We Gotta’ Pay The Piper

Hey you! Have you broken your word like me and everyone else? I know you have because God’s Word says “all men are liars,” but I wonder if you know how much it has cost you.

God usually gives me a word when I wake up in the morning and today’s was “Pied Piper.” Yes, all the rats in our lives are going to be exterminated, but there’s something more to learn from the fairy tale than this: In it, a broken promise caused a whole town to lose all their children except three who were deaf, blind and lame. This is a picture of what happens to us when we break our word and show ourselves to be untrustworthy: All our children (the fruit of the spirit) are taken from us, except dis-abled ones which represent imperfect fruit. When a leader breaks his or her word, everyone is affected, just like what happened in the town of Hamelin where the Pied Piper wasn’t paid his due. It is the same as when Achan sinned and all the people of Israel suffered the consequences of one man’s crime.

We, who are Christians, have wondered at times why our prayers haven’t been answered and why we haven’t made a big impact on the world…. I can tell you one reason: Jesus is the TRUTH and we’re not following Him when we don’t do what we say we’re going to do. We are liars and are following the devil without realizing it. Do we really think our prayers get higher than the ceiling if we defraud people which is in essence what we do when we break our word?

This is not a light matter. When a sin is committed against someone, many don’t seem to realize it’s also against the Lord, and that what goes around comes around. When there’s no repentance and restitution, we’re in trouble.

Thankfully all things work for the good for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose. I had committed a sin long ago that I had completely forgotten until someone sinned against me in like manner. Yes, when I received Jesus as my savior, I was forgiven, but the law of sowing and reaping is a law that does not change. In the book “Forgive and Forget,” Louis Smedes states that “there is no real forgiveness until there is first relentless exposure and honest judgment.” It often takes reaping what we sowed in order to see what we’ve done and close the opening that allows Satan to touch us . I believe that until we come into full recognition of the hurtful and damaging effects of our specific sins on others, we are like the three children in the story of Pied Piper who were blind, lame and deaf. Repentance and deep cleansing must take place before we can be whole.

I think of the story of Jacob and Esau as a type and shadow which illustrates this point. Laban’s deception and wrong done to Jacob was what Jacob did to Esau magnified. Jacob suffered 21 long years under Laban’s hand. Whew! Most of you know, it’s been like that with us. “Why, why, why,” we cry “has it taken so long for us to get free?” It takes righteous judgment and truly, today is a day of great judgment (crisis), but hallelujah! Some of us are finally learning righteousness… and are even rejoicing

What always amazed me was when Jacob met Esau in the end, the face of God was seen in Esau, not the other way around. Ah, when we have been fully processed, we can look at our reconciled flesh and see God, too. Because of the revelation that our flesh is not who we are… that Christ in us is our true identity, shame and condemnation have to flee like the rats who followed the Pied Piper.

So hey you!: Do you know that God gets the glory when we own up to what we’ve done? Now doncha be offended because I’m referring to you as “hey you”! Hey is the Hebrew letter “h” which has the essence of God’s spirit in it and it’s what changed Abram into Abraham to become the father of faith. So hey! hey! hey! you who are coming into dominion:

It’s time to pay the piper and become divinely changed!

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