Blown Away

There are many things in life that blow us away, but for me there has been no greater blowhard than a Pharisee windbag huffing and puffing at me. I know! I know! They are blind and don’t know what they do, but even though Jesus forgave them and yes, I do too, He spoke some strong words against them. He called them snakes, vipers, hypocrites, blind guides, blind fools and told them that they were like whitewashed tombs. We’ve been told that for us to speak words like these is wrong, but let me ask you: Did Jesus do wrong? You know He didn’t and we’re called to be like Him having both the lamb AND lion natures balanced in us. I haven’t spoken any words like this to anyone yet, but there are a few fork-tongued people I know that I’d like to say them to, and I bet you know a couple, too. Perhaps in the not too distant future, we’ll be telling a snake or a blind fool what they are so that there’ll be light! “All things that are approved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever makes manifest is light.” Ephesians 5: 13

This writing however, is not about explosives blowing anyone’s brains out, but about wind making a difference… . even the breath of life in us bringing deliverance and impartations of divine substance in order to set people free. Last night in the middle of the night I heard the word “shadows,” and then I had a vision of myself stretching my arm out to grab hold of a shadow with my right hand. I formed my mouth into an “o” shape, and with a mighty breath, I blew the shadow out of sight.

Ah shadows! They’re the last to go when the sun (son) as the noon day comes forth in us shouting: “Not by might, not by power but by my Spirit!” How many, who are like the Pharisees, look at shadows and think that they’re the real thing. Shadows have the “form” of the “real,” but do not have the “essence”… While the Pharisees may know the Bible’s letter of the word from cover to cover, only the “aspirated ones,” those who breathe out life, will be those who give “living words” to a moaning and groaning creation.

The word “nuts” just this minute suddenly came to my mind with the thought of how we can have a truck load of nuts, but if we don’t crack them open and get the meat out, they’ll do us no good. Pharisees are like braggarts who think they’ve got the goods, but they only have shells. Some time ago I had a revelation about why people go nuts as I read “into” the story of the Gadarene possessed by demons. (Mark 5: 1-20) This bedeviled man who dwelled in tombs was bound in fetters and chains, crying night and day, like many in insane asylums are doing today. Tombs symbolically represent the dead letter of the word encasing those who have a carnal mind (Death.) I was shown that this man with the many demons called “Legion” became “nuts” because he took stones of condemnation (the dead letter of the Word) and cut himself with them. We all know what it is to have people forcefully and hatefully throw the word at us and cut us. We have done this to others and to ourselves as well, with the stones of the “law.” To the degree that we have been cut, that is the degree we are all a little “nuts” and bound.

And now I’m going somewhere with this word that I’m certain will draw some stones from any Pharisaical people who read my blog. God forbid that any of you are, but the likelihood that only “aspirated” sons of God read my God is slim. There are most likely one or two stone throwers among you, but one can hope.

But before I move on in my message, I want to say this: I do not write for people. Yes, I do want to bless and edify all those who read my blog, but I write to please God. I have been stoned…even crucified for writing thus post that I feel to share now: https://ridetheheavens.com/2021/06/30/naked-and-unashamed/ What is so amazing I just this moment heard a little ding sound from WordPress notifying me that I had a comment. Lo and behold, it was from a first time reader saying she liked my “Naked and Ashamed” post. I have been viciously attacked by some Pharisees in my life over this writing and Barbara’s comment was like the Lord’s stamp of approval on it saying: “Go girl!”! I want everyone to know that my deepest desire is that truth be found in my innermost parts, for I know without it I can’t be free and won’t be able to help others. I believe that transparency is the greatest gift I can give anyone and I think also, that it’s what God wants most out of us.

With that said, I will move right along now making myself a target for the sharp cutting tongues of prigs by writing about the symbolic meaning of “nuts.” God knows what a stir I caused when I used the word “penis,” and now “testicles”!! Well there’s a wealth of revelation in these words for us and I’m not holding back. While scrotum contains the sperm that is necessary for a child to be created, as we know, the penis is the instrument to carry the life flow into a woman’s vagina. Likewise, with the Word of God, there must be a life flow and a joining of the spirit which is male and soul which is female before the seed which is CHRIST can be fully matured. Every time we ascend into the heavenlies by the flow of the spirit… by worshipping in spirit and in truth, by the soul and spirit coming into union, the seed grows more and more until Christ is fully formed in us. Our Bible tells us that just as a husband is with a wife, so is the Lord with His church. Just as lovemaking must take place with a husband and his wife, so must lovemaking take place between us and the Lord, Who is the Living Spirit/Word… Revelations, love and LIFE come from this. I have said and will unequivocally say again: “There can be no life produced without it!” and those bigits, hypocrites, blind fools, and whitewashed tombs who think it’s wrong to convey the type and shadow meanings of words defining sex, are cracked nuts with no meat in them.

I think of David when he danced wearing only the ephod after the arc of God was brought home. His wife despised him because of it and he told her “I will become even more vile than thus,” and because of her haughty response to him, she remained childless until her death. 2 Samuel 6: 14

Well take a good look, you hypocrites: Just like David, I’m dancing now because the presence of the Lord has filled my life… because I’m a priest after the Melchizidek order. I will now become even more vile in the sight of my accusers and use another word besides “penis” over which they have assassinated me, my reputation and ministry. God is the WORD and words that have to with sex came from HIS mind. I have been called evil and a pervert because I have referred to the symbolic meaning of masturbation. May all of you know I have never literally masturbated, not even once in my lifetime, but I have done what it represents symbolically and so has EVERYONE! Out of God’s pure lips and a grieving heart He let me know how many of His people were masturbating and He wasn’t speaking of them doing it literally, although that’s true, too. He was talking about those who are His doing what THEY pleased to bring THEM pleasure, not what HE pleased. What an indictment!

You whitewashed, self appointed judges pointing your finger at God’s anointed doing YOUR pleasure, you will find yourself childless and hear Jesus saying: “Depart from me. I never KNEW you… I never was intimate with you because you weren’t REAL!”. You will have no fruit and no crown to lay at our Lord’s feet, but you who are like David, worshipping and dancing naked and unashamed in the spirit, YOU will be the ones clothed with His glory.

YOU will bear a manchild caught up to the throne and your child’s name will be called “ The Wonderful Christ in YOU,”…. even “THE GLORY”!

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