The “H” In Us

The first thing I heard this morning upon arising from my bed, was “Run! Run to the hills!” and I asked: “What hills, Lord?” Immediately a picture of the word “hills” in two parts: the “h” and “ills” came to my mind. When we have any ills in our lives, my brethren… ill feelings…ill thoughts, or illnesses attacking our bodies, then we must put the “h” (His Spirit) in front of them. This is what I discovered concerning the definition of the letter “h” in Hebrew: “Hay” is the closest you can come to the Holy One, Blessed be He. G~d says to each of us: “I will be what I will be.” Hay! Hey! … “The sound of breathing out.”

I remember a dream in which I was crying and being carried by a white woman across her shoulder to Jacob’s well. Hagar was walking with us. At the time I had the dream I had been searching for a church to join and nowhere could I find one in which I had peace and the knowing that it was our Father’s will for me. This is what the Holy Spirit revealed to me about the dream and the Word of God: We know through scripture that Hagar was the one chosen by man (Abraham), not God, in an attempt to bring forth the promised seed and represents OLD Jerusalem, not New Jerusalem. When the woman who had five husbands and a sixth who was not her husband asked Jesus where she should go to worship, He didn’t tell her to go anywhere,…. He did not say “Go to Jerusalem,” but instead He said: “The hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers so I worship the father in spirit (“h”) and in truth.” (John 4: 23)

Hear it: Our old way of assembling (the five fold ministry we’ve been married to) and the sixth husband who has not been a husband representing whoever or whatever we’re looking to feed us have come to an end. We are called to go on into perfection and must leave the old behind in order to do it for the Melchizedek Priesthood having the sevenfold spirit is at hand now! Hay! Hey!

After I had this dream the Spirit of the Lord told me: “You’re to be like the wind now and go wherever I want you to go.” A type and shadow is the Israelites being led by the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. They were not stationary, were they? Like them, we are being led by God and it is by His Spirit (the wind, even the “h”) moving through and in us that His work can be done.

We are going to be in places we’ve never been before gaining new territories and experiencing new heights because we’ve come out of Babylon. We can hear the voice of the bridegroom whereas before we had religion, even a mixture of form (the letter of the word) and some of the spirit, but no meat or rich substance of His true essence. Oh precious brethren, our organizations are steeped in tradition making the word of God to no effect. Some of you say: “I’m in a church!” “I’m with a group that has the gifts of the Spirit”… “We have what it takes!” Can you hear Jesus telling the ones who had such gifts: “Depart from me: I never knew you!” This tells us that we can have ALL the gifts and still not not know Him.

It’s important that we realize the difference between created, generated and “aspirated” sons. Aspirate from the Latin and French means to “breathe,” so get ready, get ready, get ready to breathe the Spirit on everyone! I had never heard of the “aspirated ones” until I read Norene Nicholls series on the Melchizedek Priesthood. In part 15 she writes that Melchizedek priesthood is neither created nor generated, but rather “aspirated.”http://sigler.org/NoreneNicholls/Melchisedec_15.pdf These kings and priests do not have the Old Jerusalem or the New Jerusalem as their mother… They are motherLESS because they are “ALPHA-mothered” which means they once had a mother, but the One Who is the Alpha negated motherhood AND fatherhood with the genes that came with them. This new species with the genes from the blood of Jesus are the “h” ones, who like God say: “Not by might, not by might, but by my SPIRIT” Hey! Hey! Hay!

I shall never forget a time I was speaking and praying with someone when the Spirit of God suddenly told me to blow my breath into the phone. The brother did not know I was given this instruction, but when I did, he stopped praying and shouted: “WHAT did you do?” Oh, there’s such power when we’re in “The Secret Place” worshipping Him! We have the “h”!!

So let us run to the hills now and from the “Secret Place” aspire to do the works of the Lord and let the “h” breathe on everything to bring forth life. And when you and I do this, we’re going to hear lots of people saying like that brother did:

“What the “h” is that”??

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  1. Oh I loved this post! My spirit man leaped while I was reading it. Thank you for posting such encouraging and inspiring Word from the Lord!


  2. Thank you so much for blessing me by your comment Ginger. It means a lot to know that the word God gives me ministers to people. Hay! Hey!
    I love you sister.


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