A Two-Lipped Word

The unhappy princess adamantly expressed her feelings to the clerk who was an angel in disguise: “It’s not the mantle I want!” she wailed with great disappointment shown in the deep frown on her face. Being one who always had been content with whatever she had, the response was so unlike her, but understandable because all of her sisters had been given beautiful, ornate garments by her father. The drab brown colored cape made of rough material seemed like an insult to her.

The Most High God had instructed his daughter to go to the Bridal shop in town accompanied by her tutor to get the mantle he had ordered for her. Every bride in His kingdom was to have a special-made mantle designed just for her by the mind of Christ and hers was ready now. The king knew it would not bring pleasure to his daughter, but he had great trust in “Trusting”’s integrity and that she would be trusting and would remember that all things work for the good for faithful, loving ones. She truly was such a one.

Before the princess could be given in marriage, “Trusting” would have to pass a final test: Would she make her decisions by using her reasoning mind or would she choose the wisdom of the spirit to guide her? This was the test for every bride who was to have her home in the “Land of the Living.”

The princess had been taught how deceiving appearances could be, but she had forgotten it as she stared at the mantle her father had picked for her…. It can’t possibly be that my father has chosen this ugly one for me. There must be a mistake!” she thought to herself. The clerk spoke up quickly. “Pay attention to the voice within that knows the truth, little one, and remember the name you bear… Most of all, never forget that things are not as they seem!”

Not realizing that he was an angel, she marvelled at him. “How can you know what I’m thinking?” the startled princess asked.

“My name is “Intuition” and it is my nature to know people’s thoughts. The counselor that your father has assigned to go with you to the town called “Dirty Feet” where you shall be tested, has the same ability. “Trusting” knew it was true because her new counselor, “Earnest Spirit,” had recently demonstrated the needed and desirable quality.

“Come, try on the mantle,” he urged. “It brings with it the highest honor attainable!” 

“And what is that?” she questioned in a respectful way, remembering her manners. 

“It is your Father’s pleasure!” the angel answered, smiling with a twinkle in his eye. “When you bring pleasure to Him by doing all He asks, He Himself, shall honor you with life and it more abundantly.”

“Trusting” shook her head, not knowing how a mantle could be used to do that, but in obedience, she wrapped it around her shoulders and was amazed at the comforting feeling she felt in that moment. Although the material was rough, a warmth flooded into her with a life of its own. She had never experienced such a feeling before. It was as though she and the mantle were one and indeed it was so. She was born to wear it.

The “Voice” then reminded her of the teaching she heard in “The Elementary School of Principles” in which two were asked to do the will of their Lord. One said “Yes,” and the other didn’t. The now joyously exuberant “Voice” informed her: “You are like the one who changed his mind in the end and because you made the right choice, you’ve opened yourself to “Wonder”’s power.

“Trusting” willingly listened to the truth the “Voice” brought forth and consequently, a warm feeling quickened inside her. Because she received His reminder gratefully, more light came into her heart and soon the daystar would arise in her. The little princess was very aware of her glorious destiny as a light bearer to all the world, and fulfilling it was her greatest desire.

First, however, she had to complete her assignment in the town called “Dirty Feet,” which would not be easy for her as she had never been with downtrodden people before. However, she had faith and knew that was all she needed along with love. Seeing that she had what was required to accomplish her task, the angel joyfully announced: “Now that you have chosen the mantle as your own, the silver slippers shall be yours!” What great pleasure he had in decreeing his message and in imparting his essence into her.

“Oh my! Who are you?” “Trusting” exclaimed, knowing the clerk was not who he seemed to be because “intuition” had now become a settled power within her. She trembled as he instantly manifested himself in his true identity of an eight foot angel so glorious she had to shield her eyes from the bright light coming out of him. Lo and behold: The slippers that were under his wings suddenly appeared in her hands.

Speaking with excitement in his voice, he urged her to put them on and to notice the delicate pink tulips on the slippers. “They carry a hidden message in them that will be made known to the chosen ones after their feet are washed clean.” Then “Intuition” whispered a secret to her: “There are many angels like me that God has commissioned to manifest in various forms, and whoever receives us will have our essence imparted to them. Know that we come into the lives of the ones who are called to become like the Son of God, led by “Grace.”

