Your White Horse Is Waiting For You

You may not think you know her, the one who rides the beast, but your inner man knows her well. She appears beautiful, skilled in the letter of the word, decked with jewels that appear real… Oh yes, she’s deceived many, even your reasoning mind and mine, but only for a time… only for the season that iniquity and our sin of unbelief brought us into captivity. 

Hear it: Babylon is being revealed to us in this hour. This religious whore with all her pomp galore has had us drunk for a while with her wine of half truths, even the mixture of God’s word from her perverted teachings. We thought she was the real deal as we stood in her courts bowing down to her men of titles, even eunuchs doing her bidding… Sold out, all of them were and are, to deception’s lie that God Himself isn’t enough to be our head.

Why isn’t it we didn’t learn from the Israelites that having a “King,” would be our ruination? Have we not been sickened enough by the Sauls in our day who want to use us to build up THEIR kingdoms? They want to use us just as long as we’re not like David gaining more acclaim and having more admiration than they have. Can you see their jealous eyes assessing every one who is a threat to their holding on to power? 

What fools we are when “self” reigns, be it religious self, political self or self in any other arena in which it has to be king… even controlling our own families. As long as we have to lord it over anyone, Jezebel is our queen. 

That harlot who takes our money and steals the souls of men: She’s doomed! Oh yes, the final day for her to be burned with fire is at the door. Tell me: Does she still have a foothold in your life that you can’t see yet? If so, know that bright light has come and you shall see her gross nakedness and abhor her, too!

Come now: Put eye salve on your eyes and see her end, the end of the wicked generation in Jesus’ day and the end of our day’s evil generation: In the 11th chapter of Luke 25-26,  an account is recorded of a man out of whom an evil spirit had been cast. It seems it was about an individual man, but Matthew 12: 43-45 identifies this one: “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places seeking rest and finds none. Then he says, I will return into my house from whence I came out… And the last state of that man is worse than the first. AND SO SHALL IT BE UNTO THIS WICKED GENERATION.” 

I quote now from an out of print publication “A Dream and Its Interpretation” by Connie Trewitt: “The unclean spirit that was cast out of the “man” was that RELIGIOUS SPIRIT: the false spirit of prophecy, or the spirit of Jezebel. That spirit however, cannot exist long in a godless world, for it needs WATER… The Word of God… in order to find a lodging place! Finding no rest in the world, he says, ‘I will return to my house, but when he returns, he finds that it has changed appearance. Now it is EMPTY, SWEPT, and GARNISHED. Now that all sounds well and good, but it is not that the house is CLEAN, or if the house were clean and righteous before God, that false spirit would find no lodging place therein. The new condition of the house is what made it receptive to the unclean spirit of the false prophet (the Goliath or Cain spirit), which the Greek reveals. The word translated GARNISHED is from the word “Kosmos” which speaks of the present world system. Thus he returned and found the religious system (popular Church) partaking of the spirit of the world… using her methods, expanding its programs through these methods, worldly in her approach to spiritual things. Not only that, he found it swept. And the Lord said, ‘I will sweep you with the besem (broom) of destruction.” He found the religious system, then, UNDER JUDGMENT! But the most enlightening word of all is the word EMPTY. What a shock that was when I discovered it. It is from the Greek word SCHOLASTIKOS, which is our word for SCHOLAR and INTELLECTUAL. He found the religious system REASONING about the scripture… intellectually pursuing her revelation… making scholars in the word of God and offering DEGREES for the same! A perfect lodging ground for the spirit of the false prophet. So he goes and takes seven devils worse than himself and, entering in, they make the last condition of the “man” worse than the first.

The seven devils are the devils that entered into each church age. That first unclean spirit started in Israel, and the apostate religious system of Jesus’ day. But when it was cast out in his crucifixion and a new day began with an expansion of Israel into the Church, it wasn’t long until that same spirit CAME BACK, and gave in each succeeding church age a devil just a little worse than the preceding one, until now, in the end of this age, the Lord tells us that things are worse than the days when he walked on the earth… the days of the SCRIBES and PHARISEES! That was an antichrist spirit in Judaism… But it has multiplied sevenfold since then, so that if they crucified Him then, it will be even worse for the Sons that are coming forth in this hour. The cup of wickedness is being filled to the brim… And what we must realize more than anything else is this:…….  Antichrist is in the LAND! The giants are in the land that was promised to Israel. While the Church is busy looking for an antichrist “out there,” it shall yet be revealed, when the Sons of God are manifested, who is the true antichrist… For it is the church, not the world, that will crucify the Sons of God.” 

