Turning Sorrow Into Joy

It was stuck in “Sorrow”’s throat and she didn’t know how to get it out. It (the problem) flew in with the “Wind of “Self”’s Ways” long ago and had been there so long she no longer was in touch with what way it was except for the choking feeling that came with it. Ever before her were her Father’s words: “My ways are not your ways,” but she was out of touch with the ways that had become a part of her.

A butterfly was sent on commission from on high to help her. Sitting squarely on her nose, fluttering his wings ever so slightly, he announced the word “Behold” in a booming voice much louder than one would expect from such a tiny creature. The flutterings of his wings stirred a refreshing scent that permeated the air. “Sorrow” was pleasantly startled as she looked cross-eyed at the little guy and the aroma that filled the air made her feel delightfully woozy.

The butterfly whose name was “Suddenly” was feeling his mighty power and was delighted too, because he knew that whenever he felt it something good was going to happen. “Behold, behold, BEHOLD!” he shouted with intensified feeling. “Did you hear the secret hidden in my words?” he asked in a lowered and softer voice.

“Sorrow” didn’t, but the angel “Attention” who also had been sent on assignment to her, placed Heaven’s hearing aids in her ears-…. aids that were powered up to retrieve lost words which were accompanied by song, and oh my, it was like a choir with a full “blown” orchestra singing in the most beautiful harmony ever heard. After several refrains of “Behold” mixed in with “Holy, Holy, Holy” were sung, “Be” and “Hold” rang out separately like the sound of America’s liberty bell announcing the “United States of Being” to come.

What was in “Sorrow”’s throat started to move like it was beginning to go, but not quite. A sparkle came into her right eye that had a voice in it saying: “NOW is the time to UNDERstand!” and “Sorrow” felt a dance coming into her feet as the words “Be” and “Hold” went swirling through her mind. “Yes,” she thought, “I must hold on… I must hold fast to the words of life I have been given. I must….,” but before the last thoughts could take form, “Suddenly” flew off her nose and circled round and round over her head. The power of the Almighty was in his wings causing “Spirit”’s anointing to penetrate her head. Many, many cobwebs began to not only come apart, but to disintegrate. The cobwebs were generational strongHOLDS and with their removal, “Sorrow” who was no longer “Sorrow” could behold the truth and “Hold Her True Self” in love.

“Suddenly” had done his job and flew away fluttering heavenly breezes everywhere singing: “He is Lord, He is Lord, Jesus is Lord in joy which was “Sorrow”’s new name.

In the next moment the angel “Attention” stood before “Joy” saying: “I salute you “Joy” because you have taken HOLD of the authority that is yours by the faith of God imparted to you. It is a faith which you haven’t recognized yet in all its power, but you shall when you use it as needed. It’s operation is dependent on the truth that is being instilled in you at this very moment.

“Joy”’s eyes were fixed intently on “Attention” who was no longer invisible, but in full manifestation of his glory. “THIS is the secret whose light will shine brightly in you from here on in: Every generation from the beginning of time has done what Moses did when sin was committed… All men have struck out in anger against those who sinned against them, not HOLDing the truth that the fight is not with flesh and blood. There are those who have known this, but have not been able to hold on to it because it’s not possible without a heart change. Only love can cause “Striking Back” people into “Speaking Love” ones.”

“Let the scepter come forth!” the angel commanded. Immediately “Judah” appeared in shining splendor to bestow the scepter and its power into “Joy”’s hands. Smiling and with great momentum, the sound of his voice resounded into the uttermost parts of heaven and earth: “You and the world shall never be the same. Hear it: This very day, Shiloh has come!” Indeed, sorrow was no longer stuck in the throat of the wonder woman whose seed would crush the head of the serpent and set creation free.

Ah dearly beloved, do you “Be hold” these truths to be self evident in your life, too?

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  1. Hi my dear friend. I trust you have been well. I thank you for your presence in my life and your precise words in your articles that communicate to my life’s journey.

    I have read this article before but reading it today i feel all the words talking to me. Interesting thing is I have been seeing butterflies all around me the last two weeks even now writing this comment, there’s a beautiful white butterfly playing around me. My last post on my blog is about my observations of these butterflies all around me. The theme of your article having a butterfly at its core really aligns with me right now.

    Then there’s the grief mentioned and generational blocks. Roughly 2 weeks now, there was a mass communion at my late grandparents home and all their children were either present or represented the theme of the prayers being deliverance from generational curses. It was a first and new experience for me. I came to learn that there were generational curses and the Catholic priests had come to lift them up and free the family line from them. Just as you’ve explained on grief coming out from the throat is what happened to some, others it was more.

    I am grateful for my life’s journey and can feel a great purpose looming. I see miracles everywhere every day and can sense angels around me. I’ve had many trials and challenges. They all have made me stronger.


    • What a blessing this comment is to me Kevin. Thank you so much for sharing with me, especially that God is freeing you from generational curses. He has been teaching me more about them through the ministry of Hrvoje Sirovina and I think this message might give you extra insight as well.
      I am always so delighted by our interactions that raise my thoughts to a higher plane. We are like two butterflies pollinating each other’s flowers.

      Thanking God for bringing you into my life,

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      • It’s a Blessing to have this interaction and I thank God for having you in my life to🌻. Welcome and thank you ❤


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