A Bailout To The Rescue

I need a bailout! How about you? It’s true that sometimes we don’t know what a mess we’re in until we’re smack dab in the middle of it. It’s then we get a wake up call from the Holy Ghost, like I did yesterday. I had not even opened my eyes when my spirit heard the words “Bail out! Bail out!” Yep, I was in trouble like one in an airplane that has its engines on fire. My internal engine was sputtering, shaking and about ready to burst into flames because my mind was not on what it was supposed to be focused on. The mountain called “Offense” was in my life and I was headed straight toward it. There’s no doubt in my mind that a crash was inevitable, but for God! How I thank Him that there there was a parachute on my plane called ”Forgiveness” that came with explicit instructions: “Put on securely, fasten tightly to the breast of righteousness, glory in the cross, and LET GO!”.

I don’t know about you, but this wasn’t the first time in my life that I’ve had to bail out, but I do believe that what we’re looking at now is the final test for many of us. Offense must be overcome, once and for all! Yesterday I heard the Spirit of God say: “It’s a “Marissa Day,”… the day in which overcomers rise up and conquer the biggest giant they have to face so a “cheerful heart” can be theirs. The inherent meaning of the name “Marissa” is “bitterness,” but take a look at the spiritual meaning: “Eternal steadfastness.” Think of it: That’s the new name you and I will have when the giant “Bitterness” is slain.

Just like little hints are meticulously placed on the trail of a treasure hunt, the Holy Ghost has directions pinned on the trees of “God’s Knowledge” for us to discover on our journey into “Wholeness” to then experience the “Redemption of the Body.” But let it be known right here and now, slaying the giant is no easy feat.

So come on soldiers of the cross, let’s lift up the shield of faith and move forward toward our great destiny- … even terra firma and heavenly places and then a new heaven and a new earth. Next strategically placed on the trees of “God’s knowledge,” the Holy Ghost’s thought provoking words were: “Stew-Bride” and “Mordecai is here.”

So what’s a “stew-bride,” huh?Certainly not one who’s eating bitter pills and stewing over her bellyaches, but rather one who’s got a tasty nutritious stew cooking in the oven of her mind. She’s mixing the best of God’s words and letting them simmer at just the right temperance and when her food is ready, the world will be eating out of her hand.

How amazing the One Who orchestrates our treasure hunts is! In my opinion, there are no greater treasure discoveries than wisdom and understanding. “Destiny” is calling us loud and clear on this “Marissa-Day” in which “eternal steadfastness” is our prize: “One step at a time,” she bellows, “and all shall go well if you follow the “Shepherd.”

I want to bring your attention now to “Mordecai” and to God saying: “He’s here!” The story of Esther and Mordecai is a type and shadow for us who live in these perilous times. Just as the devil had a plan to exterminate them and all the Jews, he has one for us. Esther’s name means “a star” and lo and behold, Mordecai’s is “of bitter oppression.” Oh yes, bitter oppression is here for each one of us who are God’s daystars in the making, but also strength and support for us as was given through Mordecai to Esther.

Truly, we’ve been oppressed and tempted to give place to bitterness in our minds and hearts. We’ve all had cruel wounds and devastating circumstances in our lives, and have at times been seemingly defeated by the enemy. Indeed, all forerunners have a personal Haman or Judas to tempt them to become bitter, but hallelujah! We are victorious in Christ Jesus! Now I’m bailing out of “stinkin’ thinkin,” realizing that God is using evil for my good as the final death blow to my flesh. God has supplied me with Holy Ghost power and love and I got “Spirit” in my parachute! If you look up you can see me coming in the wind carried by these words given to me by our Beloved: “A bride is coming!”

Are you among those who have let go of the cares of this world and are you hearing the same words He gave to me? If so, then you know who that bride is…. even a “victorious bride.”

She’s YOU!”

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