Look Who’s Coming

Yesterday during the time our prayer team came together, I had a vision of God’s hand going into five people’s bodies taking out each of their hearts and putting them into a huge bonfire. The Spirit of the Lord rose out of the flames and the name of Shem was written on those whose hearts had been purified.

The Book of Jasher has not been included in the 66 books of the Bible, yet it was mentioned twice in the Old Testament. (Samuel 1: 18 and Joshua 10: 13) I have found it to be an extraordinary source of inspiration and in Chapter 23: 5, it’s recorded that Abraham said the following: “My son Isaac is grown up and he has not for sometime studied the service of his God, Now tomorrow I will go and bring him to Shem, and Eber his son, and there he will learn the ways of the Lord, for they will teach him to know the Lord as well as to know that when he prays continually before the Lord, He will answer him. Therefore he will know the way of serving the Lord his God.”

It’s through grace (#5) that the remnant will have their hearts purified and truly, only those with pure hearts shall see the Lord and have Him manifested in their lives. Just as Issac needed to be taught the ways of God and needed to pray continually, likewise the sons of God need to do the same.

I believe that what we’re to learn from the vision is that those with purified hearts will not only know God’s ways, but will also teach them to others. The name of Shem has the meanings: “Name, Fame, Conscious Knowledge Of The Whole Of Creation” and the etymology is “Name or Renown.” Whew! What a calling the pure in heart have!

Some years ago I had a dream of being given a check that had an amount printed on it which went off of it as far as one could see giving the sense of it going into infinity. When I get a dream, its meaning will often be revealed on the following day and it was so this time. I was at a Fitness Center in the pool when a nice looking man jumped in feet first right next to me. He stuck out his hand to shake mine and said: “Hi! My name is Allen!” Whoo whee! It’s not every day, a good looking guy comes out of nowhere wanting my attention… In fact, it had been years for me, but “no,” this guy wasn’t my answer. His name was. All throughout my walk with the Lord, He has used names to speak to me and this one had a “wow!” revelation. The inherent meaning of Allen is “harmonious” and its spiritual connotation is “At One With Creation.”

I believe this is the interpretation of the dream: The check represents “Abundant Life and Provision,” and Allen’s name represents the way to have this. I think of “atonement” worked in us…. of being at one with God, with ourselves and also with others because the Bible says that “when our ways please the Lord, He makes even our enemies to be at peace with us.” Proverbs 16: 7

I have written many times about the coming of priests, the spirit of Elijah, the spirit of Enoch, the bride and the sons of God. Now I am seeing how necessary the coming of those like Shem is. How can we learn unless we’re taught? 

In the morning I had the vision, I woke up hearing the word “gratitude,” Have you been like me not realizing the great importance of every teacher you’ve had in your life? We couldn’t be who we are without them. Think of all the things you’ve learned and how much you owe to the teachers that God sent you.

I never thought of praying for “Shems” to be sent to the people of the Lord, but I’m doing so now and who knows?: When I’m fully trained, you just might find me jumping into a pool next to some great looking guy saying: “Hi! I’m just what you’ve been looking for-…. a “Shemite” to light up your days with the light of God’s word!”

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