Triggers: Do We Recognize Them?

What triggers you? In all likelihood a lot of things, many of which you don’t recognize because of hurts and other negative emotions that have been buried. In the day we’re living in, offenses are rampant with people carrying invisible loaded guns ready to fire at the drop of a “word.”

“Trigger” popped into my mind this morning, and the first thing I thought of was Roy Rogers’ horse with that name. The next thought that came was of how enthralled I was with that famous star when I was a five year old girl. Yep, Roy Rogers was my first heart throb and I told my mother that he was “my boyfriend,” trusting that she would keep my big secret and tell no one. How wounded my little heart felt when I learned my mom revealed it with anger and shame  finding a place in me that I didn’t realize gained entrance until now. 

How many things are big stuff to people that are insignificant to others? If we aren’t aware of what’s behind our reactions, offenses can become like bullets fired one after another shooting down others as well as ourselves. How are we going to deal with what we don’t know is there? Fortunately there’s One in us Who has a trigger finger that points to the bottom of things… even the memories from long ago that have had an adverse effect on us. I believe that today is “Evacuation Day” for all the stored up negative emotions that are in our cells. 

Until I started writing this post I had forgotten that memory and the feelings I had about my mother letting the cat out of the bag,… even the trigger out of her mouth. As those of you who read my blog know, I believe names carry great treasures for us, so here are some nuggets of truth relayed from the names of the horse (power) and the star (light) that are to be established in us:

The inherent meaning of Roy is “King” and its spiritual connotation is “Seeker of Wisdom.” The meanings of the name Rogers are “Famous Warrior” and “Counselor.” How we need to be warriors bringing down the kingdom of darkness through wisdom, counsel and the rulership of the King in us. The establishment of these characteristics is a sign we’ve returned to our first love. How everyone of us need to seek wisdom and get counsel. We are in a battle to keep our love burning hot and we must have horse power in the heavens of our mind to trigger the thoughts necessary to win the victory.

I didn’t know until writing this post that “Trigger”’s original name was “Golden Cloud.” What could there be better than the cloud of the Lord’s presence to raise us up and to lead us? Truly God’s anointing comes with His mighty trigger finger! When Jesus was transfigured, He was seen in a cloud with Moses and Elijah and shortly, we also are going to be seen in a cloud with Jesus Himself. Transfiguration comes on the heels of “Evacuation Day,” and right now, the Lord Jesus in me and in others is giving the order “Go!” to every negative thought and emotion! Hallelujah! Soon fig leaves (self-effort’s covering) will be no more, and we’ll be tranFIGured because the trigger finger of God is getting us in touch with what’s been buried. It’s true that some of those triggers are ones that our flesh would rather not have, but our souls say “Yippee! We count it all joy!”

The Word of God says “Judge not lest you be judged and with the same measure you judge, you shall be judged.” It doesn’t make any difference whether we’re five or seventy years old, we are going to relive the judgments we’ve made over again UNTIL understanding and repentance come… until we’re cleansed and delivered. When I was that five year old girl judging my mother, my understanding was limited. I retained anger against her and the emotion of shame because the ways of Jesus weren’t known to me then. Christians may know Jesus as their savior, but few know His ways but, NOW is the time to know them..

Recently someone told some private things about me and when it got back to me experienced the same emotions I did as a child. As you now know, it was a disguised blessing as God used it not only for me to get in touch with this forgotten memory, to experience more deliverance and be empowered to share what I’ve learned for the body of Christ’s sake.

Truly, we have had a lot of negativity because we have been little children without revelation of our triggers. The Bible in Matthew 18 is very clear about what to do when we’re wronged and we’re to be reconciled after we follow the directions in Matthew 18. It is so serious of a matter that the Word of God states that we’re to leave our gift on the altar until we do this. That these instructions aren’t being obeyed is why so many prayers aren’t answered. How many are still in beds of affliction because offenses haven been dealt with in the way God has prescribed? This is more than serious, my brethren. I have heard the word “time bomb” come while praying in tongues and have had visions of “time bombs” strapped onto people’s bodies in connection with this. If we say we love our brothers and sisters and retain negative time bombs in us, we deceive ourselves and sure death will come as a result.

My mother was not a Christian, so although she apologized for telling my secret, it wasn’t enough to free me from the emotions that had taken residence in me. Little children and those of us who are God’s children are not condemned. No one can address what they don’t know, but now Trigger has come on the scene. There will be no more dealing with issues on the surface. There will be no more saying “Will you forgive me” and “I forgive you” because we think we’re SUPPOSED to do it. Oh no! Our hearts must be in everything we do… They must be full of wisdom, understanding, tender mercy and compassion and our minds must have the mentality of a warrior to take a stand against sin. God is a just God and His horse “Trigger” is galloping on the scene… even now in the day called “Evacuation Day.” This is one time that it’s right for us to get on a high horse.. . even riding on the one called “Golden Cloud” to take us to forgiveness and healing’s height….


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