What Does Your Meter Read?

Do you pay attention to the words that come into your mind? I am specifically referring to the “one-words” that seemingly don’t mean a thing, like the one that brought me to “Revelation’s Door” this morning. Who would have thought that “kilometer” had a voice?… God knows how to get our attention, and this word did a number on me… It brought me into a realization of how far we’ve come. I see this word having to do with our walk in the Spirit being measured. A kilometer is a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (approximately 0.62 miles) and its etymology broken down is “kilo”: 1,000 plus “meter”: a device or instrument for measuring.

To “measure up” means to “meet a particular requirement, standard, or expectation” and when we say we have somebody’s number, we mean that we know what kind of person they are. The number 1000 according to “Biblical Mathematics” (Keys to Scripture Numerics) by Ed. F. Vallowe is connected to DIVINE COMPLETENESS and THE GLORY OF GOD.

Truly, we are called to “go on into perfection,” and if we were not able to do this, the command “Be ye perfect” would not have been given. Oh yes, some will be coming into divine completeness NOW and have the glory of God… even the first of the firstfruits. THIS is the time that the beast nature shall no longer be ruling in us. The word “bestial” came awhile back and again recently along with the words: “The beast has been captured, but is not dead yet.” Then I was given a vision of a King Kong type beast that was confined in a tight cage that had black bars. What an encouragement it is to know its power is bound now in many of our lives.

Upon waking up a few weeks ago, I heard the Spirit say: “Babylon revealed,” and “Oh my!” was I given a very clear understanding of all that Babylon is. She is NOT America, dear brethren, as some erroneously teach. She is a spiritual “CITY,” NOT a COUNTRY,… even a Harlot church made up of members who have the flesh, the world and the devil in control of them. She is the opposite of the Heavenly New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ, whose members are pure and holy. (Revelation 21: 9-11) Religious Babylon has made all the nations drunk through the wine of her passion, merchandising the Word of God and then slaying the righteous with the letter of it. Twisting the scriptures and defiling the truth, she has deceived multitudes being a mixture of the word and heresy with an anointing to perform signs, miracles and wonders. How many have been seduced by her!

Don’t you who are called and chosen, have anything to do with her! The Bible says: “COME OUT OF HER! The voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall be heard in her NO MORE”! (Revelation 8: 23) Hear it: That was YOUR voice and MINE that were once heard in her, and when all who make up the Bride are finally out of her and her ways and teachings are out of us, it is THEN that we’ll be ready for the marriage of the Lamb.

It might be said now that “meter reader” angels are checking out our lives and ministries. Oh yes, they have got our number and soon we shall be among those who shall reign with our God a thousand years,… even “meter maids” policing the nations! Hallelujah!

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