Holiness Unto The Lord

“It’s time for the High Priest to rise up in you! It’s time for you to enter the Holy of Holies and behold what’s in the most sacred place of all,” the angel “Gabriel” announced in a loud voice. “Doubtful” stood trembling, terrified at the sight of the angel and astonished at his message. He wanted to run away as fast as he could, but his feet couldn’t move and something strange was happening in his heart.

“Unbelief,” a wicked spirit had been in him a long time causing many troubles since the first day “Doubtful” questioned if the Word of “The Living One” was true. It was only a little doubt at the time, but because “Doubtful” fed it every day, it grew like a giant in his heart. This spirit of “Unbelief” was able to enter and take up residence in him because he had no faith to resist him. However, things were going to change now that the angel had arrived to help him. The light that issued forth out of “Gabriel” had so much power, it penetrated not only into the atmosphere, but also into “Doubtful”’s heart. Petrified,” Unbelief” screamed in horror, gasping for breath when it touched him. Indeed, the demon shook so hard that “Doubtful”’s heart felt like an earthquake had taken place in it and indeed one had.

“Doubtful” had long been tormented by “Unbelief,” especially after “Fear” came in later and took over. He had cried out for help, but alas, because “Doubtful” had allowed the demon “Unbelief” in, not recognizing its name, he remained bound many years. “You have authority over devils in the name of Jesus!” “Gabriel” shouted. “Use it!” At that moment, “Doubt,” “Fear,” and “Unbelief” all began to raise a ruckus bringing much pain to “Doubtful”’s body and soul. Simultaneously, another angel appeared from out of Heaven carrying a sword to give to “Doubtful.” Placing it in his hand, the angel announced: “THIS and faith are all you need. The “Almighty” has decreed that a quick and mighty work shall be done in you…even a double work, for as you put forth the sword with your hand, it shall also be in your mouth… No demon in hell will be able to stand against the authority that you have been given.”

Then “Michael,” another powerful angel was sent to touch the top of head with oil and when he did, a surge of lightning went all through him. Rushing forth out of his mouth like a cannonball on fire came the words: “Not by might, not by power, but my Spirit, saith the Lord. It is finished!” Now having strength and courage through the spoken Word, he took his finger and pointed it to his heart. “Come out, out, OUT in the mighty name of Jesus!” he shouted in great authority. In a flash, like bullets fired from an automatic rifle, the demon spirits zoomed out of his body with each caught by the angels who put them in chains.

As Michael held the end of their chains, he chided: “Come along boys: You’re going with me to your final destination-… the pit of hell.”

“No, no, no!” each of them screamed. “Send us into the pigs over there,” they cried, pointing to a herd of swine nearby. “Sorry fellas… that’s not where you’re going. It’s your final hour and you’ll be tormenting and binding this man “no longer!” he rebuked. Having no choice, they went with him yowling for dear life as their chains pulled hard on them. 

No longer having fear and unbelief in his heart, the delivered one with eyes alight with wonder looked up at “Gabriel” who was standing near by and shouted ecstatically: “I’m free, I’m free, I’m free!”

“Yes, through the word of your testimony, the blood of the lamb, and not loving your life to the death, and also by grace and the faith of God, you have won a major victory. Now the mitre is to be placed upon your head.” As soon as he spoke these words a thousand trumpets were blown in the heavens and multitudes of angels arrived to celebrate the victory.

The angel called “Mercy” stood taller than the rest for he was favored by God to place the mitre on the head of the heralded one. Before he did though, the messenger fluttered his wings over the triumphant overcomer causing the aroma of his essence of tenderness and forgiveness to cover and saturate him with goodness. 

A gold plate was on the mitre with the words “Holiness Unto The Lord” inscribed in it and as “Mercy” fulfilled his duty, “The Father” thundered from Heaven in a voice all in heaven and on earth could hear: “This is my beloved son who is a priest after the “Melchizedek Order.” He shall no longer have the name “Doubtful,” but shall be called “Faithful” and all who receive him and the bread and wine he has to give shall enter into my kingdom and be blessed.”

Oh what joy unspeakable, full of glory “Faithful” had in his heart! Rejoicing was done by all with merry hearts, but the merriest of all were the little children who were allowed to go with “Faithful” to the entrance of the Holy of Holies. They threw daisy petals at his feet on the road of holiness all the way there, singing: “Now God’s secrets shall be known.”

Are you, the ones who are “The Called,” ready to enter into that sacred place now? If so, your ears will hear divine secrets and you, too, shall be called “Faithful and True”!

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