Are You Ready For The Kit And Caboodle?

I heard “Daystar Day” and then “Get ready!… Get ready to sing a new song!” Immediately I thought about how the daystars sang when God created heaven and earth, so of course, they will sing a new song upon the new heaven and the new earth coming forth. What is that new song that the bright shining ones will sing?

It certainly won’t be “Abba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba said the monkey to the chimp,” as some who believe we came from monkeys might conjecture. If there was a song close to what we’ll be singing, I believe it would be “Because of You”:

“Because of you there’s a song in my heart. Because of you my romance had its start. Because of you the sun will shine. The moon and stars will say you’re mine, forever and never to part. I only live for your love and your kiss. It’s paradise to be near you like this. Because of you my life is now worthwhile and I can smile, because of you.”

I just want all of you to know that I didn’t have to think about what song it could be like: “Because of You” just popped into my mind and I remembered all the words… Now that’s something for me, an old girl who’s getting younger every day!

So tell me: What is this life all about? The answer, another popcorn-word, just came and it’s “Union”! No one can have “peace, joy, and righteousness” without union- … The promised land, the kingdom of God, the blessing and marriage all have to do with union. How fervently the Lord prayed that we would be one, united with Him and with each other.

This morning I got a view that for me was/is the diamond truth God’s putting on my finger… a finger that’s set to cast out demons from hell and free captives. The other day I was praying and ascending into a new realm with my 95 year old friend, an even older girl getting younger every day, too. She is like a “spring phoenix bird”, not a chicken, that’s getting ready to astound the world. As we worshipped in the heavenlies, the English word “loins” came into my tongues which has the definition as “the reproductive organs” with its etymology meaning “the seat of sexual faculty and strength.” That my friend who is springing forth in newness of life has the name “Yoni” (the sacred place) speaks oodles. In writing this I felt strongly impressed that “oodles” was specifically chosen by the Spirit of God and that I was not to change it as I was tempted to do. When I looked up the etymology of the word, it led me to “kit and caboodle” which means “everything available… the whole shebang!!” Notice “the breakdown of the word “shebang” into “she” and “bang.”

Just as Levi was in the loins of Abraham before he was born and came into outward manifestation, the “SHE” of God was. We know the people of this world who believe the earth came about with a big bang are wrong in their thinking about the earth’s beginning, but I believe that there’s truth in the new earth and heaven coming in with a bang. I did not know until this very moment when I looked up the etymology of “bang” that its slang meaning is “have sexual intercourse with.” Oh my brethren, these words that came spontaneously in this writing are telling us that the climaxing consummation of the Lamb with His bride is at hand!

I have been persecuted more than I ever have been in all my Christian walk for the revelations I’ve had concerning the type and shadows that the husband and wife coming together symbolize. You who have pure minds and hearts rejoice with me in knowing you and I (SHE) are fixing to experience the most glorious, wonderful, perfect happening in our lives! When the Bible says “Be ye perfect!” it is a command to come into perfection and the only way to do it is through “intercourse” with our bridegroom. Natural sexual intercourse and spiritual intercourse of worshipping in spirit and in truth both are the means of “union.”

Let’s look at a little bit more at what is coming with “the kit and caboodle”….“NEW LIFE” because spiritual loins are going to reproduce the Lord’s likeness in all the earth. Hallelujah! When Yoni and I ascended into the heavens together, I asked the Lord to take us to His “Treasure Room” and He did. There He gave me a large diamond and told me to eat it … and to chew it. I saw it go down in me and I actually became it.

Yes, “truth,” which the diamond represents, is to be eaten (taken in,) chewed (meditated on) and assimilated. Just as Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life.” so shall we be the same as He is. I wrote some time ago that the Lord told me that the “Diamond Church” was not yet present then, but would be on the next page. Truly, the church is a book like no other made of diamond epistles magnifying the Word of God. The “Daystar Day,” not night, is beginning to appear now and His long awaited glorious Bride is fixing to hear people say: “I can read you” and

“Isn’t she beautiful?”

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