A Breakthrough Wind Is Coming

“Guileless” shouted, almost in a wail: “ I’m coming through… I am no longer going to stay behind a closed door!” She had been ill for many years and had tried to open the door to health and happiness, but to no avail. “Why? Why can’t I open it?” was the question that ran through her mind whenever the pressure became too hard to bear.”

“You are not alone!” the voice from Heaven spoke: “Yours is the travail of every man burdened by his flesh. You are a forerunner and you shall breakthrough in this hour, but before you do, you must know who you are.”

“Know who I am?… But I thought I knew,” she questioned in her heart. The One Who knew all things and knew His daughter well, smiled because she would soon have her breakthrough.

“Yes, “Guileless” knows what she knows… what she’s been taught, but she doesn’t yet know what can not be taught,” the Father spoke to the Son. “Spirit, you are the One now to do the work.” The Father left it in the Holy Spirit’s hands knowing that “Guileless” would come to see that she had won the battle against “Belial,” the wicked one who had deceived her.

Belial, one who had fooled all the world, was bellowing in a cave because this little one had defeated him. In her purity of heart, she loved him even though he had come to try to steal her crown from her. Unlike the Father’s daughter, Belial was not without guile. He was cunning, ruthless, and out for gain, but believed he was righteous and better than all others. Because he had lied to this innocent one and wounded her heart, hail from heaven began to fall down on him… It was so heavy he had to hide in a cave where there was not enough light to penetrate into his innermost being where he could recover himself. “Guileless” in her naivety, thought this worthless one was her prince. Ah, God’s kingdom was coming now as she was being delivered from Belial’s hold and.error’s entanglement. Great light was bursting forth in her pineal gland and her change was imminent.

The Spirit who was with her all the time rejoiced. This victory won by her over her soul’s greatest natural longing was heralded in Heaven as the greatest achievement of all for a woman. Every woman had been under the curse since Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, but now “Guileless” was no longer under it. While “Belial” was in a cave, she, the “Beloved of the Lord,” was seated in the fourth heaven where no man could touch her… This heavenly place in Christ Jesus was slated only for the overcomer… Only those who dwelled in the fourth heaven inside themselves could rule the world.

Now the finishing touches had to be made before the door could be broken through…  before “Guileless” could know “Reality”…. the REAL “I.”

“Spirit,” faithful in doing His assignment, came to her in the form of a butterfly… even a very large one of beautiful, sparkling, rainbow colors… “Do you see me? Do you see my wings?” he asked, knowing she could, but wanting her to realize she was seeing something of great importance. “I am a reflection of you, and have come so you can understand who you are…. As you know, all butterflies were once caterpillars who could not fly. Bound to the earth realm, they were restricted, but the spirit of the law of life was and is always at work… By no effort of their own, they become heaven-like creatures who rise above the circumstances of earthbound living. They don’t have to strive wondering who they are: They simply are.”

As “Guileless” listened to these words, she understood them, but still did not see herself as a butterfly or as a caterpillar… In her eyes she was a “nothing.”

“That’s it! That’s it!” “Spirit” shouted hearing her thoughts. “As long as you know you are “Nothing!” you can be “Everything!” 

“Guileless” sighed a huge sigh of relief which had the effect of dew watering creation. She knew who she was now and that the power of the wind from her wings would break down the door that held her back from her destiny. She could hear the daystars singing over the new creation she had become, invisible to man but to be manifested as everything she needed to be in appointed times.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye she would soon break through the door of limitations. Transfiguration was waiting for her in the “Rainbow Room of Life.”

You, who are like her: Can you hear the “Butterfly Call” beckoning you now? If so, know breakthrough is in the wind for you!

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