For The Betterment

When I woke up this morning, I heard the word “betterment,” and afterwards a vision came of me having the words “sold out” witten in black letters on my forehead that gradually turned into gold. Immediately, the Lord brought Joseph to my mind and how everything in his life worked out for good in the end. Truly, it shall be the same for all who are sold out to the Lord… for those who suffer like he did.

Because Joseph chose to do right by not committing sin with Potiphar’s wife, he was put in prison for twelve long years. Was it unjust? Of course it was, just like much of what has happened to us, but God has a purpose for the evil that comes into our lives. I have no doubt that when Joseph was in prison, he learned more about God and became closer to him, and so do we in our troubles. Whatever we go through, no matter how unjust it is, it’s worth it! Have you been lied about? Rejoice! Have you been persecuted? Leap for joy! Whatever wrong you’re experiencing at this moment, know the truth will come out in the end and to be sure, you will be vindicated. God’s Word says so.

Now I’m going to write about the day you and I are living in that I believe is like the time in which Moses was called to set God’s people free. The people of God had suffered under Pharoah’s cruel rule for four hundred years and you would have thought that when Moses arrived on the scene, their troubles would have been over. Instead, they were increased, but look at what God did: He brought judgments against the oppressors of His children, one after the other, through Moses, His anointed one. This is exactly what you and I are going to be doing in this hour. Indeed, we are the judges that shall appear upon Mount Zion and judge the Mount of Esau. (Obadiah 1: 21) The faithful who have “sold out” to Jesus are the ones chosen to execute righteous judgment… even HIS judgments.

Yesterday I had a vision of God with a vial of wine in His hand pouring it into my mouth and when it went down into my throat, the wine came streaming forth out of an opening in my neck. THIS day is the day in which the wine of God’s wrath is going to come forth through the body of Christ. Contrary to the popular teaching of the Harlot church, we are not going to be taken off the face of the earth, but instead are going to be just like Moses who God used to pour His wrath out on the wicked. GOD is the one who’ll be doing it THROUGH us and we will be protected just as Moses and His people were. 

The Bible plainly says that judgment first must come upon the House of God. If His people don’t judge themselves, God will come roaring out of His judges like a lion at them. His righteous anger is not going to be expressed in a sweet, soft voice, but in the voice of strong rebuke with judgments following it.

When one of His children lies, cheats, slanders, defrauds, maligns another, makes judgments against His anointed and more, our Lord will not wink at these sins. Annias and Sapphira dropped dead when they lied to the Holy Ghost and when Bar-jesus tried to hinder the work of God, he was instantly made blind after Paul rebuked him. Yes, we are called to judge just like Paul did! Know that anyone in the body of Christ who is willfully sinning and has not made things right with whoever they wronged, will now be dealt with by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in righteous anger.

I recently was used by our Lord in a this way: I wasn’t that soft spoken, gentle person one in Christ is expected to be. I shouldn’t have apologized for the rebuke that came out of me, because later, the Lord revealed that it was HIS Spirit expressing His lion nature through me. Previous to this, I also apologized for something I wasn’t wrong in doing. I became aware that my apology was not of God because immediately afterwards, I was given a vision of myself putting a gun to my heart which was likened to shooting myself in the foot. The Word of God says that He works to will and to do in our hearts and it was His will that the His lion nature come forth through me… Many people think that only the lamb nature should be expressed through Christians, but not so. My having been given the vision that that I had put a gun to my heart opened my eyes in this matter. Oh people of God, we must NEVER judge a matter according to appearances. How we must wait on the anointing and God’s final word.

Recently the Spirit of God revealed that the beast in us is “form,” and truly, we have a form in our minds of how we’re supposed to be and act like. I’m sure there were many who thought Jesus was “Out of Order” when He kicked over the tables of the moneychangers. Know that He has just as strong a reaction today when lies are spoken and believed by the body of Christ… when His children are word breakers, and when there is no repentance when His people are confronted with the truth. There’s a roar in me right now: Many claim to love Jesus, but do they? If people don’t love the truth and desire it with every breath they breathe, then they don’t love Him no matter what they say.

Oh my brothers and sisters, the truth must be found in our innermost parts while we still have time to repent. During prayer with a sister in Christ, she heard the words “a ticking time bomb.” I believe a ticking bomb is in everyone’s lives as we are all facing death. We must get things right in the time we have or we shall lose our souls. I wrote about a vision of a ticking bomb in a previous post: https://ridetheheavens.com/2020/10/29/a-ticking-time-bomb/. The words and the vision are warnings to be aware that we only have a short time in which to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil, to deal with EVERY sin that is a result of our succumbing to the temptations they bring with them and to finally put to death self’s rule. Thank God that He does have followers who will be like the 7000 who did not bow their knees to Baal… even faithful ones like Enoch who was translated and did not see death.

The question is: “Who will be like them?”

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