Stars Are Coming

As “Bewildered” looked up at the stars shining in the night, a vague remembrance came that she was once a daystar shining and singing a song at the time the heavens and the earth were formed. She cried and thought “How is it I’m in the wilderness now and have lost what I had long ago?”The angel who had always been by her side called ”Indoctrination Into Holiness,” breathed into her the “Spirit of Illumination,” who had the scroll of the Living One to unveil “The Revelation” to her, even “The Book of Revelation.” The time had come to not only know her destiny, but to become it, even a star that would shine as the brightness of the firmament.”

The “Spirit of Illumination” manifested himself immediately to her and “Bewildered” felt warmth penetrating into the innermost part of her being. The Spirit lit up her mind and spoke very plainly to her: “No one’s destiny to become the fullness of God expressed on earth can do so until truth completely fills the innermost part of them. You have been in the wilderness far too long because you listened to “Compromise,” the angel of light and were deceived by him, even as all men are who have idols in their hearts. Blinded by his light, you became a man pleaser letting men have your allegiance instead of God. ‘Don’t hurt any one!’ the deceiver told you, and you believed his lies that people’s feelings were more important than righteousness and truth being established in them. You forgot the words of your Lord who said: “I came not to bring peace, but a sword,”… even division and have not followed His ways because you have wanted the approval and acceptance of your family, friends and those in your society more than you wanted to please God. Fearing rejection, you watered down the truth and betrayed your conscience, ….until NOW!”

Immediately two angels called “Strength” and “Power” appeared and touched her on her shoulders imparting their essence into her. At that same moment, “Illumination” manifested himself to her as a fire and proclaimed: “Now is the time to shine as a star forever, for you have been empowered to not only know the truth, but to be it. Anyone who receives you shall also be prepared to shine in this final hour and all will have their names changed and be called “The Awakened Ones.” Now go and become one with “The Teacher” Who is “The Righteous Judge,” and every time He speaks, my fire will burn brighter in you.” “Illumination”’s warmth flooded her body, like honey running through her veins. “You have known that you were to come into the land of milk and honey, but you haven’t realized that peace, joy and righteousness are to be in the very life of your blood. Truly, the holy life that is to be in the blood of everyone who comes into perfection is “Righteousness.”

Hitherto, your mother has been a twisted vine in your blood and Babylon‘s poison has been in your bloodstream, as well. You compromised yourself to please both of them and put yourself under the law,… but NO MORE! Arise now and receive your new garments and your new name!”

Quickly, she rose up as a flaming fire with new strength and put on the garments of full salvation prepared for her before the foundation of the world. “Bewildered,” no longer bewildered, shook and shook and shook some more. Everything in her, not like her Lord, was feeling the effects of her “Hey-day,” and being cast out like leaves blown off their branches by a mighty windstorm. This awakened one was experiencing energy as she never had before because the slumbering spirit that had had possession of her since birth was no longer present in her… The shaking was much too much for it and all the other demonic spirits that had been in her.

Rejoicing over the victory, “Illumination” proclaimed: “Because all the spirits that took up residence in you have seen their final days, you now have the finger of God in operation in your life.” As he spoke these words, she beheld her own finger lengthen itself long enough to go into a body all the way into its innermost parts. Then she watched her finger retract itself to normal size.

“Your finger will be lengthened each time a man that is ready to be purified is led to you by the angels of “Salvation” and “Deliverance.” This is the work you and “The Elect” are called to do in this terrible day of darkness, for you are “burning ones” likened to the Seraphim. What you do shall be done in secret and no one will get the glory but your King.”

Immediately, her feet turned into gold with blazing fire all over then and then “Illumination” unrolled the scroll so that word on it could be sealed on her forehead. With a joyous sound vibrating inside the changed one, the spirit bringing even more enlightenment announced: “Your work and your calling is to purify the Lord’s bride for only the purified, sanctified ones can enter the bridal chamber…. Only the pure in heart will manifest in the heavens as a star and know that they know that they are stars that shall shine forever.

Now let “The Called,” even “The Awakened Ones,” be transfigured into light, for they shall be the stars in the heavens and saviors on Mount Zion who will be in heaven and on earth at the same time.

Behold: This is THEIR HOUR TO SHINE!

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