No More Cheaters

“Staples” was good for everybody… Well, everybody except “Disguised Cheater,” because she knew what he was-… a scoundrel who appeared as an angel of light. Even so, she gave all that was hers to give him because she was like her father who taught her to never be a respecter of persons and to always render good for evil. How she wanted “Cheater” to know the goodness of the Lord and turn from his ways, but alas, the more she gave, the less he thought of her, looking down upon her as being a simpleton. Having many worldly achievements and a great name for himself, “Cheater” was heralded as a great one and deceived everyone in the “Land of the Dead,” even himself.

No one knew, not even “Staples,” that “Cheater” was a sign of the times. The seed of “stealth” had been planted in every man and all it took was the right set of circumstances for it to spring forth into full bloom. In the “Land of the Dead, all the people existed ONLY for themselves… “Self” was each one’s God and just one other blood-bought one, besides “Staples,” had a different God called “Love.”:

It was her sister “Virtue” who had the same calling of supplying “holy” goods that had the seeds of repentance in them to every man. Their father, the King called “Righteousness,” had given “Virtue” his signet ring and “Staples” received his staff…. The two of them were the witnesses of “The Kingdom To Come” and whoever received and loved them would become royal citizens of that kingdom. Whoever didn’t, would be corralled into a “holding pit” in the center of the “Land of the Dead.” That pit had locusts in it that were forbidden to consume their flesh, but were given the command to torment them by spewing spit-fire from their mouths with hissing sounds that were like sirens blaring in their hurting ears. It was to last for five months and at the end of that time, they were to face the King’s examiners and if there was any flicker of faith in their hearts, they would be let out of the pit for another chance to repent. A huge banner that had the word “The Salvation of the Lord” on it flashed brilliantly in neon lights and angels danced in them praising God. It was written in “The Book” that only those who “looked up” could see it.

“Looking Up” was not as simple as it sounded because everyone who came out of the pit had stiff, crooked necks and were not able to lift their heads up because of this. The only cure available to heal their condition was “Virtue”’s staff of life and “Staple”’s supply of medicine. However, they would first and foremost have to eat the food of “Humility” out of “Staple”’s own hand which many, even though they had been tormented for five long months, were unwilling to do…. especially “Cheater.”

But back to the beginning now: It was before he had been put into the pit, that “Cheater” deceived everyone in the town. He had chained “Truth,” the only righteous judge in the town, tying him up to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and no one objected to it except “Staples” and “Virtue.” Because only unrighteous judges ruled then, a gag order was put out on them and not a word could be spoken by the King’s two witnesses. 

Nothing could be done without a “voice” until the King’s announcement came blaring forth from the Heavens: “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit!” saith the Lord.  A mighty, mighty wind came rushing forth taking the breath away from all the unrighteous ones… It was then that the angels gathered them up, threw them into the pit and sealed it. 

The only way that anyone could get out was through “Forgiveness” when the name of the Lord was called upon. No one inside the pit knew the name so consequently none could be set free, but night and day “Virtue” and “Staples” stood in the gap praying for them. It was their prayers that a miracle of an underground tunnel was made to bring in “Staple”’s supplies of food for them to survive. Her great supply of mercy and goodness had supernatural protection over it that prevented the locusts from devouring it.

“Staple”’s and “Virtue,” both knew the blueprint made before the foundation of the world, so they had no doubt that the plan was seal proof and that even the worst of the worst would see the light in time. And so it came to pass, all who called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ were let out of the pit… even “Cheater,” but his neck was the crookedest of them all. How he could ever look up was a mystery.

But do you who read this story know that there are no unsolved mysteries in the kingdom? Every heart will be revealed… every crooked neck will become straight and then be able to look up, for it is written that every man will know and confess that Jesus is Lord.

Do you have “Cheaters” in your life? Is there a seed yet in you that needs to be removed? Fear not: “Staples” is with you supplying your needs and when you’re full of abundant fruit and good works, a signet ring will be yours, too. Don’t you know “Virtue” can NEVER fail?… Her staff will lead you to the top of Mount Zion after the light of “Repentance” has completed its work, and even though the blind do not see YET, they shall.

That day is coming!

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