As he spoke these words, the mantle “Trusting” was wearing turned into rainbow colored lights having great heat raying out from them going into her body. She was electrified and almost in a swoon because her cells were experiencing a new life in them. The angel shouted high praises upon seeing their effect and then did obeisance to the princess saying. “Hear, oh daughter of the Most High: God has given you a witness of the authority you have. It will be activated every time you speak the truth and it is received. You are to go now to the downtrodden ones in the city and when you are received and the mantle manifests its glory, show them your feet shod with the silver slippers. Tell them that when their feet are washed and clean, they will know the hidden message and they too, will have holy slippers like yours.”

The joy the little princess had was almost too much for her. Realizing that the ugly brown mantle was so beautiful and powerful and that she was given the privilege of wearing it, overwhelmed her with joy. The angel then blew his breath of blessing upon her, even dew upon her head and knowing his mission had been accomplished, he disappeared out of sight.

Now with her having been fully prepared, the time had come to pass her test, and so with confidence she entered the city with “Earnest Spirit” by her side. However, neither of them expected to smell the awful stench of dirty feet that had not been washed in months. It nauseated them as they went through the gates, but they quickly gained their composure back. No welcoming greeters were waiting there for newcomers…. Only a few growling dogs noticed them as all the inhabitants of the city kept themselves behind closed doors. Their social life consisted of using their phones to continually talk behind each others’ backs and they spent their time glued to their TVs and computers.

When two of them came out to put their trash on the street, “Trusting” overheard their disapproval of her as she passed by them. “Poor white trash!” one of them remarked hatefully with the other judgmental one chiming in: “That’s all we get coming here!” How disheartened their unkindness made her feel, but fortunately, “Trusting” knew not to let discouragement find a place in her heart. Peace belonged to her for she had learned that all things were possible through Christ who was in her.

Because of “Trusting”’s faith in God knowing that her fervent prayers were heard by Him, “Wisdom,” another angel, was sent to her. Disguised in the form of a ragged looking child, he befriended a young girl who lived on the outskirts of the city and brought her with him to meet “Trusting.” True to her name “Receiver,” she immediately received “Trusting” and “Earnest Spirit,” for the beautiful fragrance of goodwill and peace they exuded was like a magnet. She had never smelled anything so lovely before, not even her mother’s aroma of “Kindness.” The stench of the stinky feet she’d been accustomed to smelling, made the odor of goodwill and peace all the more outstanding and wonderful. “Trusting”’s perfume of love enveloped the little one making it possible for her to hear the good news the princess had with much happiness.

Man’s religion being the only teaching preached in the city caused her, along with all the citizens of the town, to walk in form unable to take strides in righteousness. Love no longer had a place in people’s hearts after “Truth,” their governor, lost his good name when he divorced his wife “Golden Rule” and married “Slander.” His stepchildren “Gossip”, “Division” and “Evil Speaking” ruled not only his home, but the whole city and lawlessness abounded everywhere. Alas, “Golden Rule” and “Receiver,” his daughter born of her, were forced to live outside the camp by themselves.

Finally “Goodness” was at the door and how this would change everything! The word of life spoken by “Trusting” had penetrated deep into the child’s heart and when it did, the mantle lit up in its glorious colors becoming a swirling wind. The holy wind had a power in it to carry her up into heaven where the Lord Jesus was waiting to put a gold crown upon her head which bore the name “New Life” on it. After giving His blessing to her, he spoke the words that only those who loved Him could hear: “You are MINE, bought with my blood! Go and tell all the world that I’m alive and that whoever receives me as you have, will be made new.”

All the angels cheered and gave God glory when they heard His words. One called “Innocence” came from their midst to carry her back to earth imparting her essence when she did. 

When “Trusting saw the little one filled with glory, she lifted her robe of righteousness to reveal the silver slippers to her and when she did, an announcement was trumpeted to all the citizens of the city who came out of their homes to hear it:

“Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!” The tulips proclaimed: “Listen to and honor the ones who have beautiful feet and let them wash yours. When you speak the truth in love to one another…. when two lips shall become one, you shall no longer be the town of “Dirty Feet.”

You, who read this story: Are you listening to the two lips- those of the Lord and His body as one? Have you, like “Trusting,” passed your test and are your feet washed, smelling with the fragrance of Christ? If so, Beloved: Welcome to the “Land of the Living” and the city now called “Blessed Feet!” Those feet of yours shall cause all your enemies to become your footstool.


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