Born To Share And Be Blessed

If you had an experience that wonderfully changed you, wouldn’t you want everyone else to experience it too? I know you would! We were born to share and to be each other’s keepers, blessing them and encouraging them along their way.

If you think what you have is not worth enough to give, think again. Look at what was accomplished by the little boy with five loaves of bread and two fish (John 6: 5-13) and look at the high commendation the Lord expressed about the poor widow who gave only her few mites into the treasury. (Luke 21: 1-4) What you have and what each of us has makes a difference no matter how small it is. Have you contemplated that all things are ours which means we have what we need for ourselves and for others when we exercise faith? None of us is lacking. All of God’s children have exactly what is perfect for them to give to the world and to the body of Christ.

I love it when God sends someone with an experience I’ve never had or a word I never heard before. I’m like a kid shouting “Yippee Daddy” for them and “Yippee for me!” This morning I was blessed by Warren Marcus, a brother on Sid Roth’s program “It’s Supernatural.” He spoke about a recent discovery of a pendant 400 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/warren-marcus-2/ which had the only prayer in the Bible spoken by Father God inscribed on it. (Numbers 6: 22-27) What was shared was of special importance to me because of my not knowing a father’s love. When I was four years old my father abandoned me and I have never seen him since.

When I became a Christian, the words got stuck in my throat when I attempted to pray to our Father in Heaven, but praying to Jesus came with ease. I shall never forget the first time a prophecy was given to me with its message that began with: “My daughter…” I didn’t hear one word of it afterwards because being called God’s daughter and feeling His presence in those words touched a deep part of me and all I could do was cry. 

After I found my father 50 years after he left me, he rejected me. There are no words to describe the crushing I experienced. The wound’s scar has opened up many times over and over again in the years since then. I forgave and blessed my father with the anointing of God on my lips and surrendered my will to God to love him with all my heart, but loving feelings did not come with it. But this morning’s words brought rays of hope.

After I was given the gift of tongues I asked for the gift of interpretation, and when I received my first interpretation, I did not fully know how blessed I was by it until today. I was told by a Jewish believer who knew Hebrew that the language he heard me speak was Hebrew and although I have spoken in many other languages through the gift of tongues, I believe Hebrew was the one I spoke when I received my first interpretIon of tongues. I don’t think anyone could know the wonder and joy I felt today when I realized the Father’s prayer…”The Blessing” was the first word I heard from Him out of my own mouth. I’ve had the blessing in full power all this time… all of us have, but the realization of it comes differently for each of us and is intensified by each time we become aware of it. I knew partially what it was when I posted this blog on October 13, 2020 https://wp.me/pc6CYH-rs but today I heard my Father sing the blessing over me in Hebrew. How I thank God for brother Marcus and for the ministry of Sid Roth that brought me and others the Father’s blessing in song.

How many realize that the worst tragedies, sorrows, pains, persecutions, infirmities, and even horrors have blessings in them for us? We’re told to look at the end of Job and until recently, when I looked, I only saw his healing and restoration of all the things that were taken from him and as great as that was, there’s something greater. Job said: “Before I just knew you, but now, I know you.”

Before I knew sorrow, shame and deep hurt in not having a father in my life, but now I feel only deep gratitude. My loss became my gain for I have come to know The Father in a way I never would have had my natural father been there for me. Oh yes, I have the biggest blessing anyone can have and so do you because whateve your loss has been, it’s your gain in the plan of God.

Truly, what a wonderful Father we have. Our cup of blessings is destined to be full and running over!

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    • Thank you for your blessing and encouraging comment Diana. I think of how many in the body of Christ, if not all,have experienced the pain of rejection. Thank God we are accepted in the Beloved and can have our wounds healed.
      Your love and acceptance has meant so much.


  1. Amen Michele! Yes God truly can use the smallest of gifts that are surrendered to him. Sorry to hear about what happened to you concerning your father! So glad that God has healed you and is now your father. I was raised in fostercare for 13 years so I understand abandonment, thank God for his healing and strength! God bless


    • Thank you for your loving comment Deano. It seems there’s an extra touch of tenderness that comes when there’s empathy. The sweetness and fragrance of Christ covers us like a mother wrapping her arms around her child.
      God bless you, too, dear brother.

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