To You Who Bear The Name Briana

In the middle of the night I heard the words: “You sit as a queen “Breanna.” …. Only you shall sit on the throne with me.” Of course the first thing I did after I got out of bed this morning was check out the name “Brianna” in my name book. I discovered two spellings of it with different meanings and together I see them as being a solid witness having a double anointing. The first one to become our nature is “Breanna” which has an inherent meaning of “strong” with a spiritual connotation of “dependent.” Truly, those who are strong in the spirit, dependent on the Lord for everything in their lives will be the ones who are “honorable” and “virtuous,” the character meaning of the name spelled “Briana.”

After learning what these names mean, I found myself singing in tongues with English words in the midst of them: The Lord prophesied: “My bride is coming TO ME” and then shortly after that, the word “Enoch is coming!” I immediately pictured His bride walking down the aisle and what came to mind was that she, like Enoch, had the testimony that she pleased God. Indeed, all who are honorable and virtuous are the ones who please Him.

Then, not by chance, I found a writing of mine from years ago that was buried in a stack of papers. In it were the following vision/revelations: I saw giant, ripened fruit (an assortment of different kinds of luscious looking fruit) exploding open. Out of the fruit came individual brides who ascended to become part of the Bride…. One went into her arm, another into her side, chest, leg, etc. and she was saying: “I am my beloved’s and he is mine.”

The next vision was of wheat that God’s hand took and placed in a barn. He said: “Now they will be safe!”

In another vision the bride’s veil was being lifted off and it was on fire. This speaks to me that there is still a final purifying work to be done before we can see clearly… before the scripture in 1 John 3:2 is fulfilled: “We know that when HE shall appear, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.”

Then I heard the words: “The toast comes before the consummation” and looked up the word “toast” online. The etymology states its “from the use of toasted “spiced” bread to give flavor to the wine, and the notion that the person, etc. honored also added flavor.”

I found it interesting that Satan has a hard rock metal group of four devilish looking women called “Black Brides,” who have an album with the name “Veils on Fire.” When the devil counterfeits something, it’s a sign of its importance or he wouldn’t do it. 

These visions and words were written in 2013 so it’s been seven years now since they were given which is the number of perfection. The Lord saying “My bride is coming to me” on THIS day is His letting us know that the revelations I had seven years ago are ready to become manifestations. Oh hallelujah!

Yesterday many English words were given in the midst of my praying in tongues that go along with what was spoken today: “Shiloh-bride,” “Shekinah-bride,” “Freedom… freedom is here!”….”Bondo-daystar,” “Shiloh vessel,” “stored up keys of revelation,” and “Marita-trees” “Marita”’s name meanings are “lady” and “righteous.” “Bondo” is a trademark for a variety of materials used fo repair automobile bodies and a car represents “life,”…also “ministry.”

Oh happy day! I believe that we are about ready to fulfil the prophecies in Isaiah 61 as “Marita-trees,” the trees of righteousness and “Bondo-brides” who repair the breach and restore the right way in lives and ministries. Can you now picture that glorious one named Briana who our God has been long waiting for,… even YOU?

Oh yes: Here she comes!!

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