The Wonder

Hi! I am Natasha (rebirth/ resurrection) and I am essence divine. I have been with you all the time waiting, waiting, waiting to be uncovered and fully revealed, first to you and then to the world. Today I want you to look at the word “wait” and understand what a weighty word “wait” is. God has designed every man and woman to be waiters, first on Him and then waiter-servers to all the world giving His substance to them. It is so simple, but most do not know the secret of waiting because they are “full of self,” guided by a mind and soul that wants what it wants and right now.

I, Natasha, the true essence of God live inside of you and inside of every man waiting to come forth in all my glory. Behold: The angel of the Lord is here now with a divine key to give to you today… It is the key that you are to use to open YOUR treasure chest in the heavens in your mind, even the mind of Christ. Yay, it is your tongue in another form.”

“A-a -a-a- a” “Innocence Regained,” aka “I.R.” stuttered looking up at the ten foot angel called “Summertime.” “What is THAT?” she asked, unable to imagine what it could be. The rays of the gold key that “Summertime” held in his hand were so powerful they lit up the area in which “I.R.” was standing with glorious rainbow colors.

“You are presently beholding a wonder of what is to come!” the angel, matter of factly said. The sevenfold spirit is “The Wonder” that you will have and BE when your new form manifests. Come sit with me awhile, for I, the angel “Summertime” must impart to you what the Most High God has purposed to give through me. I am His messenger,… even summer’s essence.

Hitherto, and even now you have needed messages to come from outside yourself but when your new way of thinking and your new formed tongue is activated, you will have all you need inside you. You and all men have been speaking far too many words and because of this, the treasures of heaven have been dammed up and many curses have come. You have tried to control your tongue by the power of self effort but finally. you have comprehended that it is not possible to do it on your own. The tongue, yours and that of all men in its present form, is unruly, and no man can tame it. It is true that you have gained some measure of control through the gift of speaking in tongues, but this gift will not continue to operate once you unlock the treasures you have waiting for you.”

“I.R.”’s countenance changed when she heard these words because she loved this gift and her heart felt saddened that there’d be a day when she would no longer have it. Reading her thoughts, the angel stooped down low to the ground and commanded her to look into his eyes which shone like brilliant many faceted diamonds. “When the manifestation of the fullness of glory appears, you will no longer need the gift of tongues,” he plainly informed her. An impartation of light went from his eyes into hers illuminating her with a different kind of seeing. “This is called “The First Wonder of The Eyes”: It is a spiritual seeing that will enable you to comprehend the changes that are to come.” Then the angel heaved a big sigh because he knew that although “I. R.” had been given a new way of seeing, it would take much more than revelation to become that which was to be manifested.

“I.R.” didn’t even notice the heavy sigh of the angel because she was filled with imagination’s power through the impartation of diamond light from the angel. She was ecstatic and almost couldn’t contain herself. The angel patiently waited for a while for the glory to set in before he spoke again.

“You are being called to change the world “Innocence,” along with others who are also being remade into their new forms and together you shall be known as the “Rainbow Girls”… even, the Glorious Waiters” who will serve the fruit of the spirit to a dying world. You know that the expression: “You speak my language” means more than another person speaking the same native tongue. The new tongue that you are to have now, likewise, is not made of different sounding words or a different language. Your new tongue will be a tongue that others will be able to understand the instant you speak with your words penetrating them deep within their innermost parts. Hitherto it has not been so because you have not waited upon the Lord. You also will be able to impart divine power without even having to speak a word because imprinted on your forehead will be God’s Word: “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord!”

Indeed, “I. R.. was filled with wonder and also, with another power that came with it… even “THE power that would change the world- the awesome power of “PEACE AND GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN!”

The angel “Summertime” was immensely pleased as he saw that “I.R.” had received his words along with the impartation of glory and light. His work had been accomplished, so he saluted her recognizing that she had risen to the divine authority that was hers. “Soon the angel “Harvest Time” will be at your side to help you harvest all the souls you will win to the Lord,” he informed her. “When he comes, he will be a sign to you that all the fruit of the spirit in you will have ripened to full maturity, but in the meantime, you have work to do: The “Power of Waiting” has been granted to you and you can not fail as long as you use it!”

Having said these words, the angel vanished out of sight leaving her to stare with amazement at the golden key in her hand. “Wow! wow! wow!” she exclaimed excitedly. Suddenly a monarch butterfly appeared and sat on the tip of her nose making the decree: “New life is yours today and your discernment shall be sharp… Like a two edged sword dividing the soul from the spirit, your nose/ discernment shall do a mighty work in this hour. You shall separate the vile from the clean and shall be known as a judge likened to Deborah in her day for THIS is your heritage: You have been ordained to be a righteous judge in the Day of The Lord…. Hear it! After you unlock the treasures in the glory of your mind and disperse them to those who will become righteous judges too, you shall bear your new name “Natasha” (born on Christmas.)

Yay, you shall be singing: “Christ is risen in me, the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of this world!”

So tell me, all you rainbow girls (souls) out there: “Are you tuning up your voices to sing this song, too?… Will you be “The Wonder” to come?”

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