The Way To Unity

I was born in the “United Hospital” in Port Chester, New York and what a special place it has, not only in my heart, but in the scroll of my destiny. Everything in the natural is a type and shadow of something spiritual and my place of birth has a message, not only for me, but for you, too. Look at each word beginning with “united”: The first cry we make in the Spirit, like the bellowing wail of a new born baby, is to be “united” to God, to one another and for our spirit, soul and body to become one. Our calling, as well as our cry, is to have “newness of life” so that we can be “a shelter for the needy.” Oh the beauty of “hospitality,” which is part of the etymology of the word “hospital. Indeed, the ones born from above shall not only be hospitable, but be “Spirit Hospitals” with mighty healings and wondrous cures for the sick.

A “port” is a “gate, entrance, door, harbor” and figuratively “a place, position, or condition of refuge,” and the spiritual meaning of the name “Chester” is “valiant defender.” Truly, we are to take a stand against everything, every spirit and every tongue that rises up against truth. The name also means “fortress” and speaks of our being a “high tower.” In Micah 4; 8, it is written: “ And you, oh tower of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion: to you shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.”

The word “New”’s meaning is “made or established for the first time,” and coupled with “York” is a message that will bring a shout of victory. “York” has the etymology of a “Yew tree estate” which makes me think of our being trees planted by the Lord with each of us differing in the type of tree we are. A Yew tree is an evergreen tree that symbolizes both death and immortality and the etymology of estate is “rank, standing, and position.” Also, an estate is “property,” so from this, we can see that “York” represents a state of being and great acquirement. When Elaine Cook asked our Father what the most important thing He wanted His children to Know, His response to her was “the seed” and “the land,” http://www.kingdomgospel.net/publications/abraham.html The gospel preached according to Abraham (Galatians 3: 8) is about the land and the seed, not heaven and hell. Christians have been taught we’re going to receive our inheritance when we go to heaven, but that’s not true. We’re going to have it in here after Christ has been fully formed in us. In Psalm 2: 8 it is written that the heathen will be our inheritance and that the very ends of the earth will be our possession.

Truly, we are spiritual trees planted by the Lord in this earth and we are to realize that we are “the Christ seed” grown up to be trees of life. We’re not all in the same location, but all are planted by our God to manifest His glory. The countries, states and cities we were born in tell a unique story and how wonderful it is that the “Book of Life” has many living epistles in it with each one conveying a different aspect of the glory of Christ.

I want to bring in some interesting points now about the city of Port Chester which for a period of time was called “Sin City.” Yes, we have all been sin cities, but destined to be the Lord’s bride called the New Jerusalem, the city of peace and truth,… the city of holiness. Port Chester, besides being known as “Sin City” was acclaimed as being a “sweet” place because of the “Life Saver” factory in it and oh my! The scent of those candy “mints” permeated not only the city, but the aroma could be smelled distances away. Oh yes, WE are called to be life savers. It’s the FRAGRANCE of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ in united, loving, hospitable BEings that will draw the world to Christ. “New You” trees, whatever kind they may be, will stand strong on this day as a defense against evil and only a new “YOU” as the “Word Manifested” will gain the inheritance, even HIS glory!

Yes, YOU and ME- United beings fully grown up as ONE! What a word!

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