God, Sex, and Glory

How does one broach a subject that’s considered taboo? I hear someone shouting: “You’d better be careful!” and another one vocalizing: “I gotta’ know!” and yet someone else responding: “Are you sure you’re qualified to do this?” Sigh! I don’t know about my qualifications and as far as my approach goes, it begins with “Oh God help!”

I’ve never read an article before about what I’m going to relay to you. In answer to the question “Am I qualified?”, I’m probably one of the most unlikely people to write on this subject, but I do have something to say that I believe will be profitable for those who are going on into godly perfection. I can sense some of you thinking: “Sex, perfection and God? Now THAT’S an unlikely trio!” Well, God’s the first one who thought of sex, and yes, He had perfection in mind!

Everything in the natural is a type and shadow of a spiritual reality and sex is not excluded. Our bodies are the temple of God and when we worship and pray in the spirit, the male spirit in us is likened unto the High Priest standing erect in righteousness and then going into the Holy of Holies, the female soul. There’s ecstasy awaiting us there similar to what a male and female feel when they come together sexually. It’s a glorious experience that awaits the people of God and can be felt not only in the mind and spirit, but in the body as well. Yes, this is a seemingly taboo subject, as many have believed it’s wrong when their bodies experience a sexual effect of the power of God’s love stirring them. In all my years of knowing the Lord Jesus, until a year and a half ago, I had never encountered what I’m talking about until now. Yes, I knew joy in God’s presence when I worshipped, but I had not experienced this new level of His love manifested

I had a very unusual experience a few years ago in which I had a glimpse into what I didn’t hitherto know existed. During prayer time, the Lord let me know he wanted me to give $100 to a homeless man that I was to come into contact with that day. Usually I would give a small gift and a Christian booklet to whoever would be standing on the corner of a certain street in town. The Lord had never spoken before to give that large amount of money, but I know His voice, so I went to find the person He wanted to bless with the anticipation that always comes when God tells me to do something good for someone.

That one’s name was “John” and he looked so bedraggled,… so tired and so hopeless when I first saw him. When I gave him God’s gift, his countenance changed immediately and he shouted in a highly energized voice: “Now, I can get shoes! Now I can get shoes!…. Would you take me to a store to buy them?” he asked. When I looked into his face, I thought I could see Jesus shining through his eyes and since the Lord directed me to do this, I knew I would be safe even though I felt a little apprehensive. So off we went to buy his shoes after he first showed me a horrendous shark bite on his leg that didn’t appear fully healed yet. Only God knew what he had been through.

After John, a happy, happy, HAPPY man, purchased the shoes, we sat in the car talking about our Lord for quite some time. He had a gentle spirit and I felt nothing at all inappropriate coming from him, only respect. Wanting to see him blessed by a touch from the Lord, I started to sing in tongues. Almost immediately he put his hand on my shoulder, and yelled “Stop!” letting me know he had been sexually affected. He then jumped out of the car, quickly said “good-bye” and ran away as fast as he could. I was shocked not knowing what to think. “How could such a thing have transpired from my singing in tongues?” I thought, completely baffled. I came to find out though, much later when I worshipped in the spirit with a spirit-filled man who lived in another country. Hooray for technology that enables God’s power and presence to come through phones. I had been without sexual feelings and thoughts for years and me experiencing the same thing that happened to John was something that brought joy, not a feeling of wrong doing.

When I talked to a minister and also with another sister in Christ about this, they let me know they had this happen to them as well, and explained that when the flesh is touched by the love of God, that’s what can come. So if any of you have had this occurrence, realize that it is not unholy like John seemed to believe it was and for those of you who haven’t, know you’re in store for something wonderful and beautiful to come.

Remember that God leads his people in unusual ways. I think God specifically directed me to give $100 to John as it’s the number that symbolizes God’s “elect” and He was going to use it to reveal something to me. In order for the elect to fulfill their destinies, they’re going to need to pray, worship and praise much in the midst of all their tribulations to bring forth the God seed. How good God is to add such pleasure with it!

Just as it usually takes many times of coming together for a husband and a wife to conceive a child, the same is true in order for the spiritual seed God desires to be formed in us. It is through worship that the glory manifests through which the “spirit body” in us is formed and God has ordained that our whole being be involved. He is the One whose Spirit comes upon the body to cause it to respond in this way, not us producing it through our own power.

Can you imagine what it would be like if there was no sexual desire? Almost all of us wouldn’t be here. Here this grandmother is saying like Sarah did in her mind: “Shall I have pleasure in my old age?”

I got a voice inside me shouting: “You betcha I will!” Hallelujah for God, sex and glory!”

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