Hey! Hey! Myisha!

Do you know that you are Lord’s Myisha? Can you men think of anything more wonderful than your woman? I know some of you who have been married a long time might be answering: “Yes, I can-… my golf clubs, my friends, my status, my job, my car, and so many other things.” It’s true that many are like that with God, as well, but most don’t realize it, which is the reason God says: “Return to your first love… Remember the day you thought: “O.M.G.,” not only when you met the Lord, but when you first saw her or him-.. that one who made your heart pound like a locomotive’s engine charging on a fast track. I believe meeting the mate God intends for us is more than a divine appointment… It’s a taste of Heaven. Yes, it’s an “Oh my God, YOU are so wonderful in bringing the one suited for my heart to me. The first words out of Adam when God took Eve from his side were: ”This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called ‘Woman.’” Genesis 2:23.

This morning, the Lord lovingly told me: “You are ‘Myisha’” which inherently means “woman,” but the spiritual connotation is: “INVALUABLE.” How many think of themselves, their mates and others as being “invaluable”? It seems only a few, huh? WE are members of HIS body, of His flesh, and of His bones: How much more valuable could we be than this? I believe that although many of us have lost sight of our true worth, as of this moment, bones are going to be breathed on from above with a “whoo whee” kind of love and that which has been dead is going to come alive. “In the name of Yeshua, I decree dead marriages and dead relationships to be no more. It’s time for all our “ships” to come into glory!”

That first look… that first heart beat: Do you remember it? After becoming a Christian at the age of 26, the Lord let me know that He had someone for me and that I wasn’t to date anyone until He brought him into my life. It was extremely hard for me to wait, but by God’s grace, I was able to do so because I realized my two children 2½ and 1½ years old needed a mother focused on them, not on men. For several years a few believers met in my home for fellowship once a week and everytime we prayed together, they would ask God to bring me a husband. One day, one of them who had prayed most fervently for me, prophesied saying: “You’re going to meet him when you’re out selling Avon!” and we both had goosebumps like popcorn popping all the way to heaven announcing: “Something good is going to happen to you!” Doncha know, on the very next day, a tall, blonde, good looking WONDER opened the door of his Aunt Ella’s house, but wasn’t going to let me inside. Yikes! ““Is Virginia home?” I shyly, asked him

“There’s no one named Virginia who lives here,” he responded, grinning at me with a “What do we have here?” look. 

“But, but… I’m sure she does,” I muttered, not knowing what to do. As I started to walk away because I couldn’t convince him Virginia DID live there, his Aunt Ella’s clear sounding voice chimed like bells from heaven: “Michele dear, is that you? Come on in!” and in I came, spending two hours in her den talking with this one who was to become my “Ish” (Man.) Later, Virginia told me she had a vision of angels surrounding us and Uncle Otto whispered to her: “I think they’re falling in love!” and yep, we were.

I went around telling everyone that I was in love, and I do mean “EVERYONE,” even a cashier I didn’t know who worked at the grocery store. I thought I would NEVER forget that moment, but I did after things got rough in my marriage. My husband Dieter suffered from manic depression, now called a “Bi polar disorder,” and the path I walked with him on was more than rocky… There were a few “mania” mines that blew up on it which nearly killed us during the twenty years we were married. I’m sad to say that the momentous day I met Dieter was long forgotten during those times I was on the roller coaster rides to “never, NEVER in my wildest dreams land” with him.

More than once, I wailed: “Where are you Lord? YOU brought him to me! This isn’t the ““Michele-Happily Forever After” story I had in mind!” True! It wasn’t a lovely princess tale with the dream of ending with a prince charming in the lap of forever kisses, but God was in it and my marriage was exactly what we both needed to change us. And then when my eyes were finally opened, I realized it was so much more: It was INVALUABLE.

A couple of years ago I had a dream in which I was seated in a wheelchair facing a refrigerator. When I turned around, THERE was my late husband standing in front of me and I exclaimed: “YOU are SO GOOD LOOKING!” The spiritual meaning of a refrigerator according to “Understanding The Dreams You Dream” by Ira Milligan is “HEART: Motive; attitude; thoughts.” Through the dream I could see my husband’s heart through God’s eyes, remembering more than the first day I met him. Kindness is a quality I look for in people, and his heart pump of that tender quality had Niagara Falls’ power flowing in it. More than once Dieter told me his reason for living was to take care of me and my children, and because of him they both were able to get a college degree and I got one in “Higher Thinking” with my major being “Learning the Ways of the Lord.” He gave me something few people give to others and that was “freedom to be “me.” As I write this I am more than ever aware of how absolutely everything in the lives of the ones who love the Lord works for the good. How thankful we need to be, even in the worst of times.

Now back to how invaluable YOU are! The Lord doesn’t forget us, does He? He knows everything about us and NO ONE is more beautiful to Him than YOU and each of us who make up His Bride. I have to admit it’s hard for me to imagine our Lord getting excited over us. After all, He knows what we look like in the morning, what we thought about… yeah: THAT,… what we didn’t do and the worst of the worst about us, but there He is always, always, ALWAYS ready for our kisses… even longing for them. Hey! Hey! We don’t have to play “Spin The Bottle” to get a kiss from the One Who spins the world on its axis. He makes the world turn for us because we’re INVALUABLE!

So come on now: Give Him that big kiss He’s been waiting for and while you’re at it, kiss a few of His children, too. We all need whatcha got!

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