Naked and Unashamed

The first word our Father spoke to me upon arising a few days ago was “My brave girl!” At that moment I was not aware of why I was being called brave, but a short while later I realized He wanted me to write about what He has revealed to me about sex. Yes, it takes courage to bring out what many Christians regard as taboo…. Jesus was LED into the wilderness to face the Devil, and now I am being led to face him and expose his work in the minds of those to whom has brought accusations and condemnation.

I shall never forget how a man I knew looked at me during a time I was in a low state in my life. There had been a spiritual relationship between us, not a romantic one, so when I was invited to his daughter’s wedding, I didn’t expect a look from him that made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. While I have a pretty face, my body is badly deformed and God knew I needed to feel that a man could be attracted to me. I believe everyone wants to feel beautiful. God made us to have a longing for union with one of the opposite sex as well as with Him. The look that came from God through John’s eyes with its blessing stayed with me for months afterwards.

I am a very transparent person who believes that without transparency we can not see God’s face… We may see His hand, but not his face and He’s built in us a desire for Him more than for anyone on earth. No one can be fully satisfied until full union with Him takes place.

I have not seen John since the wedding, but I had a dream of him not that long ago in which he appeared naked with a mist covering and hiding his private part. In the dream he had fully embraced his ex-wife who had betrayed him and wounded him deeply, and an announcement came in it decreeing: “Naked and unashamed!” Ah, God tells us we are to become as little children, and one of the first things the Bible relays about Adam and Eve is that they were “naked and unashamed.” How many of us can look at both our uncovered soul and naked body and not be ashamed? John could do this because he was able to forgive everyone his life, overcome his anger and be brave enogh to face his own flesh. I had a phone call conversation with him many years later and told him my dream. I was amazed that he not only forgave her, he gave her his blessing and told her not to remember anything she had ever done… that it was all in the “Sea of Forgetfulness” and it truly was for John.

When I was a five year old girl, I and a six year old boy were discovered standing completely naked on the picnic table in the front yard of his home. His mother stuck her head out the window and shouted at the top of her voice: “SHAME ON YOU!” and then commanded: “Michele: You go home!” It’s a memory I have never forgotten for it scarred my innocent soul. If Billy and I thought what we were doing was wrong, we surely wouldn’t have done it in the front yard for everyone to see.

Those of you who read my blog know that i often write about types and shadows showing how every thing in the natural points to a spiritual reality…. It was God who made our sexual parts with the purpose of the male and the female coming together into intimacy and UNION to bring forth children. It’s a natural, wholesome drive in all of us to desire what God has sanctified and called “holy.” The command He gave to Adam and Eve and consequently to all of us was to be fruitful and multiply and I might add, to do it in pleasure. The Bible records Sarah’s thinking in her mind: “Am I to have pleasure in my old age?” and yes, God wants us to have pleasure, but He’s after something more-…. “the seed,” …. the natural seed and the spiritual one.

Just like the husband is with his wife, so is Jesus with the church and just as a husband and his wife bring forth natural children, Jesus and His church bring forth spiritual ones. The body is called the temple of God likened to the temple built in Jerusalem long ago and intercourse between a married couple is symbolic of the high priest with the erection of righteousness in holiness going into the Holy of Holies.

Two given names describe perfectly the symbolic meaning of the act of intercourse: Preston: “From the Priest’s home” and Yoni: “The Sanskrit word for the female genitalia translated to mean the sacred space.” Truly, what God has created both naturally and spiritually is sacred. He has given me many visions to reveal truths along with understanding concerning the sexual relationship that He has ordained for us to have in the Spirit. I have been judged as being evil for having these visions, but I say to you “Unto the pure all things are pure.” (Titus 1: 15)

We are coming into the time of the consummation of the marriage of the Bridegroom and His Beloved. A picture is worth a thousand words and that is how he speaks to me… yes, even concerning intimate things. The marriage is a spiritual one that is not going to take place in a heaven that’s somewhere past Mars. When the male spirit and the female soul  become one in the Heaven of the kingdom within, THAT is the marriage of the lamb!

In this writing I am going to share visions that were given to me connected to my experiences while I was worshipping in the spirit with a man I came to love. Carita told me that he had a dream of me in a bridal chamber that was in a cave in which I was preparing myself for him. He stressed it was for him and because of this I believed “Carita” was to be my husband. In a previous writing I wrote that spiritual experiences can cause our bodies to have a sexual response and my body and his body did so as we worshipped together. It was God loving me through him and God loving him through me. This was something that had never happened to me in all the years I’ve known the Lord until I met Carita. It was a totally involuntary experience that came from feeling God’s presence as we worshiped in spirit, soul and body.

Since my husband died 18 years ago I have not even held hands with a man and have had sexual intercourse with only my two late husbands since I became saved in 1969. I never had the spiritual experience with them though that I had with Carita, a man I knew only long distance through E-mails, texts, and phone communications.

I now know that God was using this relationship as a type and shadow to reveal truth to me concerning the ultimate reason for marriage and to show me what was necessary to get the bride (the soul) ready to marry her husband (the spirit)… The fact that in Carita’s dream, it took place in a cave reveals that I had darkness of understanding at that time… I thought Carita was going to be my natural husband, but he wasn’t. Much confusion comes when we take something literally that is meant to be understood spiritually and this happens all the time to believers causing great problems in the body of Christ.