At this point in writing my post, I took a little time to pray in the Spirit, and “wow,” the English word “bamboozled” came in the midst of my tongues. Truly that whore, that religious spirit has bamboozled multitudes and multitudes of God’s people. “Bamboozle” literally means to “make a baboon out of someone” and has the definition “to utterly CONFUSE or mystify.” Not just a “wow,” but a “whoo whee!” is coming out of me now because according to Strong’s Concordance #H894 and #G897, the meaning of Babylon is “CONFUSION.” Now listen to the etymology of “baboon” which is “a GROTESQUE figure,”… from “ape.”…”simpleton, dimwit, fool.”

Ephesians 6: 11 calls us to “put on the whole armor of God that we may be able to stand against the WILES of the devil.” This word “wiles” in the Greek means “a TRAVESTY,” which is defined by Webster as a burlesque translation or an inferior or GROTESQUE imitation of the prototype or a “debased or distorted imitation or representation.” I shared in a previous post that I had a dream of someone who misinterpreted my dreams and visions, shown in the dream as coming from afar, carried by two men in a barrel having see-through bars. He had no legs and his arms, hands and face were twisted and very grotesque looking… What a picture of what the woman who rides the beast does to us as she replaces the “living word” with FORM. This helpless one was “in bars,” unable to stand because the one whose beginning was in Babel (from afar) had twisted his thinking and his whole being with her confused doctrine which is the mixture of truth and error. She “apes” God’s word like a ventriloquist. Legalism and dead formalism with a show of WILL WORSHIP appear to be spiritual, but in reality is WORLINESS IN DISGUISE, even the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

On September 19th of this year I was given a word in the twilight zone of my sleep that has had me in twilight thinking ever since. I heard: “bestial” and when I woke up these words came with a vision: “The beast has been captured, but is not dead yet!” and I saw a “King Kong” beast contained in a tight cage with black bars on it. 

Now I’m going to say something that’s not a “Thus saith the Lord,” but a “Think about it” word: I believe our greatest enemy and evil is the beast nature within which is “self living for self.” The devil and the world would have no power over us if our bestial nature were eradicated. Truly, “Self” sitting on the throne has been the cause of every war and every problem known to man. If the selfish, evil nature was done away with in all of us, there would not be a religious beast or a political beast, for both have their beginnings in the mind and heart of man.

The Spirit of the Lord revealed to me that the word “bestial” was connected to “form” and my mind went to 2 Timothy 3: 5 which states the condition dominated by religion: “Having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof, from such “TURN AWAY.” Our natural mind wants to approve of Cain’s offering… He worked hard and brought the best of what he had and likewise, religion gives its all through its prayers, fastings, good works, ceremonies, sermons, doctrines and more. How we look up to those who have all these practises in their lives, but if they do not come from the leading of the spirit, they are dead works and dung. Only our Lord knows how many people eat dove’s dung (yesterday’s word) and think they’re having a feast. Thank God, there are those who are hearing a “today-word” DIRECTLY from the throne because the beast is BOUND in them and will be soon no more at the Lord’s coming.

Because the beast is not free to do as it wills in the faithful and true ones, they are not like the whore who rides the beast or like her followers. These “Living Ones” have white horses to ride, not beasts of burdens! So come now all you overcomers:There’ll be no more bucking broncos for you!

It’s time to ride the heavens and possess the earth!

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  1. Omg i had a dream a couple of years ago that i was sitting on a white horse i was in a room with all the walls were white just sitting on the white horse thank you father God for revealing this dream to me you are so real thank you again


    • What a wonderful dream Barbara! White represents Christ’s purity and divine holiness and the horse is symbolic of the bringing of God’s presence and power. I believe your dream signifies you have been made ready…. The going forth is at hand for all who have been prepared in the home (the temple.)Thank you so much for sharing… What a blessing!


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