No More Shame On You

The witches and warlocks were having their biggest festival in the town of “Bitterness Glorified” aka “B.G.,” the hometown of the demonic world. Through bitterness, every soul was captured and made a prisoner there and oh my, the prisoners in that city were so many that they could not be numbered. They were placed in the “Valley of the Wretched” which had a prison door that could only be opened and closed by demonic commands making it impossible for humans to leave the valley. Woes were increased one hundred fold because everyone realized that there was no way out. 

When the winds of torment blew upon them, their wails could be heard hundreds of miles away. How the demons loved torturing them and hearing their cries. “Hee hee!” they would laugh and shout. “You’ll never be free! You belong to the Devil now.” These words were blared at them through a bullhorn every hour on the hour along with the proclamation: “There’s no way out!” Defeat permeated the air and not one rose up against the tyranny perpetrated against them.

Having captured the people of all the lands surrounding them except for one, the sole enjoyment of the evil ones was to make bitter potions to defile the people in the city called “Wonder-to-Come” in order that their hopes and dreams would not come true. The covens set up in “B.G.” worked night and day proclaiming spells, shouting chants, sending out arrows with curses in them and doing many other abominations too evil to mention in order to bring destruction and havoc on unsuspecting people. They were succeeding more times than not because the people of “Wonder-to-Come” had become lazy and forgetful. They were only partially serving the “One True God” to whom they had pledged their full allegiance. Most of them still worshipped Him, but only half-heartedly choosing momentary pleasures over doing the will of God. For this reason, the name of “Esau” was written on their foreheads in a bright iridescent color making them an easy target for the witches and warlocks and all of the demons they commanded.

The city of “Wonder-to-Come” was called “The Doomed” by the “Lord of Darkness” and by the citizens of “Bitterness Glorified” who were certain that they would soon overcome the people and claim the town as their own. Were it not for ten faithful ones who did not bow their knees to Baal or to any other God, the city would have been captured long ago. 

“The Most High God” instructed those committed ones to pray for their enemies and especially to bless them. Obeying His follow-up command to render good for evil, they sent gifts via eagles and hawks who would fly over the city of “B.G.” and drop down the gifts from above. None in the city knew where the gifts came from because God covered the eagles and hawks with invisible shields. Scripture verses from the Word of God were also placed among the gifts that were always accompanied by powerful prayers. Prophecy had been given that one among the people of “Bitterness Glorified” would receive the Word and they had faith to believe the prophecy would come true.

Most of the time, before anyone could get to the gifts, demons urinated on them so no one touched them and then guards came and carried them away to the dump where they immediately were burned. On a day when all were asleep, the eagles and hawks dropped the most wonderful gift of all… a gold Bible that had an accompanying angel with it. The angel had been instructed to touch the ears, eyes and heart of the one it was destined for whose name was “Shame.”

“Shame” was the name a wicked prince in the city gave him, but before his mother died, she had a visitation from an angel who told her that her son was not called “Shame” in the kingdom of Heaven. That even though her little one was badly crippled, he would grow up to be a victorious warrior whose name would then be called “The Remover of Bitterness and Shame”… The angel made the decree that no weapon formed against him would prosper and gave the mother a white feather from his wing. It was given so that her son would have this evidence of the angel’s visitation which would fortify his faith.

“Shame” was so crippled he could hardly walk, but on the day he was to receive the Bible, the angel called “Awakening” also brought bread and wine to give to him. “Shame” was in a dead sleep when the angel entered his room, but because the angel’s name was “Awakening” his power awakened people wherever he was assigned to go. “Shame” immediately woke up and was amazed at the clarity of mind he had and how energized he felt. The white feather from the previous angel whose name was “Initiated Into Light” flew out its hiding place behind a picture and was given a voice as it stood upright in the air between the angel and “Shame.” “Behold: The time has come for you to reMEMBER! A white feather has been given to every member of the Tribe of Judah who has been bound in the enemy’s camp by shame. NOW is the time for “Shame’s Removal” and YOU, whose mother’s name is “Honor,” shall be the chief leader who will go forth in power to do it. Look not at your crippled being for it is your protection. None will suspect that greatness has been placed in you by the “Most High God” and they will be taken unaware because of it. You have the greatest power of all backing you, so be courageous and go forth in victory.”

The angel smiled at the little one who was eating the bread and drinking the wine becoming empowered by the divine life of God. Every anxious thought was removed in that moment, no sin was retained and his heart became enlarged with love flowing throughout his body with every beat. Just as had been decreed, “Destiny” was calling him and he was answering her with a roar, even the roar of the lion of the Tribe of Judah. No one in “B.G.” knew that the sound came out of him, but all were aware that a fearful thing just occurred and were deathly afraid. When the wisdom of the Lord filled him, confusion came upon all who dwelled in “B.G.” Never had such an awesome sound been heard and it was a known prophecy given hundreds of years ago that by the roar of a lion, the end of Satan’s kingdom would come… that conquering power would be in that roar,… even victorious Spirit power. 

A booming proclamation came forth: “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit,” as warring angels carrying heavy black chains encompassed the city. The angels were so huge that all the demons and powers of darkness tried to flee and hide from them, but there was no place they could go. As “Shame” realized what was happening, he let out another roar which shattered the prison door that kept the people bound in the “Valley of the Wretched.” Instead of a prison door, the One Who was and is “The Door” was in its place and the good news was loudly proclaimed: “Everyone Who repents of their sins and who receives the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord shall be free, with no exceptions! And miraculously there were none for all had been made ready.

At the same time, the people in the town of “Wonder-to-Come” experienced a great revival… Their hearts had been turned back to the Lord after the “Angel of Repentance” visited them and sprinkled the second Adam’s salt on them. Everyone had regained their savor and came into divine unity becoming fervent praying children of God who had all their prayers answered… It became known all throughout the city and all throughout Heaven that the “Great Joining” had taken place…. even the “Wonder.”

Do you who have known shame for so long experienced that “Wonder”? Have you roared like a lion, yet? If you have and taken your stand in the line of Judah, you are the ones that shall have your “Hey-Day” this very moment. Your name, too, shall be called “The Remover of Bitterness and Shame”! 

Oh the “Wonder” of it! Oh the power of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ Re- MEMBERED!

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