The Butterfly, The Bee, And The Bride

The arrow had been in her heart for a long time. It had remained in a staid position because a demon had come with it that held it in place and no one could see it. How the demon loved dwelling in her talking through her with piercing words that injured her and others as well.

Her name was “Hung Down,” which was the name she had after she fell into sin. Her given name “Delicate” had not been used by her since then. The arrow was shot by the devil who had a right to do it through the opening made by her sin and it had begun to cause gangrene to set in. This now imprisoned one was unaware that death had a grip on her.

A butterfly whose name was “Noble” and a bee name named “Prophecy” were busy pollinating the flowers in her garden. As she came near them, realizing she was in trouble, they immediately stopped what they were doing.

“Noble” flew on her shoulder and promptly spoke to her in an authoritative voice: “I perceive my calling is to help you: I’m here to do it!”

“Hung Down” was flabbergasted. “You,… you can talk?” she asked in amazement. 

“Noble” chuckled. “You human beings don’t know much for all the intelligence you have.” Then, remembering they were blind and deaf to spiritual realities until their eyes and ears were opened, he spoke tenderly to her: “Little one, all creatures big and small can talk when the Almighty commissions them to do so. Everything and every creature is here for your learning and I who represent “new life” have the name “Noble.” I am sitting on your shoulder now because through my help you are going to discover that when you govern your affairs through “nobility,” you shall succeed in all you do.”

“Oh my!” Hung Down” exclaimed. “Am I losing my mind?… A talking butterfly?… How can this be?” she thought to herself. 

The bee who could hear her thought, quickly answered it. “Yes, bees hear the voice of thoughts!” she almost shouted and buzzed all around her. When she landed on her nose, she spoke just as clearly as the butterfly did. “No, you haven’t lost your mind. My name is “Prophesy” and I am here to help you, too. When you learn to prophesy like I do, you shall be delivered from ALL your troubles.”

This was almost more than she could take in her mind which was buzzing louder than the bee. Never had creatures spoken to her before and she needed to get hold of herself. “I, I can’t believe this!” she stuttered. “Are you for real?” she asked, thinking they just couldn’t be.

“Of course we are! Don’t you know that in God’s kingdom, ANYTHING is possible when you have a heart and mind that wants truth and you’re willing to learn…. That’s YOU “Delicate”!”

“You know my name? I’ve not been called that since I was very young. How do you know it?”

“The same way you know things: By the Spirit, we can know what can help us to become all God desires us to be. Now then, sit down next to the “Fountain of Peace” and listen to your heart and to us.”

“My heart is saying it has death in it… Oh, oh! I’m afraid and I have never heard my heart speak in an audible voice before. How can it be that it talks too?”

“Your heart has always talked to you, but your ears have only now been opened to hear its audible voice along with ours because you are ready for change. Only those who are suited for “The Change” can hear the audible voices of creatures and of their own hearts…. You do not need to be afraid because through decrees, noble actions, the name above all names, and the blood of Jesus you shall overcome all your troubles and death.

Both “Noble” and “Prophecy” got very excited buzzing and fluttering all over her with joy because a glorious light came down from heaven at that moment and its rays beamed with great brightness on “Delicate”’s head. Heat penetrated deep into her being from it and the demon inside her screamed: “I’m on fire, I’m on fire!”

“Now that the light has come “Delicate,” you can tell that demon to get out. Prophesy and decree your freedom, for it is time that you were loosed. Speak to it in a strong voice and with faith in your heart break the curse that’s been on you all these years.”

“I do this?” “Delicate” asked, trembling. “Do you mean all by myself?”

“Noble” and “Prophecy” both heaved a big sigh at the same time. “Prophecy” thought to herself:: “Humans! They just don’t know what they’ve got!” “Listen here, young lady!” she spoke almost sharply. “You have the same power in you that raised Jesus from the dead! Of course you can do it! You can have what you say!”

Faith rose in “Delicate”’s heart when her words penetrated through the barrier in her heart and it was done as simply as that. The demon, the curse and death left lickety split and when it did, something amazing happened. “Delicate” was caught up into heaven and found herself sitting on the throne next to the One she loved.

Can you hear her singing “I am my Beloved’s and He is mine” now? It’s the song of God’s precious bride.

In DEED, it’s YOUR song!

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  1. I love this Michele as I do all your writings even though I don’t always get to read them all.


  2. I loved this writing as it was filled with freedom and peace. My heart felt like it did a little twirl when I read it! Thank you for having ears to hear and for sharing with all of us.


  3. I have come across such teachings that the environment around us talks to us, it’s us who do not perceive it. I acknowledge that everything around us is there for a purpose and all that we perceive is projected to us for a reason. It’s interesting because only 3 weeks ago did I learn that the heart talks to us. I’ve always suspected and known innately but not definitively. I now pay more attention to my heart. In my moments of silence I learn to listen to it and talk to it as much.

    You’ve written this piece so well and it informs. I relate and glad you shared.

    I trust you are well? it’s been a while.


    • Your comment was a special blessing to me Kinge. My spirit did a dance, not around literal tulips, but in the joy of two lips speaking as one. God bless you my brother, for the confirmation, love and valued time you spent to write your words of life to me.
      I’m doing well like the three Hebrew children were in the furnace of fire with all in tact. Thanks for asking. . There’s nothing better than getting to know God better in our tribulations, eh?
      In the Spirit I know you’re pressing on for the high calling of God to be fulfilled in your life. Bravo!
      I appreciate you so much. Blessings and love,

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      • I am glad you are well and your testimony in reference to the Bible scripture is powerful. Always glad to visit your blog and write back. I haven’t been on the blogging space as much but I plan to catch up. Be blessed, sending you lots of love ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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