“Wait!” I say, “Wait!”

“Scorned” did not know what to do with herself…. The pit in the depth of her being was filled with toxic emotions. “Abandonment,” her own father, had crushed her soul long ago and because of it, she could not rise up and be who she was meant to be. Down deep she thought she was worthless and expected to be abandoned, although she was not aware of her subconscious thoughts. It was like an underground river in her secret place that flowed with emotions that killed the possibility of true, lasting love. This scorned one had some moments in which she felt alive due to her mother’s love, but not having had a father’s love, she was a divided being.

The “Day of Rising Up” had come for all those who had prepared themselves… for all those who had powerful right arms, but alas, “Scorned”’s arm was missing and because of it, she could not be one who ascended. Instead, her soul was trapped in a dungeon within and no man could rescue her.

“Wait!” the Spirit shouted at her in a strong voice. “Wait upon the Lord!” As soon as these words were spoken, a rainbow butterfly called “Victory” stirred within her. The Spirit on High had instructed that the butterfly was to appear before her “waiting” began. Few had learned the power of waiting with “Intention.” Only the “Elect” were ordained with the grace and power to come aside into the secret place,… even a secret place within a secret place, where intention’s success was assured. No one could enter it until all dependence upon self was removed.

“Scorned” had entered into the first secret place because her love was deep for her Lord, “The Truth,” but she could not come into the deepest place, “Love,” because she was divided in her being. Without the power of her right arm, she was an outsider- … one who was scorned and shunned by all except the One who was there who at this time seemed to be fast asleep.

The storms were raging outside and inside when she heard the call to “wait.” The power to wait was missing and she realized it. What could she do?: She was helpless. As soon as she realized that she couldn’t do anything,… that she was even powerless to wait, the butterfly fluttered her wings and “Scorned” felt the breezes fluttering all throughout her soul and body.

“Do you know that the Lord BELONGS to you?” but before she could answer, the butterfly answered for her. “You do not! I have asked this question in order for you to think about it and never forget that the Lord belongs to you. The source of all your problems, even your inability to wait, is because you don’t know this in the depth of your being. KNOW that you are completely and utterly loved,… that you are accepted in the Beloved and that He is yours. When you “real I ze” it fully, you will be completely His!”

“Oh, oh, oh!” she exclaimed excitedly, “I’m beginning to see!” At that moment, the butterfly who was in her, manifested outside of her in the terrestrial glory he had before he was inside her. “As you wait before the Lord, you will see all the glorious thoughts you have… even the thought seeds planted by the Father materializing on the outside, but you must always remember to wait.” As he spoke these words a fragrance from the holy perfume called “Intimidation No More” came from Heaven permeating her whole being and then the Butterfly’s wings did a dance called “Holiness.” The dance had power in it to cause “Scorned”’s wings of prayer to dance, too. Oh yes, wings dance!… Every creature has wings like mine,” “Victory” informed her. “And yes wings of prayer and praise do dance together. All can dance when their wings arise with “Holiness”’s perfume.”

A voice boomed from Heaven with a sound that could be heard throughout the earth: “Scorned” shall no longer be your name after you have waited on me to “Be Come” and have pulled down every stronghold. Know that EVERY man bears the name “Scorned” and when you dance and sing in your heart with all the elect as well, you will do the “Great Dance” together. You each will be given your new name then and you will be scorned no more.

The world awaits you, my beautiful one,… my Beloved!”

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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