I was not looking for a mate when I met Carita and had no thoughts of him at all in a romantic way.. I was shocked that my body responded with a sexual reaction when I heard him preach and quite frankly it was the most amazing and wonderful sexual feeling I have ever known. I concluded erroneously that he was to be my husband because of it and then later because of Carita’s dream.

I pray that your spiritual minds will be opened to the truth I’ve been shown: The male organ and the Spirit of God are both a life giving force. The sperm of a man symbolically represents the seed of God’s Word penetrating through the flow of His love. When Carita and I came together THAT was what was issuing forth.

The spirit of man is a candle of the Lord searching out the innermost parts. One of the visions I was given was of me as a giant in naked form and Carita in human size lying on the ground able to look up way past my sexual part into my innermost being where hidden demons were.

I had been molested as a little girl by my father, and before I became a Christian I had been sexually active from the time I was in college until I married. I had aborted the precious life of the baby God had given me and I was pregnant when I married my first husband. I have repented much over my sins and have had a lot of ministry during the years which included demons being cast out of me. I was shocked that there were still more demons hidden inside, but they became exposed because I fully revealed my soul’s nakedness to a man I loved… NOT physical nakedness. After that vision came, I received more deliverance that was needed, so never in a million years could you convince me that my visions were not of God.

Now I’m going to speak of a vision that many of you might judge as being evil. First I want to say because of what happened to me through sexual molestation and my pregnancies out of wedlock, the male’s private part was not something I loved because I subconsciously viewed it as the source of bringing me much pain. The Lord changed that after He gave a vision of me kissing what I had almost come to hate. The male organ’s function both naturally and spiritually is to bring forth of life and joy and I no longer view it in the way I did before. My vision affirmed this as being true. What better thing is there than the Word of God and His love penetrating into my very being with its life?

I’m going to be very blunt now because God wants repentance in the body of Christ. It is wrong for a man to ejaculate holy sperm into any other area other than a woman’s sacred place. God says it’s sin to spill the seed and this includes masturbation. The first commandment God gave Adam and Eve was “Be fruitful and multiply!” God wants children and we have robbed him… I and so many others have used birth control and by doing it, we have disobeyed His commandment. I have repented and if you have done this, our Lord is calling you to repent, too.

Now the Lord wants me to reveal another truth concerning our “unseemly parts” that are so necessary.” (I Corinthians 12: 23) The Lord has designed our sexual organs to be entwined with something else besides lovemaking and procreation. The symbolic meaning our body’s excretion of urine is our getting rid of anger. If we don’t reveal our true feelings to each other… if we don’t deal with our anger by speaking the truth in love, our love lives will suffer. Many marriages and other relationships as well are broken because we don’t do this,… because we hide our sins instead of speaking the truth and giving God glory by doing it. Oh people of God: We are NOT our flesh and we are not condemned, but if we don’t bring our deeds out into the open, our souls CAN NOT BE SAVED! Yes, our spirits are saved, but we can lose our souls.

When I began my relationship with Carita, I was given a vision of him reaching for the crown on my head. I told him: “I will not let you take my crown.” God had ordained my relationship with him to be for my instruction and for the bringing forth of the truths I learned for the benefit of the body of Christ, not for a physical union. If it had become more than this, my crown of LIFE would surely have been stolen because that was not God’s will for me PERSONALLY. I am not saying literal marriage is not the will of God.

May you realize that we are presently in the time that the elect shall be crowned. The corona (crown) virus that has overtaken the world is the Devil’s tool to bring forth death. Our genetic code is in our DNA and the so called vaccination has a spike protein and other substances in it that can do much harm to the body and bring forth death as well. Satan is after killing our bodies so that not only the natural seed be destroyed, but especially the spiritual one. I am not saying God can not restore someone who has taken the so called vaccination. We serve a God who raised the dead, but this jab has death in it. There is a spiritual crown to be won as a reward for those of us who become just like Him by working out the salvation of our souls… by overcoming death (the carnal mind.)

Hear this: We are in the time of the redemption of the body… We have a spiritual body in us that’s being formed and now I’ve come to understand that every time we worship in spirit and in truth ascending to the place of open heavens where revelation is given to change us, something happens to our spiritual bodies inside… When our soul, spirit and these fully formed bodies are ready, just as in the crowning of the head of a natural baby comes forthso shall it be in the crowning of the head having the MIND OF CHRIST with the seven fold Spirit in a fully formed spiritual body, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

In Zechariah 3: 3,4, it is recorded that “Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel. And he answered and spoke unto those that stood before him, saying: “Take away the filthy garments from him. And unto him he said, “Behold I have caused your iniquity to pass from you, and I will clothe you with change of garment.”

Understand that just as Joshua had to have been naked between the time that the filthy garment was removed and the rich garment put on him, we must stand before God naked and unashamed before our mortal bodies are changed into immortal bodies. Brothers and sisters, the redemption of the body draws nigh! 

Get ready, get ready, GET READY!

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  1. Hey hello can you give me a call i so love that God gave me your writing i dont want to text i am not so good with that my name Barbara my number 561503 6368 i hope you will call me i had read what you said but need to understand it i believe i do understand it but would like my clarity on it love everything you write all in spirit i am 64 like you see so many things in spirit i hope you can call i am retired so anytime is good with me

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    • Hi Barbara,
      Your comment brought such a timely encouragement and has blessed me more than you could know. I will try to call you later on this afternoon.
      Blessings and love,


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