spirit Zone!” they doodle, inspiring me to cook something up on my brain’s hot stove. But as you know, one needs the right ingredients to make a tasty meal and hmmm! Maybe the words “to each his own” I heard just now are a warning that I’d better be cooking for myself, not for you. But then you just might fall into the category of being one of my own, so off I go now, to mix up only God knows what in my bowl of “Wonder ? Food.”

So just exactly what’s “our own”? I have a grandson who chose the fraternity he joined specifically because of the diversity of bros it has in it. To him “to each his own” is “everyone is his own!” My Dawson can definitely qualify for a winner of a “Go get ‘em with love” crown. I chuckle when I think of how when he was a little guy, he loved to have his picture taken. If we were at a restaurant and a family he didn’t know was sitting at a table next to us and even far away from us, he’d just jump right in there unasked, to get his wide, grinning face in the pictures they were taking. Now as a young adult, I don’t think anyone’s face is instagrammed more than his, shooting out effervescence not only into IPhones, but spirit-powered into hearts. We, too, have that kind of power of freedom and love, but the question is: Are we using it?

It’s sad to say that a lot of us are bound up so concerned about doing things “right,” that we don’t live spontaneous lives. You won’t be finding any loose gooses among our flocks, because our birds of a feather are confined in “should and should not ‘doo doo’” cages. That’s gotta’ change.

Do you think out of the box? I know you do in dreams, but do you make your dreams into realities? I have purposed to cooperate with the Spirit to make the one I had last night not only come true for me, but for you who love the Lord, too. You’re “my own,” you know. In my dream, a whole bunch of adorable kittens were singing “Happy Birthday” to me. Oh yes, animals talked to Adam and Eve, they sing in our dreams and soon we’ll be hearing all creation celebrating us with more than cheers. Kitties represent transformation, innocence, purity, and a readiness to explore new things that life has to offer, and they’re just what you and I need, along with a whole lot of Dawsons to birth us into new life. Everyone of us is made for adventure and we can all have it in the Spirit with no exceptions…. So come on now, let’s go for “it” like kitties havin’ a ball!

There’s one more thing that the Lord put on my hot stove today that I want you to have-… the most important ingredient of all. As I sang in the Spirit this morning, the words “Adonai destiny” were in my tongues and I learned that” Adonai” means “my foundation, my lord” … also “Lord of ‘Lord Master’” from its derivative “sovereignty.” This name is initially found in Abraham’s address to God after his interview with Melchizedek and in the Old Testament when it was also applied to man used to express two well-known earthly relationships: first, the relation of a slave or servant to his master; and then that of wife to her husband. The slave or wife were “not their own” and rightly related, neither are we.

Look at this key scripture in regards to our “birth” day coming and our “Adonai destiny”: “Hearken, oh daughter, and consider: forget your own people and your father’s house; so shall the King greatly desire your beauty, for he is your Lord, (Adonai) and worship Him.” (Psalm 45:10) Those of the Melchizedek order are “un” (alpha) fathered and “un” (alpha) mothered and when the “alpha” is placed in front of our mother and father (our generational history,) it is THEN that regeneration takes place and we are birthed into new life. It can only happen when our God is “Lord Master” (Adonai) over us in EVERYTHING we do. The Spirit of our Adonai is now saying to each one of us who are His own:

“It’s time to be PURRfect!”

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