Perfect Seeing

I heard the word “startled” the first thing when I woke up this morning and then the Spirit of God told me: “You’re going forward!” Now as I write this post, I hear “Gratitude is here!” and with it, the thought comes to mind: “No one can go forward without gratitude for both the good and the bad,… that if it wasn’t for the bad, we wouldn’t change, and oh how we need to change. “My ways are not your ways,” saith the Lord. (Isaiah 55: 8)

What are you going through right now? Are you tempted to be discouraged, fearful, angry, or bitter? Life comes with some hard blows,… and yes, it even knocks us off our feet sometimes, but it’s good to find “self-rule” down, so the Spirit can rise up in us and take His rightful place.

The word “startled” has two words in it that connect to the thought of going forward: “start” and “star.” I see this as pointing to the daystar starting to rise up in us. God is the One Who in His timing, not ours, is doing this beginning work. Just as we feel we’re going backwards, His “Let there be light!” command comes and then when we see what He wants and where we’re going, we can go forward.

Before I share the short allegory I was given today, I want to prepare you with this thought: Satan always has a counterfeit that can cause us to not hear the truth. We miss God when we make assumptions, especially concerning words like “mystic,” “mystical” and “new age.” The devil has used these words in promoting his kingdom of darkness, but I ask you: Are not the mysteries of God “mystical” and those who have revelations of mysteries “mystics”? Is there not a “new age” coming? Yet when these words are used, there are some who turn a deaf ear because of immediately concluding they are of the devil. I have to admit that the term “the all-seeing eye” was one I stumbled over because it’s connected to the Illuminati, but doesn’t our Lord tell us to be “single-eyd”? Doesn’t He want us to get the full picture of what we see, hence having an all-seeing eye? He’s a God Who sees all, eh? It is my hope that when you read this short allegory that you will see the all-seeing eye through this perspective:

The Startling One

“She’s here! She’s here!” “The Voice” shouted and all eyes were looking expectantly. Heaven’s hosts were cheering as the long-awaited one appeared from behind the veil… and then there was a gasp! She was not what the lawless and high-minded ones were desiring to see. The disappointment was apparent on each of the faces of the men and women of the world who had been told of her coming.

“She’s plain and insignificant,” they said to one another, but they did not see the tiny diamond star in her that had the all-seeing eye within. They couldn’t, because only those with eyes to see knew the treasure she contained and the great power and authority that were hers. All of Heaven marveled at her and stood at her command.

Yes, it’s true that the star was little, but it and the drop of the Lamb’s blood in her right hand were all that was needed. Oh what might she had through them. Can you who have eyes to see, see her clearly? “Humility” and “Self-Control” are in her joined together carrying the fullness of Christ. Oh glory to God! Her name is “Temperance” and she’s the “Christ Seed,”… even His “Shekinah Glory.”

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