Miracles Are Coming

“R.D.” was stirred up all right because it was God Almighty Who stirred her out of her slumber. It was time for her to fulfill her destiny. He sent a messenger to her… even a mighty ant who talked in a booming voice as he introduced himself: “My name is “Enterprise,” and since you haven’t come to me as the Bible says to do, I’ve come to you. If you had of, you’d have seen that it says to: “Go to the ant, you sluggard, consider her ways and be wise.” You haven’t been very wise, ya know

“R.D.” short for “Retarded Destiny,” could hardly believe her ears and eyes. “A talking ant,” she mumbled to herself: “Are you for real?” she asked, rubbing her eyes in disbelief thinking that when she opened them again, she’d see the ant was just a figment of her imagination. But “Enterprise” wasn’t and now “R.D.” could clearly see the red hat on his head and tap shoes on his feet…. a funny looking creature indeed was he!

Thinking to herself, “I’ll have a little fun with this”, “R.D.” bent down to get a closer look and by golly, “Enterprise” was smiling and singing a tune while tapping his feet in rhythm to its melody: “Listen up!” he sang “Listen up! Ya gotta listen to me. Don’t ya know, I’m a dandy! I got wisdom, knowledge and principles divine and I’ve come to you just in time. You’ve got work to do and I’ll show you how. And soon you’ll be saying: “Holy cow!” Then the little ant curtsied to her and tipped his hat that had the words “Celebrate work” on it.

“Well, aren’t you the cutest thing!” she thought. Because “Enterprise” had brought with him the “Spirit of Delight,” the atmosphere had changed and pure joy was in the air. The messenger ant took on a golden hue and sang another ditty. “I’m divine you can see, I’ve come to bring liberty. There’ll be no more drudgery, so come along with me!”

With that he started a marching step and not only waved “R.D.” on into a beautiful wide world waiting just for her, but called forth a troop of fellow ants assigned to work with him, all having red hats, too. They were a bunch of cutie pies to be sure, all on a mission to teach “Retarded Destiny” how to make miracles happen.

“Destiny,” it is time that you understood why you haven’t had a heart to work hard and why it has always been drudgery for you.” As he spoke these words, all the other ants cheered and shouted: “Hip hip hooray! She’s gonna know today!” Then they all “hi-fived” each other declaring “She’ll be retarded no more!”

Stunned at their display of enthusiasm and at the words she heard, “Destiny” quizzed them not quite sure what she should do. “Where are you from and how do I know I can trust you?”

“Why, we’re from heaven and so are you,” “Enterprise” responded. As these words were spoken a beam of light shone from above that went straight into “Destiny’s” heart and in that moment she knew that the words were true. “Everything sent from above is good, from the littlest to the biggest like that elephant over there,” the wise ant informed the hearing one. “His name is: “Remember Your Memory,” and oh my, are you going to learn something great from him!” pointing to the huge elephant standing next to the waterfall in the distance. “Each one of God’s creatures has something to teach you, so all ya gotta do is listen and follow instructions.

Well that wasn’t going to be that easy, for hitherto “Destiny” had not been a good listener. She had to hear something three times before she would do what she was told. Knowing this, “Remember Your Memory” straddled up close to her and put the end of his trunk in her hand. Instead of speaking out loud, he had the power to generate his thoughts into her mind. “I’ve placed the end of my trunk in your hand because it is a sign to you that you have power in it likened to a treasure trunk full of miracles.

“ME with power?… I’ve never even seen a miracle, much less work one,” she stammered. “How can that be?”

“Remember Your Memory” heaved a big sigh. “Humans just don’t know what they’ve got!” he murmured to himself. “Listen here young lady, miracles happen every day, but you don’t see them and work them because you’re spiritually half blind and don’t know that anyone can work a miracle when God’s laws are followed by the Spirit within. You have His Spirit, don’t you?”

“Er,… well yes, but,” but the elephant immediately spoke up before she could say another word. “There’ll be no buts, do you hear?… only “yes Lords!” I’m here to remind you to remember what’s in your memory… to remember that you were a daystar before the foundation of the world beholding creation when it was birthed out of the mouth of God. You knew the secrets of creation then and still have them in you now. All you have to do is get in touch with the Spirit within and follow Him and NOW is the time to do it!”

“Destiny’s” shackles were instantly removed because the elephant’s words were life to her and the penetration of them caused her half blind eyes to see. An announcement sounded like a bullhorn throughout the world: “Without a vision the people perish, but with a vision, all things can be made new,” it declared.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my! It’s true! “ Destiny shouted! “I can see the glory! I can see all things clearly and the power in my hand has come alive now.” “Enterprise” came quickly to her as soon as he heard her words and all his fellow workers with him. They all tipped their red hats to her saying “We’re at your service now, my dear. There’s a prize for you to win.” With her memory restored, the Spirit within and the workers helping her, there wasn’t anything that the Father Above ordained that she couldn’t do.

And there’s nothing that you, too, who have Spirit-power can’t do either. Don’t you know?: It’s time for YOU and “Destiny” to perform miracles!

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