The Bondo Day

In the Spirit I can hear the sound of bongo drums and as I picture men and women dressed in red coming on the horizon, I see their golden sticks of authority drumming the message: “The repairers of the breach and the restorers of broken hearts will change the world!”

Recently the word “broken marriage” came while I was praying in tongues and as I write this post today, I realize how so many of our marriages (intimate and close unions with brothers, friends and spouses) have been wounded. I can think of no person I know who hasn’t had a broken heart, but Hallelujah, God is in the process of healing ALL our broken relationships. Psalm 147: 3 states that our Lord “heals the broken in heart and binds up their wounds” and we can depend upon it. I believe that breaches are the major cause of broken hearts, and the body of Christ is now being called to be repairers of them by allowing God’s spirit to work in and through them.

Isaiah 58: 12 tells us that those that be of God shall build the old waste places: Yay! We shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and we shall be called “the repairs of the breach, the restorers of paths to dwell in.” Two days ago I heard the word “Bondo Day” in my tongues and then afterwards, the words “keepers of the staff” came. I shared in a previous post that “Bondo” is the trademark of a company that repairs cars and that an automobile has the spiritual meaning of “LIFE: Person, and ministry. I see the word I’ve been given as meaning that we are now in a day in which lives and ministries will be restored and repaired, and that it’s going to be done by those who are “keepers of the staff.”

A staff is the mark of leadership and thank God, He has faithful keepers of His word who are true shepherds who will lead and take care of His sheep. Their staff has the power to heal and to mend broken relationships in them. Through many years of diligent training and overcoming hard tests they have become “meek” and can speak the truth in love. The word “meek” has the connotation of being “tamed”… being teachable and humble. Truly, it’s only the meek who shall inherit the earth.

Not many have overcome beast nature we’ve been born with. Truly, it’s not until our spirit rules over all the beasts in us that we can be considered to be “keepers of the staff.” Moses was considered to be the meekest of all men in His day, but look at how this humble man rose up as “a lion.” So shall it be with us. Only those with meekness will be the ones who will demonstrate the severity and mighty power of God just as Moses did with Pharoah. However, we can not proclaim “Let my people go!” with authority, until we have BOTH the lamb and lion natures balanced in us.

I am going to make some statements now that may shock some of you who believe we are going to be taken off the face of the earth before God’s wrath comes. Do you know the Greek word translated as God’s “wrath” is the same word used in Revelation 18:3 which states: “For all nations have drunk of the wine of the “wrath” of her fornication.” Harlot’s do not have wrath when they fornicate- They have “passion” which is the correct translation of the word “thymou.” (Strong’s #2372) This word “thymou” is also found in Revelation 14: 10: “And that same shall drink of the wine of the WRATH (passion) of God. Tell me: Whoever has heard of a whore having wrath when she fornicates? It’s because she DOESN’T!! She has passion.

Know that God’s great passion against sin is a passion that we need to rise up in us in order to demonstrate His authority in strong measure on this last day. We are called upon to let God execute righteous judgment THROUGH US just as He did through Moses when he confronted Pharaoh. The whole world is groaning and moaning, waiting for the sons of God (those who have the Spirit Man in them fully developed….those who can judge righteously.) Obadiah 1:21 states: “And judges shall come up on Mount Zion to judge the amount of Esau (flesh); and the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.” THIS is the day for His righteous judgment to manifest. Tell me: How can anyone’s life be repaired and restored without judgment piercing into the dark places of the heart?

The kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness can not be evidenced until these judges judge themselves FIRST…. Those who are keepers of the staff are the ones who are clean and because they have dealt with all the filthiness of flesh and spirit in their lives, the devil will not be able to touch them. How many of us understand that people will not learn righteousness until true judgment comes? These purified ones will be judging people to bring forth correction, NOT condemnation! Truly, when their judgments come, the people of God will rejoice!

The fully matured ones will be caught up in the Spirit, not raptured out to someplace beyond the earth as many have believed. They will be ruling from the high realm of the Spirit just as Jesus did while he was on earth. In John 3: 13: we read that our Lord spoke of Himself as “the son of man which IS IN HEAVEN while His feet were planted right there on the ground when He spoke those words. Yes, we shall be caught up (raptured) into a constant state of operating in the mind of Christ, not taken off the earth as many have erroneously been taught. It is recorded in John 17: 15 that Jesus said: “I pray not that you should take them OUT OF THE WORLD, but that you should keep them from the evil.” These words clearly refute the “rapture doctrine” as does Proverbs 10: 30 which states that “the righteous shall NEVER be removed; but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.” It is also plain in Matthew 13: 41-43 that it is the unrighteous who will be taken out, NOT God’s people who are going to shine forth as the sun HERE ON EARTH.

The drums are rolling right now: Ones in “redcoats” are coming on the scene, but unlike the defeated soldiers in the British army, they will have victory after victory as they set men’s hearts free. Can you see them dressed in understanding with their golden sticks of authority flashing in the sun/Son? Better yet: Are the bongo drums in YOUR mighty hands?

If so, it’s “Bondo Day” for YOU!

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