What A Tongue Of Life Can Do

“Sharp Tongued” had not always had a cutting tongue. She had been a kind and gentle person most of her life, except when things didn’t go her way. All went well with her in her younger years because she was catered to, and there were only a few moments that caused her ire. It wasn’t until she married “Mr. Know It All” that all hell broke out. Initially her husband’s intellect and knowledge held her spellbound and his sweet talk was so charming she couldn’t resist him. However, after he married her, that changed. Instead of sweet little nothings, “big somethings” out of his arrogant pride took her down, like a roller coaster to its lowest point. He misunderstood everything she said and taunted her continually, deriding her, demeaning her and twisting the words she spoke, and accused her of things she didn’t do. This cold, haughty one completely shut her out of his heart because like all shrikes, his ego required continual admiration which he no longer received from his wife.

Her name “Tender-Heart” was instantly changed the day she realized he no longer loved her. The angel “Malevolent” was the instigator of dark thoughts in both of them and up from the pit of her belly, poisonous words came forth ripping her husband apart. Along with the other angel from hell, “Rejection,” their marriage did not have a fighting chance. 

“Why did you let me love Him? “Tender-Heart Lost” cried to the One who couldn’t give her an answer just yet. Her Lord had been with her all the time and it was true that He brought “Know It All” into her life. The instant He heard her cry, “The Loving One” drew her to Him with tender words that brought butterflies and musical notes with them. The melody of the song: “I love you more than you know” became breezes fluttering through the butterflies’ wings. Even though she wasn’t able to hear the words, their essence penetrated into the deepest part of her being and melted her heart. She smelled the precious fragrance of the “Living One” as He whispered the familiar words that always comforted her: “All things work for the good for those who love me and are the called according to my purpose,” He lovingly assured her. Hearing Him say these familiar words stirred deep comfort in her because many times she had witnessed the worst of the worst happenings turn out not only for the good, but for the best. Yet her heart was hurting: An arrow had been shot through it and she was incapable of removing it by her own strength.

Knowing her thoughts, the Lord called for a bluebird to come sit on her shoulder. The bird was a watcher over her soul, even the “Guardian of Happiness” called to stay with her until “Joy” found residence in her. Calling Her “His Own,” “The Beloved” pronounced a new name over her that she would put on as soon as her cutting tongue was removed with a new loving one replacing it. She was unable to hear that name because her ears had plugs in them that could only be removed after her test was over. The new name was one that all overcomers would have on “That Day,” and because the Lord spoke it into existence, it was a “sure thing.

The bluebird chirped a heavenly song when he heard the Lord’s voice, excitedly realizing he would be used in this hurting one’s change and her learning “The Celestial Song.” Everyone who overcame the wrong usage of their tongues would not only have a new name, they would enter a new heaven, and oh happy day, when that would happen!

The arrow in this one whose temporary name was called “The Promised One,” began to draw pus in her flesh. It was a serious situation, but the word of the Lord immediately commanded: “You will fester no more!” and immediately the pus dried up. Restoring hope in her, He promised: “You will receive a new heart after the arrow of deliverance has done its work and you will be troubled no more. In the meantime, you will recognize you are carrying not only your own sorrows, but the sorrows of the world. Know that your tears will water the souls that will come forth from your faithfulness and all will rejoice because of it.”

Such peace came over the “Promised One” as she heard these words. The angel “Myrrh” was ordered to come swiftly to her side and when he did “Malevolent” fled screaming curses at his own self as he left, because he could not curse what God had blessed. His nature was such that he had to curse and when there was no one to curse, he was compelled to curse himself. He had no choice but to flee and all the foul words were turned upon him.

It was then that the angel “Myrrh” took the promised one by the hand and drew her to the “Fountain of Youth.” “You shall drink of these waters that flow freely to all who obey the Lord and have their tongues purified. Just as I was sent to Queen Esther to give her my essence, so have I been sent to you, not for just one nation to be saved, but many. The power of “Repentance” has been given to you as a gift that all men will partake of.” The newly renewed one drank and drank and drank and when she was filled and overflowing with new life, the angel marvelled that her head was filled with dew. He bowed low before her, because only the Elect were ordained to have the dew in their heads which brought with it great glory. When he arose, in a reverent tone of voice he told her what her heart had cried out to understand:

“ I shall tell you why you had to walk on the thorny path called “Rejection” and know the deep sorrow that came into your heart through the arrow. Your Lord was a man of sorrows, not because HIS heart needed to be made better, but because yours did… Every man is called to know rejection and sorrows which are God’s potent medicines that cure the deceptive heart each has been born with. Do you remember the day you were crowned… even the day “Know It All” left you?”

How could she forget? The mud covered crown placed on her head seemed not to be a reward, but a curse. But now the memory that had been forgotten connected with it came back, and she understood why it took her tears to wash away the mud on her crown. Shimmering in the brightest gold imaginable, it almost blinded the angel. “Myrrh” danced a little jig right before her startled eyes when he beheld her change knowing his essence had penetrated deep inside her and had done its work. “She’s got it! She’s got it! Your Bride is ready!” the ecstatic angel shouted to the Lord.

At that moment, “SHE,” the soul in union with the “HE,” the Spirit, realized her tongue had turned into sterling silver and could no longer speak words of death. Speaking by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the sweetest voice ever, she proclaimed to all in heaven and in earth: “I have learned the lesson that every man, woman and child must come to know: Each one of us is the brother we can no longer judge with accusation’s tongue, for when we judge our brother we judge ourselves. Truly he is the mirror of who we are.” And then with “The Light” shining out of her eyes, she spoke with the wisdom of the archons: “I have also learned that no one can be righteous unless unrighteous actions are judged: We are our brother’s keeper and we are called to hold him accountable and speak to him in love in order that he can see the error of his ways…. Oh happy, happy day when we all can do this, for truly THIS is what the world has been waiting for… even righteous people coming forth bearing myrrh proclaiming the glory of repentance.”

It was then that a voice, not of an angel, but “The Voice” of the Lion of the tribe of Judah roared with great pleasure and all of creation shook and shook and shook and shook. Can you see everything that has needed to be shaken shaking off you now? Behold: The leaves of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are being blown away by God’s whirlwind, and it is time for a new heaven and a new earth! You, who have labored long in deep travail with many tears and many sorrows, know it’s YOUR time now…

even your “Hey, hey, Hay-Day”!

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  1. Honestly, Friend – thank you for this – Big warm hugs 4 U.
    Many wonderful tears flowing, on and on. Praise YOU JESUS!


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