Whose Goodness?

These are the words that I heard first thing this morning: “A miraculous endeavor,… Be careful not to step in doo-doo,” and then: “My goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” Sigh! What in the world, huh?…. No, what in God! Truly, we can’t put our wonderful God in a box.

I didn’t have the privilege of having a father play with me when I was a young child, but God is more than making up for it now in my senior years. I love that He has secrets for us to decode as He puts thoughts and visions in our minds. It’s as if each day He’s saying: “We’re going to play ’Hide and Seek,’ only I’m the only one who is going to hide and if you use the mind of Christ, you’ll find me along with a pot of gold full of revelations and love for you.”

So off I go looking, not for lions as I did long ago in my make-believe world with children, but out to find the Lion of Judah in a mystery in my spirit. Of a certainty, seeking and finding that powerful and majestic One, and discovering what wonders He has for us is “a miraculous endeavor” in itself. Not by chance, I read an encouraging word just before writing this post which relays the most miraculous endeavor of all that can be made by us. I believe the message will bless you as it did me: https://z3news.com/w/they-were-climbing-into-the-mountain-of-gods-habitation-by-faith/

I got excited thinking I was in for something wonderful when I heard the words: “My goodness. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” But if these words were an acclamation of my own goodness, that would be whole lot of “doo-doo.” God forbid! Can you hear our Lord telling His disciples: “Don’t call me good!… There’s only One good!”? (Mark 10: 18) Paul said that he counted all the good things he had ever done as nothing but glorified dung. (Philippians 3:8) Brethren, let’s use all our self acclaimed goodness as fertilizer in the soil of our soul’s development and make sure to be careful not walk in human glory tracking up our spiritual houses defiling them. We want the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ on us, not the smell of “doo-doo”!

How many people in this world think they’re great because of all they have accomplished? Oh, they may not say it in words, but we all know when someone is full of pride. What about us? Is there any of it still in our lives? Our Lord is proud of us when we do well and wants us to have joy in the good works accomplished by us through Him. However, the moment we think that it was our goodness, our great ability, or our anything, our feet are in big piles of “doo-doo” and we’re bound to slip and fall. The Apostle Paul said that everything he did was by the grace of God and the same is true for us.

God has set some mighty, miraculous endeavors for us to do which will cause people to know He lives and that He love them. Indeed, we have His good works to do and this morning’s word is letting us know that He’s going to accomplish them with our co-operation…. We are to believe it and expect it.

Can you hear a trumpet blaring now with the command: “Take off King Saul’s mantle and put on the mantle of humility giving glory to God”? King Saul cared about what the people thought of him being desirous of their acclaim more than he cared about pleasing God. That’s why he couldn’t obey God’s command to slay “the good.” He wanted people to see him as good and so do all of us in our human nature, but there’s only One good. If we’ve learned this and our miraculous endeavor is in manifesting His life, we’ll be shouting “Oh His goodness, Oh His goodness! God is soooo good!”

Then when we’re asked: “How do you do?”, we’ll be telling them we do His good works and giving God the praise fir them. Truly, when we fully realize all that we are is due to grace, our feet will be shod with the gospel of peace and His glory, not doo-doo!

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  1. I loved this post once again! It really ministers and convicts me at the same time. I will start focusing on His goodness and pleasing an audience of One. Thank you Michele for your ears that hear and your obedience to write.


  2. Dear friend, I need to comment more often about the true blessing of your writings in general. They are always real blessings!!!! Thank you for obeying the spirit of God, for giving if yourself and walking in the spirit. For all the times you hear no gratitude let me say “thank you!!!!!”
    💕 🤗 💕 🤗 💕 🤗 💕


    • What a treasure you are Amanda! Your love and comments always lift me up with wings of encouragement. Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to bless me.


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