Becoming Divine Essence

“Let us go on into perfection.” (Hebrews 6: 1)

“How much do you want the truth?” the angel “Harassment” asked. “Are you willing to walk with me to obtain the truth damned up in your soul? Are you willing to face the giant “Bitterness” that stands at the “Door of Temptation” preventing you from entering into your glory?”

“Scarred,” the littlest one in the kingdom which was called “Righteousness To Come” trembled…. The scar deep down in the center of her being was infected and had just reopened again. Pus had begun pouring out of it and the horrific pain she had felt in her past was being lived over again. Desiring to protect herself, she angrily shouted: “I want no more harassment! I just want to be free from all the sorrow I’ve known.” Then as the pain in her increased to an almost unbearable point, “Scarred” yelled: “I won’t do it!” and stomped her feet so hard the ground under them had tremors in it. However, as she looked into the eyes of the angel “Might,” the power of God came flashing through them into the depth of her being. Immediately, her spirit jumped up and down and she found herself shouting: “Yes, yes, YES! I hunger desperately for the truth and cannot live without it!”

The angel smiled knowing his little protege was a forerunner who would obtain the pearl of great price. “Come now with me,” he urged: “Take my hand and learn from my nature that will crush and and bruise you so that you can become your new name “Divine Essence.” You, little one, have been ordained to slay “Bitterness,” the giant that blocks the consummation of the marriage of the Lamb… even, the union of soul and spirit.

“How can that be?” she cried in disbelief. “I have no power!”

“Oh but you do!” the angel quickly replied. “The power is in your mouth, but before you can use it to its full potential, you must first learn the law of meekness from “The Lamb” Himself. It has been because you’ve broken this law many times that you have had so many troubles. Do you recall that the Son of God taught that the meek shall inherit the earth? The earth is moaning and groaning along with you and everyone else because no one has fully applied the law of meekness in their lives.”

As “Scarred” listened to the angel’s words, lights of illumination came into her mind like popcorn popping on a hot stove. Just that morning Spirit had convicted her conscience that she had been “lashing out” at others and needed to repent. It seemed almost everyone in the city “Turned Upside Down” was doing it except for one little one sent from on High to guard them… a lamb with perked up ears named “Sunny.” This one was always shining and listening for the voice of the Shepherd in order to lead them.

Knowing “Scarred”’s thoughts, the angel touched her shoulder lightly which imparted a soothing balm of refreshment into her. “Yes, “Sunny” is a forerunner who shall soon win the pearl of great price. She has been sent as an example to you of an obedient one who listens well. Only those who call forth a sunny disposition as their own each day will be able to overcome the giants in their lives, and you have been ordained to do this.”

The angel knew that her name “Harassment” confounded the little one, so he took his rod out from underneath his robe and waved it above “Scarred”’s head. As soon as he did, the words: “If you suffer with me, you shall reign with me” were written in the sky in neon lights and tiny butterflies fluttered over every letter doing the “Butterfly Dance.” It was a sign that a new name and a new life were to come out of her suffering. “Know this,” the angel spoke to Scarred”’s spirit: “YOU shall reign, not because of any self effort, nor any good works of your own. All who are “The Elect” chosen from before the foundation of the world have have grace accompanying them and it is only by grace that the work shall be done. You are one of them and it is essential that you know this in every cell of your being. Speak to your cells now and decree that all of them will be unified in purpose to glorify God and be in union with each other. Hear it: There shall be NO divisions in God’s temple!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the little one grew twice her size and knew she was going to receive double for her trouble. Opening her mouth wide and by the power of the Word, all her cells became one working in harmony with each other. Each sang the song “We are One!” and were joined together throughout her body. NOW she would be able to slay the giant “Bitterness” because through reconciliation and unity, of all the cells could overcome bitterness. Knowing that she was no longer needed after the cells became one, the angel “Harassment” quietly disappeared, and the angels “Forbearance’s Fruit” and “Forgiveness Multiplied” arrived on the scene. They carried a banner with them that had her new name “Divine Essence” written on it and hung it in the sky for her to see. When she looked up and realized the name was who she was, the scar was healed never to bring pain to her again. Instead, it became a memorial of her victory.

By remembering who she was, the One called “Love” inside her and also by remembering all the members of the body, no giant in the land of “Righteousness Come Now” could remain. Yes, the land was given a new name too, when her name changed. Praise God! “Divine Essence” was fully equipped in that moment to walk on the road of “Perfection” to fulfill her destiny.

You who are part of the Elect: Do you know that the marriage of the Lamb to His Bride is at hand? Are you becoming “Divine Essence,” too?

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