Who Will Be Ruling?

The word “censored” was not only written on her forehead, it was branded in her innermost being. Eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil cost “Soul” much more than she had bargained for. Poor soul, she didn’t know better ever since “Reason” ruled her. He seemed so reasonable, so she didn’t realize she had been seduced.

“Spirit” tried to warn her, but she had turned a deaf ear to His words long ago when she took up residence in the apartment complex called “Religious Enterprise.” Before she lived there, she had an abode in a sweet little home in the valley called “Contentment” which was located in the town of “Inner Truth.” How glorious the mountain of “Glad Tidings” was on one side and equally wonderful was the mountain “Peace” on the other side. Every day the bluebirds of happiness sang their “Goodwill” songs over her as she looked to the mountains from whence her help came. What joy was hers in those days before the deceiving one came into her life. He knocked on her door on a day she was caught off guard having left her solitary place of dwelling with her “Beloved.”

The “Deceiver” had an opening to come into “Soul”’s life because she wanted more company than only her “True One.” Just like her Lord Who was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, she was led by the Spirit to join those who were called “The Tribe.” She reasoned that they were of the tribe she was from, “The Tribe of Judah” because “Spirit” led her to join it, but they weren’t. She didn’t know that the reason she was led to be with them was for the purpose of passing “The Test” and to learn something she hadn’t known before.

“Soul” joined “The Tribe” readily with much anticipation and excitement in her heart. After all, didn’t the Spirit lead her there? So of course, it had to be good and yes, all things work for the good for those who love the Lord and for those who are the called according to His purpose…. But unfortunately, but God-fortunately, not like WE think!

I am getting ahead of myself in telling you “Soul”’s journey and my journey …. and by the way,- YOURS, too! So back to the day “Soul” met “Vashti”- She was so beautiful and she sat as a queen. “Soul” was quite taken with her and it was through association with Queen Vashti” that the deceiver, “Lover of Religious Works” came knocking at “Soul”’s door. Because he was a friend of the queen, “Soul” readily received him when he introduced himself by one of his other pseudo-names “Dear One,” and oh my, what a lover he was, saying all the right words, doing all the things a religious man does…. fasting often, praying much and quoting the words of the Bible all the time. He made sure “Soul” knew how much money he gave to the church and to the poor. Oh yes, he was impressive, alright, “You’re soooo beautiful!” he told her. “There’s none like you!” and his words found a welcome place in her heart. She believed them for they were true words spoken due to “Lover of Religious Works” being a mixture of spirit and religious flesh. It was God’s Spirit Who spoke out of him when he said how beautiful she was and how he loved her.

“Spirit” wanted her to know that “all are loved in the kingdom and that all are beautiful and unique.” She didn’t realize this in the depth of her being until the time came when “Dear One,” for a short season, became that to her. She loved the feelings she had being near him and wanted to be with him day and night. For a while, the apartment called “False Wonder” seemed like just the ideal place.

”Soul” had forgotten the Word in “The Book Within” that “If it were possible, even the elect would be deceived.” Thankfully, because God’s grace and love was with and in her, she would eventually come to know how close she came to being completely blinded.

Her false lover knew deception well, but was blind to his own “self-deception” that pervaded all he did. He knew how to twist words and gaslight others and after the phase of falling in love ended and “Soul” had lost her appeal to him, he artfully used manipulation and gas-lighting expertise on her. What great trouble he brought with him for alas! “Soul” had given all her heart to him, unprepared for his love to wane.

It was when her heart was fully broken that “Unforgiveness” and her sister “Bitterness” came knocking at the door. She only let “Unforgiveness” in at first, but the door was left wide open for “Bitterness” to come later…. How could she know that all this came about because she wouldn’t listen to “Spirit” when He told her to “separate” from her false lover early in their relationship? She was too enamored by him to listen and obey the voice of “Truth.”

And so it came to pass because of her disobedience, great heartbreak and a feeling of being lost was in store for her as it is for everyone who fails to listen to the voice of truth. Ah, but there is good that comes when the heart is ready to see with the eyes of God. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from EVERY union,… even the union that took place with Queen Vashti.

This Queen rules in the land today in many of the elect’s lives, even those who are called as Queen Esther was to replace her. How the ones in Vashti’s courts love her assemblies of women who represent the soul being joined with other souls for the promotion of self’s plans. The ”True King” who wants to be the head of every man and woman is not the head of those who bow down to Queen Vashi’s rule. As beautiful as she is outwardly, self reigns in her and anyone joined to her, if they earnestly desire God, will discover this the hard way, as did “Soul.

The Queen did not like it when “Soul,” who was a daystar in the making, shined too much. Vashti wanted to be in control and when “Spirit” spoke through “Soul,” she was jealous. The dye was cast so when “Deceiver” lied to Vashti about “Soul,” she was all too ready to believe him.

Now you who will soon be another Queen Esther to come, listen and learn: By now you know that censorship will always come through those who are not in union with the Spirit… Yes, “Soul” got branded due to her joining herself to Vashti and “Lover of Religious Works,” but censorship was in “Soul” long before she ever was with her false lover and Vashti…. The “Accuser of the Brethren” accused her and others in her mind night and day and she listened to him and censored herself.

The reason why “Soul” had been led by the Spirit into a time of union with “The Tribe,” “Vashti” and “Lover of Religious Works” was in order for her to recognize what was IN HER… Seeing the darkness of the soul and then coming to see “The Light” takes deep repentance and “Soul” was made ready to do so through Godly sorrow. Can you hear King David saying: “Against thee and thee only have I sinned?” Have you come into a place like “Soul” finally having delight only in the audience of “One”?

The plan of the “Divine” is that the “Daystars” shine in splendor and rule, not as Lords over men, but as servants who have bread to give… even ones who know that the rulership is “The Word” that comes out of them. Hallelujah! In THAT DAY… even the day that is approaching, “Every man shall sit under his own fig tree”… even “transFIGured so that only Jesus can be seen. There shall be no big “I’s” and little “you’s” because “Soul” will be married then and when you see her, you will see Him Who is one with her. All the glory and honor will be given to King Jesus and there will be no doubt who will be ruling then.

So you who are the elect: It’s time for YOU to begin to shine, even NOW!

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  1. You have a way with your words. You build the characters for a story so effortlessly and it doesn’t matter the contest, either values, or verses. Thank you for the creativity and the teachings hidden within so beautifully expressed.


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