The Power Of A Living Sacrifice

“I don’t want to be a burnt offering…. I want to live to do my own thing,” “Mockery” shouted at “True Beginnings.” This one who had been called to do the will of God did not know that she was railing at an angel. “Mockery” had been raised to honor all men and did so until her name got changed. It was the devil who inspired her to get rid of her beautiful name “Patience,” and because she didn’t see the things she desired come to pass in the time she thought they should, she began to mock those who were sent to her to teach her the ways of God. From the moment her name was changed she mocked everything and how she delighted in making fun of people! The more she did it, the more a mean spirit took over her.

Her parents “Faith” and “Charity” didn’t know what to do because when they tried to change her, the worse she got. On the day that “Faith” and “Charity” disparaged themselves, they finally put their daughter in the Lord’s hands, and it was then that the angel called “New Beginnings” was dispatched from Heaven to do a work in “Patience”’s life.

In the kingdom, only righteous names were spoken, so when “New Beginnings” approached “Mockery,” the angel called her “Patience” which stirred her into a frenzy with plain meanness spewing out of her. “New Beginnings” paid no attention to the derisive words hurled out at him because he knew that his assignment would be accomplished even though it looked like just the opposite.

“New Beginnings” took out a magnet he had underneath his robe and when she wasn’t looking, the angel slipped it into his little protege’s heart… “Protege” is what he would call her until the new beginnings came that the Most High God had decreed and the magnet was what would be used to draw all good things to her.

Suddenly, a bluebird called “A Better Word” came flapping his wings stirring refreshing breezes and chirping in the most beautiful sound “Protege” ever heard. The bird came right on her shoulder and cooed: “I have a secret! Do you want to hear it?”

The words were spoken so sweetly, “Protege” couldn’t resist. “Why yes, yes I would. What is it?” she asked, not in her usual derisive manner.

“I have been sent to tell you that the way to have your greatest desire come true is through a knowing in your heart, but at this time, you don’t know your heart…You believe that the things you presently desire will make you happy when you get them, but uh, uh, you have better desires down deep in you and when you get in touch with them, you will be on your way to true happiness.”

The devil who was intently listening sent two black crows to the scene commanding them to make a huge racket to distract “Mockery.” He was set on keeping her just the way she was. “Don’t listen! Don’t listen!” the crows cawed. “You can have what you want right now!” So instead of listening to “A Better Word,” she listened to the black birds called “Destruction” and “Gloom” because she wanted what she wanted right then and there.

“A Better Word” was not discouraged though, knowing the magnet in “Protege”’s heart would do its work and that after her righteous desires came, she would be sent to talk to her again. So off she flew into the air chirping and singing: “ She’ll find out… She’ll come to know.”

All the while, “New Beginnings” stood by watching with his eyes intently on his little protege. It wasn’t long before “Destruction” and “Gloom” led “Protege” into trouble. The foolish, deceived one thought drinking and taking drugs were the way to go, but she learned quickly that while it was fun and exciting to begin with, the snares those addictions brought her into were doom and gloom. Then after getting her other unrighteous desires fulfilled, she realized none of them brought her the satisfaction and happiness she had expected.

Strangely a new desire was beginning to surface from deep within. The magnet’s drawing power was mightily drawing good things to her like mercy and love and in the end, it drew a beautiful thought into her mind: “A prince is coming. Your very own prince is coming!” the words flowed like a melodious symphony in her mind. It was then that “A Better Word” suddenly appeared again.

“You must speak the words, “Protege.” You must call your prince forth if you want to have him,” she chirped with assurance in her voice.

“Protege” was startled. “How do you know what I’m thinking?” she asked. 

“I’m a bird,” “A Better Word” replied, “and birds know what people think… I, especially, because I am the bluebird of happiness and am called to bring happiness to whoever I’m sent to. How could I possibly do that if I didn’t know what you were thinking?”

“Well that makes sense,” “Protege” thought to herself. “So what you’re telling me is that I can have what will bring me happiness just by saying it? That’s hard to believe. It’s much too simple!”

The little bird sighed thinking how hard it was getting grown ups to understand what children knew without even being told. But she was well aware that when she was given an assignment by the Most High, she would succeed in fulfilling it, so “Protege”’s words did not dissuade her.

“Now you listen to me “Protege.” I am not called “A Better Word” for nothing. It’s time you learned that what you speak you get, and I’m here for you to understand that better words, not ordinary earth bound words, are the key to your happiness. It is right for you to want your prince to come, so therefore when you decree it and believe it, you shall have it. So what are you waiting for?”

Before “Protege” could answer, “New Beginnings” showed up saying: “There is one more thing you need to know: Yes, it is true you shall have your prince by doing what “Better Word” has instructed and it is also true you will have happiness when your prince comes, but it will only be momentary happiness unless you do what I tell you. First you must repent for changing your name because if you continue to be “Mockery,” you will end up mocking your prince and you will most assuredly have trouble and lose your happiness. What I urge you to do now is the most important step you will ever take, so take heed: You must repent for everything you’ve done that’s not been right, and especially for refusing to be a burnt offering. The Most High God knows you did it ignorantly…. that you had no idea that becoming a burnt offering would bring you into a state of wonder, joy, and lasting peace. That is why you’ve been given another chance to change your mind.

“Protege” trembled….“How can you say that I’ll be full of joy and peace if I become a sacrifice?” she screamed. “I don’t want to die!”

“New Beginnings” smiled at his protege, knowing she could not understand until he touched her eyes for only spiritual eyes could understand the mysteries of God. So from underneath his robe, he took out “Shiloh”’s scepter and laid it upon her. In the moment he did, a twinkle came into her right eye and then into her left changing them both… She then had rose-colored eyes that could see everything new and beautiful and most importantly she could see herself changed as she willingly spoke the Holy Ghost inspired words: “Lo, I come in the volume of the book to be a burnt offering…. a living sacrifice,… even a surrendered soul for the glory of God.”

Can you see her prince coming now?…. even yours? Oh yes: The Lord Jesus Christ is coming for all of us who surrender our lives and are burnt offerings set on fire.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! God blesses burnt offerings!

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